Essential Employment Paperwork for Argentina



Foreign nationals who are going to Argentina with the intention of staying for more than three months need to obtain a temporary residence permit. Various types of visas fulfil this purpose, particularly the working visa.

The request for a working visa is made through the National Directorate of Migration (Dirección Nacional de Migraciones). Expats should secure first a job offer from an Argentinean employer since the job contract is a vital requirement for the application. Usually, it is also the duty of the applicant’s employer to submit the application to the Consulate. The requirements needed when applying for a work visa are:

  • Labour contract with a company or institution in Argentina
  • Birth Certificate (translated into Spanish by a certified translator)
  • Passport with at least 18 months of validity
  • Three passport-sized photos

Work Visa Categories

Article 29 (E) Visa

This visa has the shortest validity period and is granted for temporary work purposes. Expats who have this type of visa can work in Argentina for 15 days and can request for another 15-day extension upon arrival.

Article 15 (E) Visa/ Labour Contract- Temporary Residence Visa

This type of visa is for foreign assignees that have been contracted by an Argentinean employer/company and has a minimum validity period of six months up to one year. Expats who are granted this visa will be treated as local employees and therefore subject to obtain a CUIL or Clave Único de Identificación Laboral. A formal employment contract between the Argentinean company and the expat is a strict requirement when applying for this type of visa.

Documento Nacional de Identidad (DNI)

The DNI is a small document which is similar to a social security number and contains all relevant information about the expatriate’s identity. The most important content in this document is the personal number which is an essential requirement whenever an expat will engage in a contract, administrative or financial and commercial situations in Argentina. The application process for the DNI usually takes 90 days and must be made at any Registro Nacional de las Personas office that has jurisdiction in the applicant’s are of residence.

Clave Único de Identificación Laboral (CUIL)

The CUIL is a code for individual taxation used by Argentinean employers to withhold tax. Expats make an online application at the website of the Administración Nacional de la Seguridad Social (ANSES) or in person at any ANSES office. The CUIL is an essential document needed for foreign nationals to make transactions with the Argentinean government or any locally based businesses and to be assigned in the company's payroll.