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How to Earn a Lot of Money While Travelling


Travelling abroad is an amazing experience. You are introduced to new countries, new cultures and new people. Every day there is an adventure waiting to happen. Unfortunately, travel and adventure does not always come cheap. On the contrary, very often it is actually quite expensive and that is why most of us travel once or twice a year at most, on just a week or two of vacation. But wouldn’t it be great if you could travel and earn money at the same time? And I don’t mean earn a few bucks, but a decent amount of money. Well, believe it or not there’s actually a few ways to make that possible and we will tell you how. See our list of ways to earn a lot of money while travelling abroad.


Be a Full-time Vacationer

How to Earn a Lot of Money While Travelling - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Doug

Well, unlike regular mortals who work hard throughout the year to earn some money for a short travel abroad, these guys earn for living by travelling. Full-time vacationers travel all over the world and thus advise us all about where to go, what to do, which sights to visit, where to stay at or what delicacies to eat, and get paid for doing so. This is a dream come true actually, since these guys are probably the only people in the world who save their money so they could spend it – at home!



Teach English

How to Earn a Lot of Money While Travelling - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Six intheworld

Everybody needs to know English today. It is a universal language that connects people from different parts of the world. But still there are many who do not know it well and would like to learn it, which is your chance. In many cases you don’t even need to be certified, you just need to be a native speaker. So if you have the knowledge and the patience to teach someone , search the web and you will find plenty of chances, especially in countries like South Korea, Japan, Thailand or Vietnam, but also in many other places too.



Sell Timeshares

How to Earn a Lot of Money While Travelling - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: reynermedia

If you are talented for sales and marketing, those skills can help you earn easy money in top tourist locations such as Greece, Mexico, Thailand, the Caribbean etc. Many tourists visit these countries and they usually trust more to salespeople who they can relate with, for example to their countryman. The earning potential in this line of work is huge, so it is definitively worth a try. But, if for any reason, you fail to find your way around in selling business, you can always work on the front desk, in the restaurant or in the activity and entertainment department.



Be a Freelance Designer/Developer

How to Earn a Lot of Money While Travelling - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: SamsungTomorrow

Earning thousands of dollars in a foreign country can be achieved easily if you are one of those computer geeks who completely live in the age of technology. So, if you are capable of building a website, either a simple or more complex one, then you are to become filthy rich. All you need to do is to start looking for clients online, through your friends and acquaintances and soon enough you will be snowed under websites that are to be designed. Moreover, if you can develop an app on iOS, you can organize a course or a school and thus teach others how to start developing their own apps that may bring you money. App developers are being in constant demand and all you need to do is to offer your services on the labor market, even if you are in another country.



Be a Yoga Instructor

How to Earn a Lot of Money While Travelling - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: harbour_ridge

One of the most popular side things to do is to practice yoga definitely. This is because people are constantly tense and they work a lot, they do not have much time to spend on long walks or holidays. But either way they have to get rid of a negative energy they have collected during hard working days. Therefore most of them choose to practice yoga and yoga instructors earn a lot of money by showing people how to achieve mental and physical stability and balance. So, if you have practiced yoga sometimes earlier, this is an excellent way to regain your invested money and start earning it through your regular clients.



Be a Cruise Ship Employee

How to Earn a Lot of Money While Travelling - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Craig Stanfill

This kind of job will give you something you might never be able to afford for yourself – an opportunity to visit all glorious places on Earth and to travel round the world plus having your own salary. Of course, working on a cruise ship will get you a taste of a world, but also it will bring you a strong network of people. You can also make your own blog about travelling while on cruise ship and you can give advice to all potential visitors to a certain place. You will definitely have benefits because one of the sites may offer you a job of a travel writer. You can never know what are your limits and capabilities until you try doing what you like and enjoy.

Of course, there are many other ways to earn tons of dollars. You can for instance try busking, selling your art, volunteer work and so on. What is essential is that you need to have a strong will and success will inevitably come. You just need to believe in yourself.



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The Most Complicated Countries to Visit


Traveling abroad is a great experience. You see new places, meet new people, learn something new about different cultures and of course you have fun. Modern communications allow you to visit even the furthest parts of the world, so you might get a feeling everything is so accessible, ready to be visited and explored. But a feeling can fool you sometimes. Even today there are many places that are almost impossible to visit, for many different reasons. Some of these countries are quite attractive and some of them used to be tourist centers, but situations in these countries have changed in recent years which makes them hardly available to be visited. Here is a short list with countries you might not be able to visit for the next few years to come:




The Most Complicated Countries to Visit - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Jose Javier Martin Espartos

The Syrian Civil War started in July 2011 and is unfortunately still going on, making this beautiful country a very dangerous place to live. Syria has a rich historical and cultural heritage, some of it is even on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and before the war millions of tourists came to see them. Tourism was blooming and it was also an essential to the flow of funds to the state budget, but now everything has changed and most of people do not even consider visiting Syria, for obvious reasons.




The Most Complicated Countries to Visit - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: United Nations Photo

One of the reasons why you will find it hard to visit Kiribati is the fact that this is a small island located in the middle of Pacific, so you will have trouble finding it on the map for the start. This country doesn’t have a war or any political conflict, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy place to just fly to. There is a very complicated procedure for getting the visa, which includes finding the one and only consulate in Europe, located somewhere in Wales. Also, Kiribati is connected with international flights, but they are flying only twice a week.




The Most Complicated Countries to Visit - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Charles Roffey

Visiting Eritrea is a major challenge; it is a real lottery of getting a permission to come into this country. The reason for that is a complicated political situation, country is governed by one party, that does not like visitors or money from tourism, so even if you fill out the application form very carefully, it may still returned with your passport. Also, whole procedure usually lasts for 6 to 8 weeks, so one could get upset and unmotivated to visit it anymore. This is really a pity because Eritrea has a lot of to offer, but it is probably not worth trying to do so. 




The Most Complicated Countries to Visit - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: André Pereira

The reason why this country is complicated to visit lies in the fact that Angola has a lot of oil money recently and Europe does not have it. Thus, the visa regime is extremely strict and one cannot get it easily. This is because their government consider that every unemployed citizen arrives because of job hunting. If you want to visit Angola, then you should definitely try in their embassy in your country. After submitting documents required for getting the visa, the embassy might call you and inform that you need to submit more supporting documents. Just do not argue with them because if you do so, then you will not certainly get it.




The Most Complicated Countries to Visit - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: John C. Bruckman

Libya is not easy to visit especially because their strict regime of a long ruler Gadaffi. That is why tourism was controlled by his tight regime and you can get a visa but usually not from the first time. In order to succeed in getting visa for Libya one needs to spend a lot of nerves, time and money. And the visa situation for Libya at the moment is not transparent. After the death of Gadaffi, it seems like visitors are more welcome to enter the country. 




The Most Complicated Countries to Visit - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Alexey Kljatov

We are already familiar with the information that Russia owns and exports much of the gas reserves and that it is a world’s superpower. Well, you will have some difficulties enter this country because in order to enter it, you need to have an invitation. In most cases, you can get an invitation from the hotel you are staying in. However, if you did not fill in your visa application with extreme caution, they will most likely ask you to reapply again and that will cost you standing in long lines and wasting your time. So, be cautious. And never show your anger or losing nerves, because Russian paper pushers might understand it as being personal.

There are many other countries that are complicated to visit and each of them has its own reason for posing such strict demands and conditions. For instance, each of them considers its own benefits first and then decides on terms and conditions for letting you enter its territory. However, such terms are mostly related to the country’s internal political situation, to its ruler or president, to the fact that a country perhaps might be in a war or facing epidemic disease. Either way, you will certainly make an effort and invest a lot of your time, money and documents to get a visa and visit a desired destination. So, good luck if your destination is one of the above countries.



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6 Weirdest Valentine’s Day Traditions


It’s Valentine’s Day in a few days which means couples from around the world are preparing to spend this day together. Small presents, romantic dinners, movie nights or just pleasant walks are just tiny details. What is important is that the two people in love are together. This certainly does not mean that only this day should be important but perhaps it should be the peak of your love towards each other. Couples are probably picking out a card or flowers and maybe some chocolates for their special someone. But there are some cultures or places that have a different view when it comes to romance. Different cultures have different customs, but some of them are just weird, take a look at this list to see how the Valentine’s Day is celebrated in some parts of the world.



Love Apples – Austria

6 Weirdest Valentine's Day Traditions - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: quantum bunny

Unlike most parts of the world where chocolate is the most common Valentine’s Day present, in some rural parts of Austria apples are the hit. So you wonder what is weird about apples. Well, there is a little trick in this story; young women do a ritual dance with apple slices lodged in their armpits. Of course dancing is not an easy job, so they start to sweat, still holding the apples in their armpits. And here comes the nasty part: after the dance, each girl gives a slice of the apple to a man of her choice, as an express of affection. The poor guy then has to eat the slice! Well, if that is not love, then nothing truly is.



The Bloody Valentine’s – London, U.K.

6 Weirdest Valentine's Day Traditions - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Burkazoid

London is an amazing city with long history, especially with dark and sometimes even brutal events such as Jack the Ripper and his murders, Bloody Mary or Sweeney Todd. None of these characters are not very romantic, or at least for the most of the people, but people from the London Dungeon think different. They are organizing a special theme event dedicated to Valentine’s Day that includes human heart cupcakes for example and while trying them, couples in love can enjoy watching a torturous surgical procedure in the Blood and Guts exhibit. A popular Valentine’s saying “My heart belongs to you” gets totally different meaning in the London Dungeon. Weird? Well, maybe just for some of us.



Gaekkebrev – Denmark

6 Weirdest Valentine's Day Traditions - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Ma1974

This is actually a name for a game in Denmark where young people have developed this playful secret admirer guessing game. So the boys and girls make short love notes or funny rhymes, without leaving a name, just dots. They give those notes to the person they admire and if the recipient guesses who the sender is, she or he gets a prize: an egg on Easter Sunday.


Valentine Prophecies- Brazil

6 Weirdest Valentine's Day Traditions - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: M Car

Brazil has also an odd tradition for Valentine’s Day. But you have to know that the Day of the Enamoured is being celebrated on June 12th in Brazil. During the whole year, women are to write names of their crushes on small pieces of paper and on June 12th they are to randomly choose one paper from a bowl which is actually a winner and the one whom they should marry. Yes, random choice seems like the best one in Brazil, we might even try it next year.



Blind Dates – Dallas, U.S.

6 Weirdest Valentine's Day Traditions - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: al fernandez

People in Dallas definitely have a lot of fun on Valentine’s Day. Their tradition is related to blind dates. But such blind dates are not those ordinary blind dates you know about, when you meet someone in person on your first date. But in Dallas, everything happens during dining in the dark. That way you cannot even see your Valentine. You can just have an intimate and unusual feeling. A restaurant “Opaque” will offer you special Valentine’s Day event with four different kinds of menu and an extremely dark room where you will have an intimate date with your Valentine. It might be weird, but it’s also fun. 



Visiting Saint Valentine – Dublin, Ireland

6 Weirdest Valentine's Day Traditions - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: William Murphy

Many people in Dublin decide to spend Valentine’s Day in Aungier Street which is actually Saint Valentine’s home. They do not have romantic dinners or special gifts. They just visit a church in Whitefriar Street which was given relics of Saint Valentine back in 1835 by the Pope Gregory XVI. The church is named the Carmelite Church and people in Dublin find it extremely suitable way to spend their Valentine’s Day with their partners or to even propose there, since they believe that such an act will bring 100% outcome. 

As you can see, not all of us define romance and the Day of Enamoured in the same way. What some of us find appropriate, the others might consider either boring or too simple. That is why you and your partner have to decide together what is it that best suits you. Maybe one of the above traditions can create completely new feeling and bring you a lot of fun. So feel free to try them out.



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Best Countries for Hypochondriacs


We all probably know someone who is constantly worried about his own health and about having a serious illness. Such people see symptoms of a particular disease on every corner and no matter how minor the symptom might be, they are convinced to be suffering from at least one of the incurable diseases. There are more and more hypochondriacs in recent years due to the abundant information provided by the internet. What would be really good for these people is if they could have their own country which would treat their ‘diseases’ as much as they require. So here’s a list of the best countries for all the germophobes out there.


Best Countries for Hypochondriacs - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: krismadden


Iceland is the least polluted country in the world, so naturally it should be in this list. The lack of pollution in the country is mostly due to low population and a very clean and healthy lifestyle. Aside from a very clean and unpolluted environment, germophobes also have the luxury of Iceland’s universal healthcare system. So if health is genuinely your wealth, Iceland may be the best place for you.



Best Countries for Hypochondriacs - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Alan Wu


All Hypochondriacs would be enthralled to know that Taiwanese government pays for all health care needs of its citizens. They have also invented the so called ‘smart cards’ which record patient’s medical history from birth and thus make it easier for doctors in diagnosing any possible diseases. ‘Smart cards’ are much better to use since they cut down time on paperwork and save you from additional costs. Taiwan is therefore a paradise for hypochondriacs.



Best Countries for Hypochondriacs - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Jesslee Cuizon


In Japan people live almost as long as a turtle with average life expectancy of 86 years, which is not a surprise since they have one of the best recovery rates from major illnesses in the entire planet. Japanese health system is so efficient it can heal almost every illness a Hypochondriac can think of, so Japan is a real heaven, or hell – depending on perspective, for this population.



Best Countries for Hypochondriacs - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Alexander Boden


People in Switzerland have health care provided by private insurance, which is not employment-based. The Swiss choose from a variety of private insurance plans, which is great news for hypochondriacs who can choose the topmost private insurances for themselves. However, if people cannot afford private insurance and private health care, then the government gives them subsidies. Either way, you are provided with a proper health care.


The U.K.

Best Countries for Hypochondriacs - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Sacha Fernandez


The British government has many responsibilities when it comes to health care. Namely, they need to employ doctors and run hospitals and what is most important the government pays for insurance of its citizens. Thus, if you are a hypochondriac then all the services you might take are already paid. The only thing you need to pay for are prescription drugs.


Best Countries for Hypochondriacs - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Steve Collis


All Germans have medical insurance, and no institution is allowed to deny a citizen of coverage. German health care system if funded by taxation, 8% of the salary goes into a sickness fund, which completely covers health care for children, and allows public assistance for those who can’t afford medical treatments. All together, an average Hypochondriac would be satisfied with this system, unlike German doctors who feel they are being underpaid.


Best Countries for Hypochondriacs - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Benson Chan Photography


People in Canada have their health care which is funded through taxes and their salary incomes. However, doctors and hospitals are private entities and they charge the government for the health care costs. What citizens need to pay on their own are the costs of dentistry, optometry and prescription drugs.



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