Basics of working in brussels



It is best that you get associated with a company in Brussels before relocating. Unless you’re an EU citizen, it’s hard to land a job when you’re looking for a job on a tourist visa.

You have to obtain an employment visa or work permit before you can start work. To apply for one, you will need to have a sponsor – this is usually your employer.

You could try looking for a job online at the following websites:

Holidays and Day-offs

Public Holidays:

New Year’s Day

January 1

Good Friday

A day in March/April

Easter Monday

A day in March/April

Labor Day

May 1

Ascension Day

A day in May


August 15

Pentecost Monday

A day in May

National Day

July 21

Assumption of Mary Day

August 15

All Saints Day

November 1

Armistice Day

November 11

Christmas Day

December 25