Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Belarus

Travel insurance multi trip in Belarus is perfect for people who visit the country multiple times a year. Often, these travellers come for business purposes, whether scouting for new opportunities or finalizing contracts with Belarusian partners. The country is proud of being a leading post-Soviet economic state, whose food, metallurgy and agro-industrial industries, among others, are developing rapidly.


Providing expats in Belarus top-rate multi-trip travel insurance coverage in more than 170 locations worldwide is International Medical Group. What makes IMG different from other insurers is its combination of exceptional products and services. Not only do its plans offer competitive advantages; the reliability of its customer services is also yet unmatched by its competitors.

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Expats in Belarus know that some travel requirements can only be met with the right travel insurance coverage. Whether the problem is a medical emergency that needs evacuation, bags lost during a flight or anything related, Atlas Professional by MultiNational Underwriters offers reliable coverage. Benefits of the plan are delivered by a prompt, empathic, and highly professional staff that serves at least 3 million clients each year.

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