Moving your Belongings to Australia

When relocating abroad, especially for first-timers, it is best to hire the help of professional moving companies. There are several international movers that service expats who are about to go to Australia. They offer door to door service where their people will take care of the whole moving process from packing, shipping, to the unloading of the packages in the delivery address. It normally takes a month for the containers to arrive in the Port of Adelaide where local customs officers will inspect the cargos before they get cleared for distribution. 

The cost of shipping is usually more expensive by air so those who are on a budget can choose sea freight which is less expensive. However, the more and heavier the items to be shipped, the higher the price of service are. So expats must consider first their potential accommodation to check which items or furniture to import. Below is an idea of how much to expect when shipping items to Australia: 

  • 40ft shipping container (67 cubic metres) - €4,200 to €5,800
  • 20ft shipping container (33 cubic metres) - €2,700 to €3,000

Car shipping

Car shipping to Australia may not be a good idea, as there are a high amount of tax and duties required for their entry. When bringing cigarettes or alcohol, expect to receive heavy taxes as well. All products are inspected before entry, but personal goods will be allowed duty-free provided commercial intent is ruled out. In many cases, one may be required to get a permit such as the Unaccompanied Personal Effects Statement for specific items, such as household and personal items. Expats will need to take note that unaccompanied personal effects do not include items purchased via the internet, or motor vehicles, commercial goods and motor vehicle parts. 


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