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5 Most Movie-Featured Countries in the World


You will wonder where all the breath-taking sceneries are located in the most popular movie series and sequels these days. Sometimes you even wonder if they existed. Sure, some are constructed from a Hollywood studio, but over the years, there are actually numerous locations in the world that have been frequently featured in popular movies of today. Although some of the movies depict certain countries (like France in Les Miserables) but some scenes were actually shot in the Czech Republic. Here are the top five countries often featured in blockbuster films.


Czech Republic

Most Movie-Featured Countries - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: alev adil

Prague has been featured in movies here and there. But starting 1992, the quaint and scenic place has caught the eye of U.S. movie producers. It does help that production costs are relatively low in this place, but also, it was due to the very idyllic settings for the plots in the movies that the Hollywood studios have aimed to add special effects to their films. Movies like Snowpiercer, The Last Knights and Child 44 were filmed here. Bigger productions though have gone to Prague to save on costs – those of the likes of Doom, Van Helsing, Alien vs. Predator and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The biggest productions were that of Hellboy, Snow White: Tale of Terror, Les Miserables, Mission Impossible in 1996 and of course, who can forget – Casino Royale. 



Most Movie-Featured Countries - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: 96tommy

Filming in Scotland primarily is due to its stunning landscape, the towns and villages that have seemed to jump out from a post card, and yes, the country boasts of elegant castles and amazing beaches. So who wouldn’t film in Scotland, right? Speaking of castles, who can forget the Eilean Donan Castle featured as the MI6 Headquarters in the famous James Bond installment, The World is Not Enough? The same castle was used in the film, Highland in 1984, starring Sean Connery. 

Who can forget the Harry Potter scenes of the Highlands, the Jacobite train (featured as the famous Hogwarts Express) and the quaint alleys of the local places? How about the breathtaking sceneries of Braveheart starring Mel Gibson? 

Other famous films that have made Scotland their home venue include the Chariot of Fire in 1981, Entrapment in 1999, The Davinci Code, Captain America: The First Avenger, Prometheus, The Dark Knight Rises, the Disney animated film, Brave, James Bond’s Skyfall and of course, World War Z starring Tom Cruise, among many other films. 


New Zealand

Most Movie-Featured Countries - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Sheila Thomson

Another country with amazing scenery is New Zealand. And it has been home to international film locations. And why would it not be? Film studios going to New Zealand have a wide variety of locations. In the last decade, New Zealand has experienced a significant increase in film productions in their locality. And for good reason. Everyone can still recall the sceneries in Sir Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings Trilogy – well, most of it has been filmed in the beautiful outskirts of New Zealand. After being ‘discovered’ in the said monster movie trilogy hit, the country has been in demand for film production location. Other huge films such like The Chronicles of Narnia and The Last Samurai were also filmed in this location.



Most Movie-Featured Countries - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Dennis Jarvis

In Asia, China is the haven for breathless sceneries in movies like Avatar, and of course, hundreds of traditional and modern Asian films or Hollywood movies with Asian themes. The most popular are the films starring Bruce Lee. Until today, everyone is still amazed at the sceneries in all the movies that were produced by the Jet Kun Do founder. Other blockbuster hits like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, The Last Emperor, Kung Fu Hustle, Mission Impossible III, The Mummy – Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, The Forbidden Kingdom, Once Upon a Time in China and its sequels and The Karati Kid among many others. There is just that mystique and oriental touch to the Asian scenery in China – majestic mountains, chinese bamboos, lush green meadows, and of course, the Great Wall of China. 


United States

Most Movie-Featured Countries - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Sergio Lora

Needless to say, the United States is of course the most popular choice of location for movie production. And why not? It is the home of Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard. In New York alone, movie blockbusters like Spiderman, Sex and the City, Wallstreet, the Wolf of Wallstreet, Home Alone 2, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Men in Black and Godzilla were shot in the iconic streets and areas of the city. All iconic movies that have shaped the entertainment industry from all genres have been produced, filmed and developed. It is the home of film making itself. 

Now, wouldn’t it be something to be in these countries and reminisce the great movies that have been filmed there? It would definitely be a nostalgic moment for you even if it were just remembering your favorite movies while you are roaming the streets and countryside of these places.



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10 Best Real Estate Countries for Expats


If you are moving overseas and plan to live there for a considerable period of time, it is important that you include the kind of home you plan to get in your priorities. For expats thinking of relocating to another country, there are many things to consider and real estate should be one of the priorities. If you want to really own your home abroad, but not quite sure which countries can be ideal for your property, consider these ten best real estate countreis you may want to live in as expats.



10 Best Real Estate Countries for Expats - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Jose Alemañ Asensi

Turkey has a lot to offer to expats who are up to a rather unique taste for life. With the rich tradition that is influenced by the distant past of a heritage that will draw you closer to its people as you would to its land, this country will offer the best of both the wild West and the cultures of the East.



10 Best Real Estate Countries for Expats - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: James Cridland

If you are in for a high end standard of living then Austria is a great place to be. It has a warm attitude towards expats and a friendly atmosphere for people who have an impeccable taste for life. A property in this country is highly rated but the comfort and life it offers is surely worth every penny.



10 Best Real Estate Countries for Expats - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Heather Cowper

As the property cost in Morocco increases minimally each year, the population has increased rapidly with many expats finding themselves investing and purchasing real properties that are in high-end neighborhood. Since the price of these properties is almost unchanged over the past number of years, the percentage of people relocating here has almost doubled.



10 Best Real Estate Countries for Expats - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Gail Frederick

Despite being a small country with a corrupt government system, Jamaica can lure one to living in her land due to the melodically fun and well-natured people who speak the basic English language and the cuisine is just so enticing that you wouldn’t want to have it anywhere else. With a great nightlife and a wide selection of possible job opportunities from industries, an expat will surely find himself blended.



10 Best Real Estate Countries for Expats - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Choo Yut Shing

Over the years the quality of life in Singapore has been improving with a variety of lifestyles one can afford and live. Residents do not usually jump into buying a property but opted to rent an apartment with the wide array of locations to choose from. Expats however, may want to purchase a property through a Non-Citizen Scheme with the HDB flat.



10 Best Real Estate Countries for Expats - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: David Flores

Despite the global effect of climate change, the French Alps properties have remained a favorite property for buyers, especially expats who have always marveled at the beauty of the alpine space. As others would want it, the French Alps is a great place for outdoor activities such as high altitude skiing and mountain climbing.



10 Best Real Estate Countries for Expats - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: m-louis .®

Despite being a highly industrialized country with advancement in technology and high literacy rate, the houses in Japan have remained modest. It is always a consideration that all five elements are balance in their structure, allowing the free flow of energy within the dwelling. It is very easy to acquire a home in this country despite not having a permanent residency status but they don’t come cheap, just as long as expats are able to afford the financing.



10 Best Real Estate Countries for Expats - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Sally

As diverse as the national motto proclaims, the magnificent view of Bali is beyond awe. The beaches and impressive ocean views, the rainforests, active volcanoes, the eco-tourism industry that boasts the fascinating culture of the mixtures of people who are united in promoting the splendor of the country are all too well not to savor. The prices of homes in this part of the world have steadily increased year after year.



10 Best Real Estate Countries for Expats - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Andreas Metz

Prices in procuring a home in Germany have risen over the past years. But with half of the population owning a home while the other half is into renting one, this has posed a better chance for an expat to purchase a property and make it a good investment to sell in the next years to come when prices have increased by 15 to 25%.



10 Best Real Estate Countries for Expats - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: sk12

It is an advantage to live in a country where the expat chapter is already active, that which can support ones needs during relocation. Cyprus offers that benefit which is why it is a good place to invest in buying a home and enjoying the feeling of belonging to a community.

Living and investing overseas is not much different as against living and investing in your own native land. The only dissimilarities are the documents needed for such lease and the conditions you need to abide while leasing the property. Of course it is a totally different story if you purchase a property.



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5 Best Sunsets in the World


As the saying goes, “no two sunsets are ever alike.” There will always be the difference in the scenery, the shape of the clouds, the hues, and the vantage point from where the viewer stands. These factors and many other are among the reasons that makes some places in the world the best places for sunset. As beautiful as sunsets are, there are only selected places in the world where you can see them at their utmost breathtaking image. Take a look at these five beautiful places in the world famous for their spectacular view of the sunset. 


Serengeti, Tanzania

5 Best Sunsets in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: A_Peach

Wouldn’t it be nice to see the sun go down as you imagine Simba and Mufasa in your midst? This is the kind of sunset you will get to experience while being in the national park of Serengeti, Tanzania. Running with the fiercest of life’s creatures and frolicking in the dusk with the sense of liberty that will enthrall your every breath as you gallop with the animals, it will be a child’s playground in the wildest sense of the definition. Enjoy the wildlife and afford yourself of the stunning scenery of Africa and prepared to be taken away by the spectacular landscape of the extensive areas where buffalos, elephants, giraffe, impalas and hippos rest in the comforts of the acacia woodland, together with the lions and the tigers. A perfect place for the thrill-seekers who would want to fathom the reality of what is known to be the circle of life.


Santorini, Greece

5 Best Sunsets in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Nikola Totuhov

Be with the gods and goddesses in Santorini, Greece. Every woman will feel the beauty of Aphrodite half-naked with feet touching the warm waters of the sea as the sun goes down, while the sun god Helios rides his chariot across the golden sky each day. This dramatic scenery will astonish you and as you marvel on the promises of love that must have been tied and consummated in this romantically stricken place. You wouldn’t want to miss the chance of finding your soul mate in the streets that seemed to snake around all the houses, giving you the chance to find your love yet the challenge to find him on time. The beauty of the sunset in Santorini is famous for its magnificence.


Grand Canyon, Arizona, U.S.A.

5 Best Sunsets in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: CEBImagery

The adrenalin rush of being on top of one of the highest places on earth is already a treat in itself. The Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA offers a one-of-a-kind experience. How much would a sunset be of much indulgence when you get to see it first hand with a viewpoint of both the east and the west? It sure has taken you in great heights while the softness of the sun’s rays touch your skin in a subtle farewell. Warm yellows in amalgamation of the fiery reds, to contrast the sparkling golds and deep orange of the rays of the sun… surely, you will grasp the power of the sun as it hides in the silhouettes of the fading horizon.


Stonehenge, United Kingdom

5 Best Sunsets in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Frank Fujimoto

For over 5,000 years, the Stonehenge has remained a popular monolith that is mysteriously beautiful, it being a prehistoric monument. As the sun sets and peaks on the Sarsen rocks, you will not help but feel being taken back to the time it has been a slaughter place for sacrifice as that of an altar. Feel the thrills of the ancient years while being near the gods of the heavens. Experience the greatness of this atmospheric place and be drawn in the summer solstice while you capture the sun going down being buried in the dark sky.


Tanah Lot Temple, Bali, Indonesia

5 Best Sunsets in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Aiko Konishi

With only shallow waters to cross and the setting sun at the back, this ancient temple caters to thousands of visitors whole year round. The big stone that holds the temple and the history of its maker, Dang Hyang Nirartha, who found the place to be initially a resting place but later on thought of it as a sacred place to worship the Balinese God of the Sea. The Coastal Periphery made the location more strategic and unique as the shrine that it is custom made for. This is a place you would definitely want to feel total serenity as you hear the splashing of the waters that break the waves as they hit the rocks and the coral reefs. A sound that would resonate the whispers of distant souls calling you from afar.

From wherever part of the world you may be in, the beauty of every sunset will always leave you breathless and be mesmerized of how wonderful the day has ended and how inimitably special every sunset is. As there are many areas in the world where the sun takes the longest peek before it sets and vanishes in the dark, there are specific corners of the earth that the sun shows her majestic beauty and renounces the onlookers with awe.

Regardless of where the sun sets in your place, enjoy its beauty and be reassured that for every sunset, comes an eminent sunrise to keep you waiting for the next day when the sun is up again opening possibilites for a new life.



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5 Safest Humanitarian Outreach Countries


Humanitarian outreach programs happen all over the world where there is a dire need for food, shelter, clothing and medicine. mostly due to the grave devastation of wars, natural disasters or famine. Some of the aids rendered are short-term, while others are long-term assistance programs that are usually carried out by governments and other well-funded non-government organizations or NGOs.

Everyone knows that while these types of cause touches the hearts of many people, it's not easy to reach out for help and join a humanitarian program especially with the different kinds of danger you will be facing and you've got your own family waiting for you back home. But if you really are hoping to reach out in some way without completely endangering your life completely, consider these five places in the world where you can do a lot to help with lesser risks. Here are 5 of the safest humanitarian outreach countries that will be a great opportunity to extend helping hand to the needy and helpless.



5 Safest Humanitarian Outreach Countries - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: DVIDSHUB

Honduras is a place that is facing severe flooding with damaged farm-to-market roads which in effect are affecting the renegade humanity of the country. Transportation has become a challenge to the people that is why they travel less and get minimal contact with the people outside their community. But outreach volunteers here have manifested to indeed have feared their lives but have been well treated and greatly appreciated for their humanitarian deed. They have secured to be protected from assault and made to feel as comfortable as possible.



5 Safest Humanitarian Outreach Countries - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: US Army Africa

In an orphanage, children are taught and taken care of but love and the feeling of belongingness sometimes become just an act of mercy. As a volunteer in one of the orphanages and kindergartens, the volunteer participates in the feeding program and health teachings of the children. The kids are cuddled and hugged and made to feel being a part of a family through the language of touch and the kindness of words spoken. These children are supplemented with vitamins and medicines to the sick ones are made available. Feeding programs have always been the easiest way to extend kindness and is likewise the basic necessity that should be addressed right away by any organization.



5 Safest Humanitarian Outreach Countries - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Graham Holliday

In Rwanda, the outreach programs include teaching all members of the family to function well in a community and be able to be healthy holistically. Children as young as 3 years old are taught social skill and classroom education are afforded to toddlers and pre-schoolers. Young boys and girls are provided dormitories and practical arts class such as mechanics and cooking for boys and girls respectively. The women are learning to sew and make clothes and plant crops as a livelihood project which is designed to increase sustainability among communities.



5 Safest Humanitarian Outreach Countries - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: The National Guard

Non-profit organizations feel secured to conduct outreach programs in Chile as they are certain not to fear of their security and feel they are well-accepted and above all needed by a sector of their population. As the aged are usually getting abandoned by family members and let alone to the care of the state or any non-government organization, the need to have as much caregivers and volunteers as possible is immense. These geriatrics have special needs thus needing a special kind of care, and with this is the need to have highly trained individuals to do the job and be efficient as well as effective health care providers.



5 Safest Humanitarian Outreach Countries - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Make Poverty History Australia

Due to war and destruction the city of Phnom Penh has become a shock to most tourists. Poverty has engulfed the place and women and children are the frailest victims that suffer and feel the impact of destitution. In the desire of the government to help its people, the countries from neighboring land as   well as the United Nations have held hands to help alleviate if not totally avert impoverished families of the land. A program to increase the literacy rate was being done and volunteers from all over the globe come and take active participation in the educational programs. These volunteers have banked on the fact that Cambodia is a safe place to reach out hands and improve quality of life.

The ordeal of having to volunteer in an outreach program is something that is worth looking forward to but the idea of having to do it in a foreign land where the people you will be attending to are victims of political disputes and war, famine and extensive drought, or any natural calamity that has really affected a large fraction, if not the entire populace, who needs courage and strength.

Selfless dedication and commitment sometimes do not get reciprocated but being volunteers, these do not matter anymore. It is just a priority that people who engage in humanitarian outreach programs are made secured and has a decent and comfortable place to stay. After all, they have no monetary considerations for their act of altruism.



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The Best Hotels In The World Today


Almost every man on Earth has a wish to travel all around the world, thus visiting the most interesting places, historical monuments and fascinating natural beauties. And indeed, amazing things can be seen in various countries worldwide. But travelling also means that one should have lodging and a place to stay. We all mostly use hotels, and numerous times we have weighed between the two or more hotels where some were cheaper but lacked some contents and the others had it all but were more expensive. But what if all of us could afford the world’s best hotels and enjoy their magnificent services, polite staff and all the possible facilities? Well, some of you can afford such hotels, and that is why we bring you the list of best hotels in the world. Check them out below:


Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace in Romania

The Best Hotels In The World Today - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: kareszzz

The Gresham Palace was completed in 1906 as an office and apartment building, now turned into a fabulous hotel located along the River Danube near the renowned Chain Bridge. This 179-room hotel is gracefully combining vintage architecture and design with modern services and amenities, leaving its visitors with a never-forget experience that makes them wish come again. Staying here will give you a glimpse of royalty, especially if you choose its famous Four Seasons Experience which actually includes a private dinner on the centre stage at the Hungarian State Opera House followed by the concert of the orchestra playing only for you. And if you are more for a regular dining then you can try some of the amazing Hungarian and Italian dishes in the Gresham Restaurant adjacent to the magnificent Hotel lobby. 


Southern Ocean Lodge in Australia

The Best Hotels In The World Today - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Ralph Bestic

This incredible hotel is located on the Kangaroo Island and offers you a peaceful and cozy stay. Here in Southern Ocean Lodge you are able to choose between 21 suites, each of which contains an outdoor terrace and limestone floor. The hotel is built in a way that it uses all the natural weather patterns, so you won’t need an AC here. Once you enter the hotel, you’ll be able to see works of art on every step, which makes a kind of a small artistic exhibition. And if you want to have the full privacy, you can book the glass-walled suite with its own pool and a granite bath. When it comes to activities on the island, you can for instance go fishing and your catch can become your lunch with the help of the chef Tim Bourke.


Ocean House in the U.S.

The Best Hotels In The World Today - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Christopher Harrison

This 1868 Victorian property is today a grand hotel at the oceanfront. It is really cozy and offers you 49 guest rooms and 22 private villas and all of them are followed by modern bathrooms and custom-made furnishings. Whenever you decide to stay in Ocean House, you will enjoy the long walks on private beach or relaxing treatments in the hotel’s spa. And if you prefer an extraordinary room with an ocean view, then take the Grand Deluxe Room 301. It has everything, including a fireplace and a free-standing tub.


Triple Creek Ranch in the U.S.

The Best Hotels In The World Today - ExpatFinder Blog​Photo:

This hotel is located in the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana which is a place of majesty, serenity, natural beauty and comfort in all four seasons where you can see elk, deer, moose, turkeys and many other animals freely wandering through the area. Triple Creek Ranch offers rustic elegance in a mountain retreat featuring private log cabins and a comfortable lodge. There are many things you can try doing here, from mountain fishing to dog sledging and horseback riding, and when you get hungry from all of those activities you can go to the hotel’s restaurant and try some delicious international dishes served with the best house wines. Have in mind that Forbes declared Triple Creek Ranch as the best hotel in the world in 2014.


Nayara Springs in Costa Rica

The Best Hotels In The World Today - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto:

Nayara Springs is a hotel in the Arenal Volcano National Park, which is a host to one of the world’s highest concentration of tropical plants and wildlife. It is surrounded by the lush vegetation of Costa Rica’s pristine rainforest and bounded by a creek and underground mineral thermal springs and that is why so many travelers love to stay here. Nayara Springs is most characteristic for its interesting activities such as a trip through the rainforest, water rafting, boat safari, biking and many others and when it comes to dining, you can try some of the many delicious dishes served in three on-site restaurants. 


These are just 5 of the world’s best hotels for this year, but that does not mean that there are no other amazing places that should be visited if you have a chance. We will see which hotels are going to be in the top 5 next year.



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