Single Trip Travel Insurance in Belarus

Purchasing travel insurance single trip in Belarus provides security to travellers for various aspects of their trip, from health to flight cancellations to baggage loss and more. In 2010, 750,000 foreigners, mostly from Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania and other EU nations, visited the country for tourism purposes. The figure is expected to rise by 10-12% by the end of 2011.


Many an individual rewards himself by traveling around the world. He can’t be blamed, can he? Traveling provides the opportunity to see new sights, learn new things, and meet new people. This is why IMG despises the idea that these trips can be spoiled by unforeseen events. To protect its expats in Belarus and in other parts of the world, IMG provides comprehensive single-trip travel insurance. These can be enjoyed at affordable rates and customized as needed.

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MultiNational Underwriters is one of the largest insurance providers in the world. It serves expats traveling to Belarus and across the globe. It is composed of a team of international claims specialists, medical professionals, and client relations specialists, all dedicated to meet the unique needs of their traveling clients.

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