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There is more to the Bahamas aside from its great climate and beautiful beaches. This fantastic archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean has become a popular expat destination because of many employment opportunities in its tourism and banking sector. Currently, Bahamas is one of the richest countries in the Caribbean that’s why it's no wonder that you will find yourself relocating here. So aside from packing your bags, it's important for you to read the next few paragraphs that will serve as your guide as you start a new life in this coral-based island.


You will find it useful to do a research of the Bahamas even before you relocate. Many real estate websites post rentals and properties in the island; giving you an idea of the neighbourhoods and price range. Once you arrive, it's best to contact local realtors to help you find the best house/apartment. These professionals are more familiar with the communities and have a wider range of option in the market.

In Bahamas’ main cities, the average monthly cost of your utilities (water, electricity, gas and garbage collection) is €360. You can also get an unlimited internet connection for roughly €35 per month and make local mobile (prepaid) calls at €0.35 per minute.

House and Apartment Hunting

Many immigrants are buying real estate on the island because of its incredible scenic views. But as an expat, it's more practical to find a rental first which give you the flexibility to choose between a short term and long term lease agreement. There’s a huge number of expats living in Nassau, the largest city and capital of Bahamas. The typical cost of a one bedroom apartment is €750 per month and €1800 for a three bedroom unit. You can also look for cheaper apartments in smaller towns outside the centre where starting price of one bedroom flat is €570 per month and €1300 for a three bedroom apartment.

International and Local Schools

There are many international schools in the Bahamas like the Lyford Cay International School, Nassau  page, which uses English and bi-lingual in teaching. You can also check some of the local schools that provide top quality education. One of the most prominent state schools in the island is the College of The Bahamas, which was established in 1974.

Moving Your Belongings

Many companies provide shipping and removal service to the Bahamas. These professionals have a long experience in importing expats’ belongings to different parts of the globe so you can be sure that your packages will be safely and efficiently delivered to your new address. It takes approximately 11 days for the containers to arrive in the Port of Nassau where local customs officials are going to perform an inspection of the cargos. For more information about Bahamas’ import regulations, click here

You should get an import permit from the Ministry of Trade, Agriculture and Industry in Nassau before bringing your pet and make sure that it is six month of age or older. Also, you have to secure a Rabies Vaccination Certificate at least one month and not more than ten months before its arrival along with the Veterinary Health Certificate that you have to present within 48 hours of your pet's arrival to the Bahamas.

The most common types of public transport in the island are buses, taxis and motor scooters. But if you want to drive and are planning on importing your car, here are some of the important documents that you need to secure:

  • Proof of Insurance
  • Customs Declaration Form
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Title
  • Registration

Relocating in the Bahamas gives you the chance to improve your professional career and at the same time find an escape from life’s daily grinds just by spending time at the island’s pristine Caribbean beaches.



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