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The Best Hotels In The World Today


Almost every man on Earth has a wish to travel all around the world, thus visiting the most interesting places, historical monuments and fascinating natural beauties. And indeed, amazing things can be seen in various countries worldwide. But travelling also means that one should have lodging and a place to stay. We all mostly use hotels, and numerous times we have weighed between the two or more hotels where some were cheaper but lacked some contents and the others had it all but were more expensive. But what if all of us could afford the world’s best hotels and enjoy their magnificent services, polite staff and all the possible facilities? Well, some of you can afford such hotels, and that is why we bring you the list of best hotels in the world. Check them out below:


Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace in Romania

The Best Hotels In The World Today - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: kareszzz

The Gresham Palace was completed in 1906 as an office and apartment building, now turned into a fabulous hotel located along the River Danube near the renowned Chain Bridge. This 179-room hotel is gracefully combining vintage architecture and design with modern services and amenities, leaving its visitors with a never-forget experience that makes them wish come again. Staying here will give you a glimpse of royalty, especially if you choose its famous Four Seasons Experience which actually includes a private dinner on the centre stage at the Hungarian State Opera House followed by the concert of the orchestra playing only for you. And if you are more for a regular dining then you can try some of the amazing Hungarian and Italian dishes in the Gresham Restaurant adjacent to the magnificent Hotel lobby. 


Southern Ocean Lodge in Australia

The Best Hotels In The World Today - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Ralph Bestic

This incredible hotel is located on the Kangaroo Island and offers you a peaceful and cozy stay. Here in Southern Ocean Lodge you are able to choose between 21 suites, each of which contains an outdoor terrace and limestone floor. The hotel is built in a way that it uses all the natural weather patterns, so you won’t need an AC here. Once you enter the hotel, you’ll be able to see works of art on every step, which makes a kind of a small artistic exhibition. And if you want to have the full privacy, you can book the glass-walled suite with its own pool and a granite bath. When it comes to activities on the island, you can for instance go fishing and your catch can become your lunch with the help of the chef Tim Bourke.


Ocean House in the U.S.

The Best Hotels In The World Today - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Christopher Harrison

This 1868 Victorian property is today a grand hotel at the oceanfront. It is really cozy and offers you 49 guest rooms and 22 private villas and all of them are followed by modern bathrooms and custom-made furnishings. Whenever you decide to stay in Ocean House, you will enjoy the long walks on private beach or relaxing treatments in the hotel’s spa. And if you prefer an extraordinary room with an ocean view, then take the Grand Deluxe Room 301. It has everything, including a fireplace and a free-standing tub.


Triple Creek Ranch in the U.S.

The Best Hotels In The World Today - ExpatFinder Blog​Photo:

This hotel is located in the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana which is a place of majesty, serenity, natural beauty and comfort in all four seasons where you can see elk, deer, moose, turkeys and many other animals freely wandering through the area. Triple Creek Ranch offers rustic elegance in a mountain retreat featuring private log cabins and a comfortable lodge. There are many things you can try doing here, from mountain fishing to dog sledging and horseback riding, and when you get hungry from all of those activities you can go to the hotel’s restaurant and try some delicious international dishes served with the best house wines. Have in mind that Forbes declared Triple Creek Ranch as the best hotel in the world in 2014.


Nayara Springs in Costa Rica

The Best Hotels In The World Today - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto:

Nayara Springs is a hotel in the Arenal Volcano National Park, which is a host to one of the world’s highest concentration of tropical plants and wildlife. It is surrounded by the lush vegetation of Costa Rica’s pristine rainforest and bounded by a creek and underground mineral thermal springs and that is why so many travelers love to stay here. Nayara Springs is most characteristic for its interesting activities such as a trip through the rainforest, water rafting, boat safari, biking and many others and when it comes to dining, you can try some of the many delicious dishes served in three on-site restaurants. 


These are just 5 of the world’s best hotels for this year, but that does not mean that there are no other amazing places that should be visited if you have a chance. We will see which hotels are going to be in the top 5 next year.



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The World’s Richest People in Real Estate


Real estate has always been popular and in recent years its worth has been constantly rising. Nowadays we can even say that real estate is a key factor for creating wealth and thus it makes  the world's tycoons even more wealthy. It is estimated that real estate is 12.7% higher in value today than several years ago. Also, another study from 2014 announced that real estate investments are going to be No. 1 in 2015 because great majority of billionaires plan to buy properties throughout this whole year. But why would this be so? Well, one thing is for sure – one can never lose money if he had invested it in real estate. There is always the chance to sell the property at higher price than you have previously bought it or to recover your invested money in the worst possible scenario. That is why we provide you with a list of the richest people who constantly invest in real estate and who constantly become richer. 


Lee Shau Kee

The World's Richest People in Real Estate - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto:

Lee Shau Kee is among the richest people in Hong Kong. He is a landlord and all his wealth came from investing in real estate, beginning with a majority stake of shares of Henderson Land Development. He is also the owner of Miramar Hotel and Hong Kong and China Gas. Earning all his money mostly through buying properties got him several nicknames among which are 'Hong Kong's Buffett' and 'Asia's Master of Stock'. His current net worth is estimated at $24.8 billion, which makes him 27th richest man in real estate in the world. Apart from buying properties all round the world, Lee Shau Kee is a great philanthropist.


Wang Jianlin

The World's Richest People in Real Estate - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: World Economic Forum

Another master of stocks comes from China. Wang Jianlin is the owner of Dalian Wanda Group which is actually a commercial real estate powerhouse controlling hundreds of luxury hotels and shopping plazas. But Dalian Wanda Group is even more – it is world’s largest operator of movie theaters. Wang Jianlin had expanded his business to Australia, Beverly Hills and Chicago. But apart from his properties in China, Hong Kong, USA and Australia, he also has Edifico Espana building in Spain, properties in India, Great Britain and just he himself knows where else does he have real estate investments. His current net worth is estimated at $24.2 billion and this year it is expected to grow even more.


Cheng Yu-tung

The World's Richest People in Real Estate - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto:

Cheng Yu-tung is the old fox of real estate business with extensive business dealings and real estate interests in both Hong Kong and Macau. Although many reports are stating his health is in quite poor condition which made him leave the chairmanship of his New World Development to his elder son Henry this tiger from Hong Kong is still having a huge impact on company’s future. His family is also having control over Asia's largest jewelry retailer and their hotel empire is constantly increasing so don’t be surprised if in forthcoming years they make a jump from 5th place to the top when it comes to real estate business.


Donald Bren

The World's Richest People in Real Estate - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto:

Donald Bren is an owner and the Chairman of the Irvine Company, a US-based real estate investment company, and he is also the only non-Chinese who made it to top 5 of richest people in the real estate business. This guy owns 500 office properties, more than 40 shopping centers, 50,000 apartments, three hotels and several golf clubs and marinas, mostly in Southern California and if that was not enough, he bought an office tower in downtown Chicago for $850 million. This amount of money might sound astronomic but for Donald Bren whose net worth is estimated around $15 billion this is just pocket money. He had also started a new project that will make him even richer, namely he has started building a 1.2 million square-foot office campus that will open in Silicon Valley in 2016.


Thomas & Raymond Kwok

The World's Richest People in Real Estate - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto:

We might say that Thomas Kwok is a real bad boy in real estate business, since he was found guilty in December 2014 of bribing the city's former number two official and was sentenced to five years in prison. But he had found a suitable replacement – his brother Raymond who was also under investigation but was cleared of all charges. Their father Kwok Tak-seng was the founder of their family business which would be even bigger if they did not had a feud with their older brother, Walter, who's now listed separately as a billionaire. Thomas and Raymond Kwok are the owners of Sun Hung Kai Properties, a real estate developer that is well known for building many skyscrapers all around Tokyo. Their net worth is estimated at nearly $16 billion and this amount is increasing continuously despite all of these affairs.




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The Happiest People Around The World


Our planet is a great place to live in, or at least it is the only one we know about so we don’t actually have a choice. One way or another, the world is luckily full of happy people who keep on finding positive sides of life. But which people are generally the happiest on the planet and what are the reasons for that? Is it in their culture and mentality, or maybe the economy and politics are responsible for that situation, or it is just something in the water that makes them smile all the time? Here you can find a short list of the happiest people around the world and their recipe for enjoying lifestyle.



The Happiest People Around The World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: botterli

Scandinavian countries are generally a good place for living and Norway holds the No. 1 spot when it comes to the general happiness of population. This is not a surprise because Norway is one of the most prosperous countries in the world, where every citizen has a proper job and health insurance. And even if you ever get stressed here – which is possible, but highly improbable – you can explore its amazing environment that includes fjords, glaciers, and mountains that will recharge you in no time. 



The Happiest People Around The World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Frank Roche

People from Jamaica are generally the coolest people you will ever come across in your life. It is almost impossible to see a true Jamaican who is not smiling all the time. If you have in mind that the typical Jamaican response to any request made is “no problem” you will be able to get a picture of their attitude towards life in general. And who would not be happy if they lived in a Caribbean paradise surrounded by beautiful beaches while listening to Bob Marley singing “Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing gonna be alright”!



The Happiest People Around The World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Jan-Joost Verhoef

Netherland is the most liberal country in Europe that attracts people from all parts of the world who want to spend their life here. And who could blame them for having a wish to live in a country of tulips and windmills that decorate already beautiful environment of this amazing country. And that is not all, Netherland has a strong job market and great work-life balance which is very important for spending a night peacefully.



The Happiest People Around The World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Guillermo A. Durán

It is said that happiness does not necessarily require money, and in most cases a man needs little to be happy and satisfied. That is why some of the world’s poorest countries are found to have the happiest people as well. Panama is not an exception, according to research made in 2014. Positive attitude is one of the rare things that don’t lack in Panama. The reason for such great levels of positivity perhaps can be found in recent growth in economy and living standards. Indeed, Panama has many things to offer: magnificent sea coast and amazing beaches, interesting culture and heritage and at the top of it all warm and polite people who don’t need much to be happy.



The Happiest People Around The World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Emilio Labrador

No matter that Guatemala is just 118th country in the world when it comes to nominal GDP per capita, which makes it almost the poorest country on Earth, this war torn country takes second place in case of positivity and happiness of its residents. This really is a proof that money cannot buy happiness and it looks like after the war people in Guatemala were given a hope of a better tomorrow which was more than enough to make their lives happier, more positive and fulfilled. Being alive and healthy with a few positive thoughts is what makes lives of thousands citizens in Guatemala.


Costa Ricans

The Happiest People Around The World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Claire Whitehouse

For some people this might come as a surprise, but Costa Rica takes the fourth place on positivity index and it’s no wonder because its citizens live by the saying ‘Pura vida’ or ‘Life is good.’ The fact that Costa Rica does not have an army says a lot about how warm and friendly are its citizens and how much they appreciate life, positivity, happiness and all the good things that come in life. Costa Rica has simply everything – beautiful sea coast, beaches to die for, untouched nature of rainforests and volcanoes throughout the whole country and much more. So, being friendly to everyone around you can in reality bring lots of positive feelings and energy which are actually crucial to the quality of your life.
There is much to be seen from all the countries listed above. The fact is that none of them is perfect and many face with some of the world’s biggest problems. However, their citizens are full of hope and that’s what makes them so positive and happy. Once again, these countries are not the wealthiest on Earth, but they are certainly the happiest, and in the end the number of smiles in life is going to be counted before everything else.



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The World’s Top Tech Billionaires


If we would have to name the era we are living in today, the most appropriate name would be the age of technology. Smartphones, tablets, internet, social media, laptops etc are the things a modern human can hardly imagine living without.The modern technology industry is having a constant growth and it is also one of the most profitable enterprises with new businesses being opened almost daily. But who are the people standing behind some of the most successful companies in this market and how much money do they actually have? If you want to find out the answers to these questions then check our short list below.


Bill Gates

The World's Top Tech Billionaires - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Tien Do

The world’s richest man in 16 of the last 21 years is Bill Gates – American computer programmer, inventor and a great philanthropist. Most of you will recognize him as the co-founder of Microsoft, which is the world’s largest computer company. Until May 2014, Bill Gates was also the largest shareholder of the Microsoft company, but in the last 15 years he has been steadily selling his shares. Through February 2015, Bill Gates decided to unload one third of his stake which brought a gift of the shares to “The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation”. Today, he spends almost all his time on helping the ones in need. He is given a huge credit for improving education in the U.S. But apart from his own country, Bill Gates is also focused on trying to make better health standards in the whole world, including persistent work on helping Africa feed itself. His current net worth is $79.2 billion.


Larry Ellison

The World's Top Tech Billionaires - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Oracle PR

Larry Ellison is world’s second richest tech man. Few of you will know him as a database builder for CIA, but that was his springboard to establish database software firm named ‘Oracle’. Last year, he decided to step down as a CEO of the company, which was a huge shock for everyone. However, he stayed in the company as chairman and chief technology officer. His childhood is a story known to a wider audience. He was raised by his great-aunt in a middle class family in Chicago and he never met his biological father. Apart from building databases, Larry Ellison enjoys sailing and the main sponsor of America’s Cup winner Oracle Team USA. His net worth is estimated to $54.3 billion.


Jeff Bezos

The World's Top Tech Billionaires - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Matteo Penzo

For some of you, Jeff Bezos is simply known as the CEO of Amazon, but not everyone knows that his fortune is so great that he managed to reach the third position of the richest people in the world. Last year was a bit rough for Amazon because their first smartphone was a failure, but 2015 started good. won the Golden Globe award for its own series ‘Transparent’ (for best TV series and the best actor in a comedy). That is why the company decided to invest more in the movie business. But that should not be hard, since Amazon already does all kinds of business, from hosting web content to selling diapers. Jeff Bezos has 18% of the company’s shares and he still wants to invest to business that will lure more customers and make them dependent of the brand. His wealth today is estimated to $34.8 billion.


Mark Zuckerberg

The World's Top Tech Billionaires - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: JD Lasica

Mark Zuckerberg is an American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur who is best known as one of five co-founders of the social networking website Facebook. Since 2013 he is the chairman and chief executive of the company and his estimated net worth in 2015 is around $33 billion. This amount is constantly increasing since Facebook is still holding place as one of the leading social networks on the global level. But Zuckerberg is also philanthropically active – he and his wife Priscilla Chan are active in a fight against Ebola and they have also committed $75 million for a new trauma center at San Francisco General Hospital.


Larry Page

The World's Top Tech Billionaires - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Herkko Hietanen

Larry Page  is an American computer scientist and internet entrepreneur who co-founded Google Inc. with Sergey Brin, and is the corporation's current CEO. He is the inventor of Google's most well-known search ranking algorithm called PageRank and his work has been recognized by the National Academy of Engineering whose member he became back in 2004. In that same year he was also awarded with The Marconi Award, an annual award recognizing advancements in communications. Larry Page is also a big advocate of clean energy usage. That is why his network of houses in Palo Alto uses fuel cells, geothermal energy and rainwater capture. Just like Mark Zuckerberg he is also a humanitarian who joined the fight against Ebola with a donation of $15 million. This was not hard to do for Larry whose wealth is estimated to around $30 billion. 

Since technology market is always changing and some new companies constantly keep showing up, it is alright to expect changes on this list in the future too, but at present these guys are the absolute top 5 when it comes to wealth in tech business. 



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Top 10 Airports in the World


How is your travel experience lately?

Travelling anywhere in the world can provide a sense of fulfilment. However, there are several factors that affect the travel experience. The first and most important aspect is the airport. The ambience can be a major factor of an airport’s reputation. Afterall, when travelling, we spend a lot of waiting time in airports. Imagine spending half a day or more in an airport that is just – well, plain boring? Good news, there are actually a lot of exciting airports in the world! Check out the 10 best airports around the world.

Let’s take a look into the top 10 airports are according to World Airport Awards:


1. Singapore Changi Airport

Top 10 Airports in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Christian Junker – AHKGAP

Staying strong at the top spot for three years, Changi Airport is continuing to walk in the path of prestige. Being the best among the top 10 airports in the world, its position is undeniably due to its state-of-the-art facilities and the nature-friendly atmosphere. Minding how ‘customer-centered’ their facilities are, passengers can be free from the common stress while traveling. High-end designer shops, free internet access and phone charging terminals, play areas for kids, bars, fitness centers, first class lounging area – Changi Airport keeps in mind passengers’ satisfaction and comfort.

Truly, Changi Airport deserves this spot.


2. Incheon International Airport

Top 10 Airports in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Tzuhsun Hsu

Similar to Changi Airport, Incheon International Airport currently holds its position for the third year in a row. During the awarding ceremony, they did not only rank as one of the top 10 airports in the world, but also won the Best Airport Cleanliness Award and the Best Transit Airport Award. Amazingly, the said airport was also aiming for the most competitive award, Staff Service Award, but they weren’t able to win it. Even with this, without a doubt, they really aim to be the best!


3. Munich Airport

Top 10 Airports in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: perceptions I sichtweisen

They are the only airport that follows after Changi and Incheon International Airport in the top 10 airports in the world, but in Europe, they are the best this year. By landing a place in the global ranking, they were able to win the European Airport Championships. Munich Airport has VIP facilities, quality bars and restaurants, and leisure facilities that are said to have contributed to its success. For a reassuring travel, they even went their way to give special recognition for airport staffs.

It’s not surprising that through these competitions, airport services have been improved and are becoming focused on being customer-centered.


4. Hong Kong International Airport

Top 10 Airports in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Luke Ma

Hong Kong International Airport, also known as HKIA, serves more than a hundred airlines, with flights headed to 180 locations around the world. It’s such a busy airport that but still endeavors to meet the demands of its increasing passengers and cargos. 

This airport is investing more on engineering and architectural projects. It plans to expand its facilities in the future. Certainly, an airport that keeps on growing is a good place to step into. 


5. Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)

Top 10 Airports in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Hediyuki KAMON

A smaller airport compared to Narita International Airport, Tokyo International Airport,  located in Haneda, has recently been recognized as Japan’s main domestic airport. Now, they can be proud to say that they are the best in Japan with a 5-star rating to their name. It’s upping its game to serve more people and to be appreciated as an international hub. But, how come they are in the top 10?

They are the World’s Best Domestic Airport and number one in Best Airport Terminal Cleanliness, because of their ability to provide comfort to passengers and their efficiency in travel services. Clean and outstandingly functional airport – it’s a great deal!


6. Zurich Airport

Top 10 Airports in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Micheal Coghlan

Zurich Airport is the largest airport in Switzerland. It has an on-site hotel that is directly connected to the three terminals in the airport. There are also other facilities connected to the terminals so you can spend the waiting time in shops, restaurants, coffee shops and take-away facilities. Furthermore, three multi-storey car parks are also directly linked to the terminal with some located a short distance away.
Nothing is definitely greater than easy access and convenience while waiting for your next flight.


7. Central Japan International Airport

Top 10 Airports in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Pang yu liu

Another award-wining airport in Japan is the Central Japan International Airport. It is located in an artificial airport island that is constructed to be the new air gateway for Japan. it is a nature-friendly facility as it has in place a rigid environmental management system that ensures the airport does not add more burden to the environment.  It’s both an environmental and high-tech facility. You can be assured that you’re secured because of its advanced explosive detection systems, baggage-handling systems and for medical checks, CT scans.

If you are looking for something new, then Central Japan International Airport is the place to land in or fly from.


8. London Heathrow Airport

Top 10 Airports in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: David McKelvey

The London Heathrow Airport is said to be the busiest airport in the U.K and the whole of in Europe based on passenger traffic. This is indisputable since large numbers of tourists pass through this terminal from different parts of the continent and from around the world. They may have come to shop because Airport was awarded as the Best Airport for Shopping with its wide range of brand names within their shopping areas. There are also places to relax and have a meal with a friend or a family member. You can find whatever you need to feel good and enjoy the waiting time for your flight in the London Heathrow Airport.


9. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Top 10 Airports in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Adam Fagen

The Amsterdam Schiphol Airport uses a one-terminal concept in order for passengers to have better accessibility of facilities. It also has the Schiphol Plaza, the shopping center for passengers and non-traveling visitors. There are other facilities that can be fascinating to tourists in this airport like the Rijsmuseum that showcases some classical and contemporary art. A library is also located alongside the museum. For the total comfort and relaxation of travelers, the airport is currently building the Hilton Hotel. It is really remarkable how an airport really focus on truly improving their customer experience. 

Very recently, though, Schipol Airport was affected by a major power interruption that hit Amsterdam and its surrounding areas, causing flights to be cancelled. Although the power has been restored, incoming flights were diverted.


10. Beijing Capital International Airport

Top 10 Airports in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Bernt Rostad

China, being one of the top 10 most famous tourist destinations, has a very busy Beijing International Airport. It has been recently ranked as among the top 10 airports in the world. Due to the growing passenger demands, the airport has improved their facilities and services. You can now enjoy new facilities in the airport like play lounges with hotel-like leisure amenities like having coffee, a foot massage – perfect for those having a holiday, or conference and business leisure services for professionals. It sure is worth a stop to check these facilities in this airport.

There are so many airports in the world but these 10 made it to the top of list in customer service and airport facilities. If ever you are headed in these places, you are sure to enjoy the services and amenities they have to offer.



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