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Working in Australia has become an increasingly inviting prospect for many foreigners. There are many reasons why living in Australia can be a wise decision for expatriates. The weather and quality of life aside, the employment rate in the country stands at 72% and offers expats a number of job opportunities. Expatriates will find that major job industries in the country involve mining, transportation equipment, food processing, and the steel industry.


When expats join Australian companies, they feel welcome and find that the local business culture is one that is employee-centered, with everyone across the ranks involved in major company decisions that need to be made.


While Australian employers can be very considerate of their employees' conditions, their attitude towards the business itself can be very direct.  Adherence to company policies is a must, including meeting deadlines and producing expected results.  When dealing with business partners, they prefer fast-paced and direct negotiations rather than bargaining.  If there's anything expected of everyone, it is punctuality.  More than business etiquette, being on time is a viewed as a sign of respect for other people's time.  Maintaining good eye contact is also associated with honesty and sincerity towards work. While working in Australia, expats are advised to obtain international health insurance or corporate health insurance from their employers to be covered while they work.


In the typical workplace, locals usually put in 37 hours each workweek, although many put in longer working hours, sometimes up to ten or more in overtime per week.   People could work even longer in factories and in some of the most in-demand industries today such as health, engineering, and accounting where most positions occupied by expats are highly paid.  This serves as another factor that attracts foreigners, especially as the cost of living in Australia is relatively small in terms of purchasing power.  


People who wish to live and work in Australia are at a lucky time as the sunny country and continent is currently actively promoting migration of foreigners, most of whom who are only too happy to respond positively. 

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