Getting Fit at Fed Square



Melbourne promotes a healthy lifestyle by organising free fitness classes held by professional trainers at Fed Square three times per week. Visit the square and have some fun getting fit together with health-conscious people. 

Did you ever want to have an activity to make you lose weight, become fit, and meet new people? Guess what, we have that here in Melbourne and for free! Our local government has organised free fitness classes for anyone interested to increase awareness of healthy lifestyle. It has become quite a growing trend around the city, and everyone makes time to visit the Fed Square and join the various health activities going on there.

Fitness and Lifestyle Centres

The Fed Square is the main meeting point where almost all classes are going to be held. During the rainy season, active participants hold their health sessions at The Atrium. Classes are going to be held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday by professional trainers and health coaches from the Healthy Lifestyle Lounge. These trainers have offered their help in informing Melbourne’s citizens about the healthy benefits of regular exercises. 

Participants get free fitness classes, free advice on how to improve body shape and cardio sessions – and with clean air. Fitness classes at Fed Square are organised in such a way that you can make it to the class regardless of your working shift because they are being held both in the morning and in the afternoon. Training consist mostly of simple and fun exercises such as weights and cardio and no matter how old you are, you are welcome to join the squad at Fed Square and be sure you will be eagerly accepted.