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Have a Quick Scare in Haunted Melbourne

The feeling of fear is unique from one person to another, but what if you and your friends can have the same opportunity to experience a quick scare? Melbourne has the right place for you to get some nice dose of screams – The Haunted Bookshop.

It’s Groovin Time in Sydney’s Latin and Jazz Open Mic Jam

Playing Music together is a wonderful thing especially when you think about how fun it is to jam with others. But is there any way we can openly jam?

Head Out to the Bondi Ice Rink in Sydney

There is only one spot in Sydney where you can enjoy skating and the sun at once - Bondi Ice Rink. Even with the irony of seasons, it is still possible to have fun with ice in summer. Find out how you can best enjoy an amazing Bondi Ice Rink skating.

Get Amazing Dock Fireworks Action

Melbourne is a city of incredible fun and amazing experiences. This winter you can feel its magic at Docklands and see spectacular fireworks together with your friends and family. Check out the fun activities at the Docklands this winter.

The Circus Oz 2015 Is In Town

Leave the impression of conventional circus tricks at the back of your minds because Circus Oz is coming to Melbourne for another mind shattering and world-breaking performances. Check out the extraordinary activities of the Circus OZ 2015.

The World's Best Netball Teams in Sydney

Sports are avenues that we can do to exploit the limits of our bodies. One sport that is very considerably popular in Sydney is the Netball. Check out the best netball teams in Sydney.