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Serviced Apartments in Australia are a great option for those looking for accommodation but who want to keep the same benefits and services often found in hotels. With 4,395,036 living in just the largest city alone, there are more than enough serviced apartment options to keep all expats in the country satisfied.This page details the largest choice of serviced apartments when looking for Serviced Apartments in Australia. Serviced apartments choice offer a spacious, flexible and cost effective housing solution. For stays of a short period of time or a longer stay an Serviced Apartments in Australia is a good accommodation when traveling or settling in. A search for Serviced Apartments in Australia is often related to the search for flexible and furnished apartments.

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Abode Serviced Apartments, Sydney

The stunning Trafalgar Building is home to pleasing amenities and lively lodgings. All of its lovely suites are carefully crafted and furnished beautifully, giving a magnificent feeling of luxury and royalty. Comfortable and clean, these units serve as perfect homes away from home, with convenient access to Sydney's best attractions.

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From AUD 200.00 per night
Medina Executive North Ryde Serviced Apartments, Sydney

A genuinely gorgeous surprise awaits here in this celebrated serviced apartment, located in the heart of fanciful Sydney. The place offers brilliant and unparalleled opportunities for a true modern living, made even more remarkable by its rich facilities, excellent services, and an unrestricted access to the city's most eye-catching hotspots.

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From AUD 180.00 per night
Medina Executive Double Bay Serviced Apartments, Sydney

Found in the heart of the lively capital of Sydney, this fabulous property located in the Central Business District is home to a large number of allures and amenities, perfect for contemporary active lifestyles. The splendid lodgings and services breathe life into the interiors, making them the ideal Sydney home.

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From AUD 0.00 per night
Medina Executive Coogee Serviced Apartments, Sydney

Only a few hops from the renowned Coogee Beach and the Central Business District is the Medina Executive. It serves a variety of accommodations that are perfect for all sorts of activities, ranging from business to leisure. A wealth of dazzling services and other amenities make this home stand out.

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From AUD 80.00 per night
Medina Grand Serviced Apartments, Sydney

Sydney can be full of color and warmth, and the Medina Grand Sydney offers an ideal perspective into the metropolis. Unlimited options for shopping, fine dining, or just plain sightseeing can be found just around the corner. Fabulous services serve to enhance the overall feeling of luxury at Medina's.

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From AUD 240.00 per night
Medina Grand Harbourside Serviced Apartments, Sydney

A marvelous contemporary home, Serviced Apartments at Darling Harbour offers a unique insight into the idyllic world of Sydney. Spectacular views of the Sydney Marina can be enjoyed in full. Overlooking the docks, this is perfect for quiet and relaxing evenings, free from the load of the modern city life.

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From AUD 150.00 per night
Quest Rosehil Serviced Apartments, Sydney

Sitting right in the heart of historic Sydney is this fantastic home, called Quest Rosehill. This pleasant and idyllic home hosts a ton of exciting attractions, services and accommodations. For an affordable price, this elegant property offers the ultimate dream of luxury and comfort that is found only in Sydney.

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From AUD per night
Quest Grande Esplanade Serviced Apartments, Sydney

Serviced Apartments North Sydney is a complete home, nestled sweetly in the center of this historic Australian capital. Full of life and energy, these homes are perfect to live in. The amenities of the apartment provide much-desired comfort and luxury, as well as convenient access to the city's best attractions.

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From AUD 200.00 per night
Quest on Dixon Darling Harbour Serviced Apartments, Sydney

Sydney's Central Business District has a lot of exciting opportunities, and the Quest on Dixon Darling Harbour enables an unparalleled convenience to all of them. The splendid touch of modern design and comfort turns this place into the ideal home. The lush accommodations are perfect, for quite an affordable fee.

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From AUD 120.00 per night
Somerset Gordon Heights

Located in the heart of Melbourne is the Somerset Gordon Heights Hotel, an elaborate, world-class hotel that offers nothing but the best in modern luxury living. With its amazingly-rendered interiors, cozy rooms, state-of-the-art equipment and peerless service, this hotel is certainly one of Melbourne's finest.

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From AUD 0.00 per night
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