Photographer’s Haven in Melbourne



Melbourne is well known for various eye candy spots, and these are the areas where photographers would like to take a photo or two, or more! You would want to know where these areas are so when you are living in the city; you can get the photographer’s touch and angles when you click picture-perfect poses for your friends and families.

Best Photography Spots

The Docklands

  • The sunset here is amazing and you will get the water framed with boats, quaint cafes, bars and restaurants as backdrops. It sits at the edge of the city and is a favourite spot to take photos from. The area is wide so you can have a lot of angles. 

Aami Park

  • If you want an architectural angle, go to the Aami Park or the New Stadium. The structure looks like a bunch of soccer balls. It is just a short travel outside of Melbourne. It is also situated right between the Yarra River and the Melbourne Cricket Grounds.

Hosier Lane

  • For a more hippie and colourful ambience in your photos, you can go to Hosier Lane with its variety of colourful wall art or graffiti. They change ever so often so you can have a wide choice of angles with different colourful graphics for the background.

Spring Street

  • Over at Spring Street where the Old Treasury Building, Parliament House and Hotel Windsor are closely located, you can have that classic feel in your photos. The classic pillars always give the feel of grandeur in your snaps. This is the same with Carlton Gardens at that top of the city. 

Elwood Beach

  • For the wonderful beach setting, you can also head out to Elwood Beach for colourful sunsets and amazing city skyline as well as Port Melbourne beach with the pinkish-orange sunset.