19 November 2015

Best Jobs for Expat Students

Expat students may find themselves having free-time after they have settled in their new location and the having adjusted to school life. It is the best time to earn some extra income. Read more
5 November 2015

Amazing Trips Every Traveler Should Experience at Least Once

Our planet has many hidden pearls many travelers don't know anything about, and we will give them some directions. It is necessary to do small research so you could visit the most exotic places and you would not waste your time. Read more
22 October 2015

How To Recover from a Vacation Hangover

One of the highlights of summer is the vacation period. Most people work the whole year to earn enough money for a much-needed rest in a distant or exotic location. In fact, the process of preparing for a holiday keeps us excited throughout the year and gives us the motivation to finish all our obligations until the day of departure. And when that day finally happens, our happiness is probably hard to describe, but sooner or later we have to be ready for everything to come to an end. Read more
8 October 2015

The World's Ickiest Food

Food does not necessarily have to look great to be tasty and healthy. There are foods that look terrible, but they are still highly recommended in human nutrition. And, of course, there are the ickiest food in the world that neither look good nor taste good. However, people yearn to taste them. Read more
28 September 2015

The Most Bizarre Ceremonies Still Done Today

One of the best elements of any journey abroad is a chance to see and meet new cultures. Although we should be open-minded and leave all possible prejudices, sometimes that might be quite difficult. Even today there are many bizarre customs that would astonish most of the people who would witness them in person. Read more
16 September 2015

Craziest Carnival Food in the World

Experimenting with food or ingredients is great but some people just don't know how to do that right. Carnivals are the best place for those kinds of operations so be careful what you are putting in your mouth. Most of those meals have terrible names and even worse taste. Read more
26 August 2015

Top Travel Tips for the Busy Expats

Even though people love to travel, there are always minor issues happening prior to the trip. They usually consider packing problems since we never know exactly what to pack and when it is enough of packing. That is why we present you travel gear that will most surely be helpful next time you decide to travel. Read more
13 August 2015

10 Things Expats Shouldn't Be Afraid to Do

11 August 2015

Places You'd Never Want To Visit

6 August 2015

The Most LGBT Friendly Cities in the World