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Expats or citizens, health care services in Brisbane have always come aplenty and fair to all.

Both local residents and expats who live in Brisbane are appreciative of the government's clear and relentless efforts in ensuring sustenance of public healthcare through its year-round initiatives. In general, the government funds universal medical services and pharmaceuticals and gives financial assistance to public hospitals, residential aged care facilities, and home and community care for the elderly. It also provides support for training health professionals and junior staff and offers financial assistance to tertiary students. 

On top of this, the government also provides a variety of direct health services, including acute and psychiatric hospital care along with community and public health services that include school health, dental health, maternal and child health, occupational health, disease control activities and a variety of health inspection functions. To boot, the state also considers environmental control as a major health-promoting responsibility as efforts are geared towards proper garbage disposal, clean water and health inspections, along with home care and personal services such as immunizations. 

There are many hospitals in Brisbane and it is typical to find specialized institutions such as hospitals for children and hospitals for aged citizens and residents. All of them provide twenty-four hour emergency service as well as specialized statewide services including heart disease, heart failure, complex cardiac care as well as conditions requiring heart and lung transplantation.

The local government of Brisbane is advising residents, immigrants and expatriates to have healthcare insurance for them to have easy access in times of medical emergencies. As always, security will be a great factor as all insurance companies cover all medical needs and even allow the patient or the family to choose any physician, dentist or surgeon of their choice. Insurance companies in Brisbane are known to offer very attractive packages which can include full maternal coverage and dental coverage, among others, although some dentists in private practice naturally charge slightly higher than public dentists do. 

Owing to its healthy economy, Brisbane is free from any major illness which might require immunization for expats and tourists. There is no need for vaccines as no preventive measures are required. But if one arrives from an infected area, he will be required to be immunized and to obtain a certificate of vaccination. All tourists and foreign nationals should visit their personal physician and have their general check-up four to six weeks before their departure date. 

Emergency services in Brisbane are open all twenty-four hours and seven days a week through the hotline, 000, which covers all types of emergencies, including medical, police and fire. Unlike other hotlines, 000 calls are free on all mobile phones, although there are many newer digital phones that still require the user to hit the 112 which is the international standard emergency number. 

Brisbane hires medical staff from other countries, especially caregivers for elderly residents. For those who are considering expatriate life in this part of Australia, this can be a rewarding career to consider. However, applicants need to pass several examinations and must be experienced enough in tendering care for aged patients as proven by certificates of experience and education to qualify. At the same time, the city is open to nurses and medical doctors who want to explore life as an expat in its fold. 

Protection of public health is clearly one of Brisbane's most important thrusts in government. As residents refer to their city as "big, bold and beautiful", they can also add safe and healthy as any expat will surely agree.


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