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In Belgium it is possible to get a degree from both Universities and Professional Schools. A professional school is one that offers specialized higher level technical training in a dedicated field such as law, agriculture, architecture, medicine or engineering. Some of these higher education facilities in Belgium are affiliated with the Roman Catholic or some other Church. They do not typically take American students directly out of high school, but might do so if they have a year of college elsewhere.


Classes are taught in French in the south, but in Dutch or English in the north part of Belgium. Foreign students need to be able to speak and understand one or the other of these languages to be successful candidates for admission. There are summer courses in Belgian Culture, Languages and Literature for foreign students.


The Ministry of Education in Belgium has furthermore developed an online distance learning program on the internet that is designed for adults to catch up on secondary or higher education. It is similar to the Open University of the United Kingdom, but its courses are offered in the Flemish and French languages, instead of English. The English language courses available through the British Open University program are also available to adult Belgian residents over the internet.

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Belgium is a wonderful place for expat children. Visit our informative pages for information on the top schools in expat destinations worldwide. You may search for American, British and IB schools.

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