Now You Can 'Revolt' in Melbourne



'Revolt' is a new place in Melbourne which promotes culture and works of art and everyone is welcome to show what they can do and create unforgettable events. 

Every city has its places of culture, where the culture itself is being promoted and cultivated. Such places are usually museums or art galleries, and there you can see works of art by some of the most famous and popular artists. But what happens to all those who are not yet popular and famous and who have a gift for art? Well, Melbourne has found a solution for young and reasserted artists for them to also share their talent. So, for all of you who are eager to visit a place of culture, then you are welcome to come to 'Revolt' where you can also enjoy a tasty coffee.

Cultural Experience

'Revolt' is a kind of a place that reminds you of everything cultural, and even its location in Kensington's refurbished 19th-century wool factory will reveal an artistic and vintage style of the place. 'Revolt' is indeed everything its name describes since it gives the revolutionary chance to all those who want to become artists and who want to show what they know. You can see almost every type or art here, from Bollywood production to jazz music. This beautiful bar has a central stage, and you can step on it whenever you want and thus entertain the visitors with your art. And moreover, this might be a beginning point for you because 'Revolt' is really many things: it is an art venue, a production company, a bar where you can have a coffee but after all it is a great place for you to have fun or to discover that apart from acknowledged artists, there are many other people who enjoy making works of art and who do not make it because of money, but because they love the work they do and because their inspiration is endless.