19 June 2019

Job Hunting for an Expat Position

Deciding that you want to explore the opportunities to become an expatriate is one thing, but actually finding a position and making a move is another. Finding a new job can be difficult at the best of times, but adding finding one in a different country can compound the problem […] Read more

30 May 2019

The Importance of Employee Health Benefits for Expats

Many companies provide their expatriate assignees with some form of employee health insurance, especially in countries such as the United States and Singapore, where the cost of medical treatment can be extreme. When the opportunities for international reassignment come up then, it’s a […] Read more

21 March 2019

The Pros and Cons of Offshore Banking

For many, offshore baking is synonymous with backdoor deals, the super-rich and tax evasion, but the fact is that it’s a perfectly legal way to manage your finances more conveniently when living and working abroad. Offshore accounts make accessing your money more flexible for you, […] Read more

18 February 2019

International Health Insurance – an Expat Primer

If I asked you what ‘Health Insurance’ means, you’d probably be able to give me a pretty good answer, or would you? Surprisingly, the exact meaning of this term can vary from one country to another, and even more so when you add in language barriers and complications. Not […] Read more

12 February 2019

When Should I Consider IPMI?

When looking at what insurance you should get when going to live and work in another country, the options available can be numerous and confusing. International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) is often considered the gold standard of healthcare cover when living abroad, but when your employer […] Read more

5 February 2019

Five Tips for Expat Integration

Integrating yourself into a new country, culture and workplace as an expat can be a challenging experience, especially for those who are travelling for their partner’s new job position. Getting settled into your new surroundings is an essential step to feeling at home and that you belong […] Read more

21 January 2019

Managing Health Insurance Costs as an Expat

Healthcare costs can be extreme all across the globe, so it’s essential that expats be prepared if the worst should happen. Finding the right international health insurance scheme for you can make all the difference and support you when you need it. After all, the last thing you want to […] Read more

9 January 2019

Tips for the Freelance Expat

The gig economy is fast expanding. According to Forbes, in 2018, 4.4% of the population in the UK or 2.8 million worked in the gig economy. While in Singapore, self-employment and freelancing make up around 14%, or over 350,000, of the employment market. With the digital revolution empowering […] Read more

24 December 2018

Interviewing as an Expat Hirer

In 2018, laws prohibiting employers from asking job candidates about their past compensation before making a salary offer have gained incredible momentum across the United States. In fact, if you’re an expat in California, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, or working in multinational […] Read more

26 November 2018

Six tips to Survive the Smog

Although we always try to move for a better life as expats, we can’t control the local weather or pollution levels in our new home. Unfortunately, smog can become can become a regular problem for many of us, whether it be a daily problem or just one that comes for a couple of days each […] Read more