Living in The Bahamas



Officially known as the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, this island country is composed of more than 700 islets and islands. With an economy based on tourism and finance, the Bahamas is one of the richest countries in the Americans in terms of its gross domestic capita. Along with is tropical climate, one can see why the country is attractive to expats around the world.

Situated in the Atlantic Ocean just to the north of Cuba is the amazingly beautiful archipelago called named Bahamas. Aside from its booming economy, many expats choose to live in this country because of its undeniable natural beauty. Pristine beaches, white sand coastlines and waving palm trees are just a few of the reasons why the Bahamas is a top destination. Another major selling point of this archipelago is its small population of a little over 396,800 people which means that expats can enjoy living in a high profile nation without the hassle of overcrowding. Minimal income tax, excellent health care system and stunning environment await expats that are about to sail in the Bahamas.

Family Bonding Activities

The Bahamas boasts several attractions that expats, particularly the kids, will love. One of the top family destinations is the Ardastra Gardens and Zoo, a five-acre park located in Nassau. It opened in 1937 and is now the home of the world-famous marching flamingos. There is also a mini zoo that houses over 200 reptiles, birds and mammals. Another popular attraction that expat parents can add on their ‘weekend trip’ list is the Pirates of Nassau museum which is an interactive museum where kids will see a pirate-replica ship.

And of course, since the Bahamas is an archipelago, it’s no wonder why the locals’ idea of having fun has something to do with water. Aside from swimming and sunbathing, expats can also enjoy several water sports such as water skiing, snorkelling, sailing and windsurfing. Other popular past time in this country are tennis, golf, fishing and island hopping.

Staying Safe

Though the Bahamas is known for being an attractive destination, expats should still be mindful about their safety. Generally speaking, this country is a safe place, but there are still some reports of criminal activity. Most of the violent crimes normally take place among the locals and in major islands such as Nassau. However, visitors, as well as expats, can still fall prey to petty crimes like pick pocketing and theft.

Newcomers are strongly encouraged to be vigilant when in public places specially when in the hotels, casinos and cruise ships since there have been cases of sexual assaults. There are also reports of locals pretending to be taxi drivers and then robbing and assaulting the passengers. When riding a cab, expats must take down the plate number and better yet, send it to their relative or friend just in case the situation goes sour. It is also important to avoid isolated streets and beaches, particularly at night.

It is advisable for expats to visit the nearest headquarters of the Royal Bahamas Police Force as soon as they settle to their new home. They can notify the authorities about their arrival and ask for the direct number to call in case of emergency. Aside from contacting the police, expats can also seek assistance from their Embassy especially if it concerns their safety. Other emergency numbers that should be saved in an expatriate’s phone are 911 or 919.

Overcoming Culture Shock

Most of the Bahamians are devout Christians, and they take religion quite seriously whereas it is normal for them to inject a Bible verse in a conversation. Government and school programmes usually start with a short prayer. Every Sunday, the Bahamians wear their best clothes as they go to church for their religious service.

The people of the Bahamas are known for being friendly, informal and outgoing. Hospitality is also a common trait among the locals. It is common for them to be the one to greet first and to invite acquaintances to their homes. For them sharing a meal is the most usual and best way to build a personal relationship. Despite their warm personality, the Bahamians are also quite polite with a certain level of decorum.

One of the best traits of the locals is their sense of humour. There is hardly a dull moment whenever the Bahamians gather since they are fond of throwing self-deprecating remarks or jokes to each other. For them, being self-deprecating specially if its done thru humour displays their down-to earth characteristic. The Bahamians also despise people that are arrogant. They practically have zero tolerance for those who condescend and act superior over others. To earn the locals’ respect, expats must remember to be humble and modest.


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