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Perth is one of Australia’s most progressive cities posting a growth rate that is consistently besting the nation’s average. Aside from its economic promise, its gift of nature is another top expat draw.

Perth became known as the City Lights after residents lit up their homes and streets while American space traveler John Glenn traveled overhead on board Friendship 7 in 1962. The city holds a population of 1,972,358 people with an expat population amounting to 34%. When expats read about good things happening in Perth, they know it's not all hearsay. The city is ranked fifth on the list of the World's Most Livable Cities by The Economist in 2009. With an employment rate of 75%, expats are sure to find numerous job opportunities in the city. Major job industries include the professional, scientific and technical services along with the mining industry and accommodation and food services.

Of course, those who have experienced the city first-hand will still have the most beautiful and reliable stories to tell. Other attractions that newly arrived expats can't get enough of include the 400-hectare Kings Park and Botanic Garden on Mt. Eliza which, until the infrastructure boom in the 1960's, offered an enchanting view of Perth and the Swan River, the Australian Museum which houses Perth's culture and customs under one roof, and the Perth Zoo where one can catch a view of wild, exotic animals in a lush greenery.

As a narrow plain sandwiched by the Indian Ocean and the low-lying Darling Range, this capital and largest city of the Western Australian State has level sandy rolling terrains, deep bedrocks and two main river systems that include the Swan and Canning Rivers and the Murray Rivers. Its weather is nothing extraordinary for its geographical location, with winters being moderately cold yet rainy especially in the months of June to August and summers and springs being hot yet still pleasant under the sun. Packing musts include weather-appropriate attire such as warm clothes, closed in shoes and wet gear for the cold season and tank tops, shorts and bikinis for dry days. With the city's UV index of 10, sunscreen is most definitely a must, along with mosquito repellents for those who plan to do lots of bush walking and other outdoor adventures.

Perth is a multicultural city composed of migrants from various parts of the world, the greatest portion of which comes from Britain and Ireland. However, other communities have relocated and brought along some culture from their countries of origin, including New Zealand, Germany and Italy, Asian nations such as Malaysia, China, Singapore and Vietnam, among others and even South Africa and Zimbabwe. Today, the city is a colorful collection of five neighborhoods including the City Centre, home of the world-famous King's Park, the main port known as Freemantle which houses the Western Australian Maritime Museum, Northbridge, the metropolis' nightlife capital, Rottnest Island where most people hide away from the city bustle and the Swan Valley which is famous for its vineyards and wineries. The collective society of expats find Perth open and devoid of cultural discrimination, paving the way for various religions flourishing in its different regions where the most common are Christians, Buddhists, Baptists and Jewish Orthodox.

As a natural result of such cultural diversity, various languages are also spoken in the city by the different communities. English, however, remains the official language whose use is considered a pillar of its booming tourism industry. And as one major uniting factor in this multiracial community, foreigners around the world are all the more convinced that Perth could just be the next best thing to home as they consider living offshore.


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