Local property market in Melbourne



Most expats in Melbourne will rent rather than buy a house or apartment. Foreigners are allowed to buy property in Australia. In recent years, Melbourne’s housing market has prospered and is slowly overtaking Sydney‘s housing market regarding value and demand. Buying property in this city would be a good investment, especially if you plan to stay in the city for long periods of time.


Rental properties are usually managed by real estate agents, whose main task is to help the owner vet, prospective tenants. When you register with an agent, you need two forms of identification (e.g. driving license and passport), references from your employer or previous landlord, and character references.

If you have a pet, you may also need a reference from your previous landlord stating that your pet was clean and well behaved. Do note that pets aren’t usually allowed in rented apartments. You need to make sure that you do not misrepresent facts, or you might jeopardise your chances of renting the property when you're completing a registration form.

If you are in Melbourne through employment transfer, the company usually makes all the arrangements for you. Some companies even have long-term housing already established for their expatriate employees.


When you book apartment viewings with rental agents, it's better to ask them to set up several types of housing options, so you can see which one suits you the best in Melbourne. Most rental agents in the city usually assume that expats prefer lavish apartments or condo units, so it's best to talk to them about your preferred type of housing and be as specific as possible. Research prices online so you have a good idea of the price range for property and rentals in the city. Research areas that would be best for you as well, so the agents can narrow down your choices.



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