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Pet Relocation in Austria

Expats who own a pet and would like to bring along their pet when moving to Austria can rejoice in the good news that pet relocation in Austria is generally allowed. However, they must ensure that their vet is certified by the Government Veterinarian Authority in the country of origin. The following are the general requirements for pet relocation in Austria: microchip to identify an expat’s pet, full vaccination for the animal with a minimum of four weeks before arrival, EU Vet Health Certificate, USDA Endorsement (for foreign nationals coming from the U.S.), and International Health Certificate.Relocation can be a very sensitive matter for your pets. Finding Pet Relocation in Austria is, in fact, something you need to give due attention. There are many things to be arranged such as paperwork for your pet's entry into a new state or country and carrying out the vet's last minute instructions before the shipment. If you have questions, Pet Relocation in Austria specialists are here to guide you through the process.

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