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8 Sharing Economy Apps for World Travellers


8 Sharing Economy Apps for World Travellers - ExpatFinder Blog

Photo: Adam Fagen


The sharing economy has made world travel a lot easier and cheaper. Sharing economy or “collaborative consumption” has been such a trend recently with the popularity of apps such as AirBnb and Uber that people all starting to see it as the future of travel economy. Shared transactions are particularly ideal for expats and world travellers. Why rent a serviced apartment or book a hotel when you can share one with a local for a much cheaper price? Why wait for a cab when you can Uber it before you even walk out the door?

Aside from offering services and goods at a cheaper cost, another thing that makes sharing economy more charming for people is the personalized experience that it offers. As travellers or expats abroad, experiencing the local way of eating, living and getting around the city is a special way to enjoy your host city or country. So without further ado, here are the best sharing economy apps out there for the main services you’ll need while living abroad.






Photo: airbnb


Airbnb is an app and a website that offers local accommodations for rent in over 190 countries all over the world. Airbnb allows people to rent out their free space for tourists or basically anyone who need a place to stay for a short or long period of time. It can be as big as an entire house or as small as an empty couch for backpackers to crash into while waiting for a flight or a train. All you need to do is sign up, pick a city and pick a property. Airbnb mediates the transactions between the property owners and the renters, making the service very personal. Sharing a local’s home lets you experience the city in a very personal and cultural way that no serviced apartment or hotel can provide, and that’s exactly what fuels airbnb’s 10 billion dollar sharing economy.




8 Sharing Economy Apps for World Travellers - ExpatFinder Blog

Photo: CasaVersa


CasaVersa offers a different kind of home sharing. This app and website is a home exchange service, so it allows you to swap houses, cars and property with anyone you approve of. You just need to register, put your own house and property up for exchange and choose the candidates for swapping. This app allows you to be completely spontaneous when travelling. You’re presented with different kinds of offers to basically trade lives with someone else in a different part of the world. If you feel like living someone else’s life when you travel, then this is the best experience for you.






8 Sharing Economy Apps for World Travellers - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Buildmeasite


Uber is a sharing carpool service that arranges ridesharing between a driver and a passenger and it’s available in more than 50 countries around the world. What makes this different from just hailing a cab? First of all, you get to ride something other than a standard public transport vehicle, second, you can share the ride with other people heading the same direction making the cost lower, and third, the app allows you to book a ride and just wait inside until your car arrives. If you’re looking for ways to have a more exciting way to get around a city, Uber is your go-to app.




8 Sharing Economy Apps for World Travellers - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: erlangcentral


If Uber is letting you share a ride, Getaround allows you to rent personal vehicles close to your location. The app allows you to check if there’s a car available for rent nearby for booking. The app also provides the renter with a kit to locate the car faster and lock and unlock the car from smartphones. The fees are paid on an hourly rate and the car owners are provided with insurance. Getaround provides a faster, more efficient and cool option for car renting and getting around a city.






8 Sharing Economy Apps for World Travellers - ExpatFinder Blog

Photo: Eatwithme

Eatwithme is an app and a website that allows people to host or attend dinner parties. This service offers a more personal way to dine in a city than just going to a restaurant. Eatwithme allows you to share a meal with fellow tourists, expats or locals, so it’s also a very good way to meet new people. If you’re looking for a better way to experience local cuisine in your new host city, then eatwithme provides the best options for you.




8 Sharing Economy Apps for World Travellers - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: theimpactengine


As the name suggests, mealsharing allows you to share meals with locals in over 425 cities around the world. It can be as simple as a closed group dinner date or as big as a full blown cook out and dinner party. Mealsharing offers the delights of home cooked local meals to expats, travellers or even locals who are just looking for a new place to try out. It’s also a good way for aspiring chefs to test their culinary and hosting skills. This is a fun way to meet new people and have a completely different and exciting dining experience in you new host city.







8 Sharing Economy Apps for World Travellers - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: dribble


Yes, even tour guides can be shared. Vayable allows locals and tourists to interact and schedule a special tour in a particular city, museum, historical centre or local hotspots for a unique experience. Vayable tour guides are not the cookie cutter cliché tour guides that you often encounter when you’re booking a tour at a tourist destination. These tour guides offer expertise experience that is completely original and localized that you can’t really get from a normal tour service. They offer different kinds of ways to experience the city or place that they’re in. It could be a bike tour, a food trip, a photography tour or an art tour, vayable lets you experience cities, places and countries in a very non-tourist way.




8 Sharing Economy Apps for World Travellers - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Knok


Knok is a full family travel sharing network. It allows you to book home exchange or apartment rental services that are specifically family and child friendly. It also lets you book a personalized family friendly travel guide on the city you’re moving or travelling to. If you’re a bit anxious to travel or move to a new city with your family and you’re looking for ways to have a more exciting trip but still be on a budget, Knok is the perfect fit for you.




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4 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving Abroad


4 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving Abroad - ExpatFinder Blog

Photo: Tim Sackton

Thanksgiving is one of the most interesting holidays in the world, and although it is just mainly observed in the U.S., lots of people are still curious about this holiday because of the festivities (mainly the food) that comes with the holiday. Unfortunately for U.S. expats and other expats who are interested in celebrating this holiday abroad, thanksgiving is not really the most “movable feast”, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from having a celebration no matter where they are in the world. We are a week away from thanksgiving, so it’s not too late to start planning! Here are 4 fun filled ways for expats to celebrate thanksgiving abroad.



Multi-cultural Celebration

4 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving Abroad - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: US Embassy


Even if you are the only expat who wants to celebrate thanksgiving in your host city, you can still share the spirit of thanksgiving to all your friends and colleagues. In fact, this is a good way to share cultural traditions to your new community. You can host a thanksgiving party and ask your friends to showcase their own cultural way of giving thanks for their blessings. This type of celebration allows you to share your traditional thanksgiving festivities while also learning more about other culture’s way to celebrate their blessings.



Alternative Thanksgiving

4 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving Abroad - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Karen Lee


Thanksgiving celebrations require a lot of traditional food like turkey, cranberry sauce, yams, pumpkin pie etc. and as an expat abroad you know that it’s not easy to get everything you need for a traditional thanksgiving feast in your new host country. An alternative thanksgiving party allows you to have fun with substitutes for your celebration. For example, you can substitute turkey with chicken and you can have a different kind of sauce to go with your chicken instead of the traditional cranberry sauce. Find ingredients that are abundant in your host country and research good recipes that you can follow with these ingredients. Although you might think that it’s never gonna be as good as the thanksgiving you have back home, remember that the real essence of the thanksgiving celebration is to give thanks and make do with what you have.



4 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving Abroad - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Alex


If you are the sentimental type and you’re really itching to have a typical thanksgiving with your loved ones but you can’t really travel back home for the holiday, you can opt to celebrate a sentimental thanksgiving abroad. Take the day off work and make an effort to cook all of the traditional food that you would enjoy if you were back home. Ask for your mother’s traditional recipes and do your best to make it yourself and set it up at your place. Finally, set up your thanksgiving dinner with your family and fire up your Skype or Facetime to spend quality time with them the closest way possible.


Go All Out

4 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving Abroad - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: George Reyes


An all out overseas thanksgiving is not easy to accomplish. You would have to put a lot of effort into getting all the necessities for preparation and even ship items to simulate the perfect thanksgiving dinner at your new host country. You can use online expat groceries that sell U.S. and British products and have goods shipped to your host country in time for the celebration. Invite as many people as you can and make an event out of it. You can even post your party as an event in expat social media groups and pages. This is a great way for you to find new expat friends and networks in your host country while honouring the joyous thanksgiving holiday.




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Top 10 Most Awesome Airline Videos


Top 10 Most Awesome Airline Videos - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Samira


Remember when you were just a young first time expat excited to move overseas getting ready to board your first flight and see all the amazing things the world has to offer? Well, if you don’t, then maybe you need a few reminders on how much fun travelling can be. Air travel is one of the most unavoidable experiences in an expat’s life and because we travel more frequently than most people, most expats tend to look at it as a dreary and tedious process. But air travel doesn’t necessarily have to be just an experience that gives you jet lag; some airline companies go through great lengths to catch your attention and make sure that you have a fun and entertaining airline experience. Here are the 10 most awesome airline videos that can help you look at air travel in a fun way again.



1. Air New Zealand’s The Lord of the Rings Safety Video


Also known as “the most epic safety video ever made” this airline safety video has gone viral since its release last month. It features Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood and Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit director, Peter Jackson as they assist flight attendants in giving in-flight safety information “middle-earth style” capitalizing on New Zealand’s main tourist attraction: The Lord of the Rings film location.



2. Virgin America’s Video Musical


This entertaining musical safety video was released last year for Virgin America. This colourful and lively number features many talented kids providing important in-flight safety reminders through a very well choreographed song and dance routine like stepping into an episode of Glee.



3. Thomson Airways’ Cute Kid’s Presentation


This is another awesome safety video presented by the cutest kids in the world. While it may not be realistically ideal to have a full airline crew of children on the flight you’re in, it sure is entertaining to watch them dress up as an airline crew and grown up passengers giving guidelines for a safe air travel.



4. Delta’s 80’s Themed Video


Delta released this 80s themed safety video earlier this year and by ‘80s themed they mean the whole thing; music, hairstyle, fashion, dance moves, toys, and even iconic 80s characters like Steve Urkel and Alf. This safety video delivers the right amount of entertainment while still formally delivering the safety guidelines of the airline.



5. Turkish Airline’s Sport Superstars Commercial 


What could be better for a kid than to see 2 of the most awesome sports superstars in the world like Lionel Messi and Kobe Bryant in an aircraft? Well 2 words: ice cream. Turkish Airlines features Lionel Messi and Kobe Bryant in this awesome commercial as they fight for a kid’s attention on board a Turkish Airlines flight before ultimately losing to a bowl of ice cream.



6. Southwest Airlines Rapping Flight Attendant


Although this is not an official Southwest Airlines ad or safety video, it went viral back in 2009 when some passengers took a video of a flight attendant rapping the safety announcements in their flight. The employee was quickly labelled as the best flight attendant ever as he attempts to get the passengers hyped for their flight with his awesome rhythm and mad skills.



7. Air New Zealand’s Funny Safety Video for the Elderly


Air New Zealand likes to keep their safety videos creative, and before they used The Hobbit as a theme for their safety video, they featured the Golden Girl and everyone’s favourite Grandma, Betty White in their funny rendition of safety “Old School style” in light of New Zealand’s goal of showcasing their country as a good place for retirement.



8. Eastern Airline’s Old School Disney Commercial


This may be the oldest video in this list, originally released in 1970, but it’s still one of the most awesome airline videos out there. It features almost every old school Disney character you can think of including Mickey Mouse, Snow White, Donald Duck, Alice in Wonderland, Goofy and even Dumbo. Eastern Airlines ceased operations in 1991, but this video remains as one of the most unforgettable airline commercials of all time.



9. Aerolineas Argentinas’ Hopeful “Dream and Believe” Commercial


This awesome video features no superstars or iconic characters, but it does showcase a very sympathetic message: “To dream and believe”. This almost cinematic commercial follows the story of 2 kids who believed they’ve trapped a plane inside a tin can and hope to use it to travel to the most beautiful parts of the world.



10. Fly Dubai’s 3D Animated Safety Video


Fly Dubai believes in keeping their flights fun, interesting and entertaining. This safety video released in 2011 features a creative and artistic animation video to present their in-flight safety guidelines complete with cool characters and funny moments to make sure that you really pay attention to the important details of flight safety.




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Top 10 Cities with the Best Public Transport


Public transport is always a key factor for expats abroad. Even if your overseas employment terms include transportation, it’s always better to know that if you ever need to take public transport, there will be a fast, safe and efficient mode of transport available for you in your new city of residence. That in mind, we’ve made a list of 10 cities in the world with the best public transit system based on international transport statistics and local transport data. Rating them from 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest on 4 of the most important factors in public transport: safety, cost, efficiency and accessibility. We bring you the top 10 cities with the best public transport systems in the world.



1. Hong Kong

Top 10 Cities with the Best Public Transport - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Siim Teller

Safety- 8

Cost- 9

Efficiency- 9

Accessibility- 10

Hong Kong’s public transport system is definitely one of the best in the world. The public transport system covers the entire region offering public railways (MTR with 11 lines across the region), buses and minibuses, ferries, tram and taxis making its ranking very high on accessibility and efficiency. Getting an Octopus Card is the most cost efficient way to pay fares that can be used in all the public transport mentioned above and costs an average of $10 (80 HKD) a day. Maintaining a good public transit system has always been a priority for Hong Kong as it is one of Asia’s busiest cities.



2. Singapore

Top 10 Cities with the Best Public Transport - ExpatFinder Blog

Photo: SgTransport

Safety- 10

Cost- 9

Efficiency- 8

Accessibility- 8

Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world. It is also one of the best architecturally planned cities in the world and that includes its impeccable public transport system. Singapore has 4 major mass rapid transit (MRT) lines and 1 light rail transit (LRT) line spread across the entire island. There are also public buses with a wide range of routes and taxi services available almost everywhere. The MRT network is still under improvement to add more stations for added convenience, but getting around Singapore on public transport is very easy. Purchasing an EZ-Link card allows you to pay for all public transport fares with one tap much like Hong Kong’s Octopus Card. An average day’s worth of travel can cost you $4 (5 SGD). There is still room for improvement in Singapore’s public transport, but overall, Singapore’s public transit is among the best in the world.



3. Taipei, Taiwan

Top 10 Cities with the Best Public Transport - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: ¡kuba!

Safety- 8

Cost- 8

Efficiency- 9

Accessibility- 9

Taipei is another one of Asia’s small business capitals that made it to the top of our list. Taipei’s public transport system has a very efficient metro, bus, taxi and even a high speed rail network. The Taipei Metro has 6 lines stretched across the whole city covering mainly the business districts of Taipei. The metro and all the other public transport fares can be paid through an easy card, but one day pass cards and single journey tokens are also available. Small cities like Taipei, Hong Kong and Singapore have fewer challenges when it comes to maintaining a safe and efficient public transit system. Nevertheless, these small nations have made public transit systems a priority, and our top 3 cities are the best examples on how small urban areas can provide good quality public transport services.



4. Munich, Germany

Top 10 Cities with the Best Public Transport - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Stadtneurotiker

Safety- 8

Cost- 6

Efficiency- 9

Accessibility- 10

Most people would say that there is very little use of public transport in Munich. People in Munich prefer to either walk or use their own private transportation, but the Department of Urban Structure and Transport Planning in Germany continues to improve the public transport system of the city and even conducted studies for the general purpose of improving the satisfaction of tourists in Munich’s public transport system. Munich’s public transport system is one of the safest and most efficient public transit systems in Europe. They have a very accessible urban rail network called “S-Bahn and U-Bahn”, tramways, and buses. There are also night services available for all public transports. Getting by Munich’s public transport is easier with a CityTour Card and the number of days for access can be changed from single journey up to 4 days of entire network access. A 4 day entire network CityTour card can cost you up to $54 (€ 42.90).  As efficient and safe as it is, Munich’s public transport is not very cheap, so its overall rating did not rank higher this list.



5. Tokyo, Japan

Top 10 Cities with the Best Public Transport - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: tokyoform

Safety- 8

Cost- 6

Efficiency- 10

Accessibility- 9

Japan is very well known for its advanced technology and the Japanese are very well known for their punctuality. Combine these two together and you have the most efficient public transport network in the world. Unfortunately, efficiency is not the only factor that we are considering in the list. The Bureau of Urban Development of Tokyo’s Metropolitan Government has released a study to project the basic concept of public transport planning in Tokyo this includes a comparative analysis of the major cities in Eastern Asia.  The transport planning in the city is indeed superb, but the connectivity of the network of transports is not very clear and not very easy to understand. Aside from that, the fares for public transport in Tokyo are not very cheap; one day travel can cost you an average of $20 (JPY 2500).  While there are still room for improvement when it comes to Tokyo’s extensive public transit system of subways, bullet trains, buses, trams and taxis, the efficiency of each transport service is still the best in the world. Where else can you find people who are actually employed to push you inside a train to make sure you get to work on time!



6. London, U.K.

Top 10 Cities with the Best Public Transport - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Istvan

Safety- 5

Cost- 7

Efficiency- 7

Accessibility- 8

London has an extensive underground train network known as The London Underground or The Tube. This is the main public transport network in London and it has 12 lines stretching all over the city. The Greater London Authority has released datasets to assess the level of accessibility of public transports in London. In this study they show that they can still improve the accessibility of public transports in the city, but nevertheless, London has a good and efficient network of public transport. The best way to get by all modes of public transport is through travel cards that you can get for 1 -7 days of travel with an average of $27 (£17) per day. Another option is the Oyster Card that costs $5 (£3) for the card and you can top up from $15 (£10) – $80 (£50). An Oyster Card is more efficient and gives you less hassle since you can order it online and top up anytime anywhere.



7. Seoul, South Korea

Top 10 Cities with the Best Public Transport - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Doo Ho Kim

Safety- 7

Cost- 8

Efficiency- 8

Accessibility- 7

Seoul has a very efficient network of public transport with subways, buses, taxis and even a bullet train. Much like Tokyo, Seoul is very proud of its public transport technology and efficiency and they have made great efforts to study their transit system to improve its services not only in terms of efficiency but also by starting to adapt environment friendly transport services. The most economical way to pay for public transport fares in Seoul is through a T-Card or T-Money which can also give you discounts in fares for long term usage.



8. Paris, France

Top 10 Cities with the Best Public Transport - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Jnj

Safety- 4

Cost- 7

Efficiency- 9

Accessibility- 8

Paris has one of the most extensive public transport systems in Europe. The most common mode of public transport is the Metro which has 16 lines spread across the entire city. Aside from the Metro, Paris offers a lot of options for public transport like buses, commuter rails, boats and even bicycles! Yes, Paris has a public bike transport system called Velib and it is available 24/7 and has 1,800 bike stations all over the city. Public transport is very accessible in the city and paying fares is made easy through the use of Navigo Pass. Though public transport is efficient and very accessible in Paris, it does not come cheap. A week’s worth of Navigo Pass can cost you up to $45 (€34.40).



9. Copenhagen, Denmark

Top 10 Cities with the Best Public Transport - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Caroline de Francqueville

Safety- 9

Cost- 5

Efficiency- 8

Accessibility- 6

Copenhagen is known as a city for cyclists, but it also has a lot of public transport systems to offer like a unique metro that allows the transport of bikes strollers and even large dogs around the city with passengers, buses, S-trains, harbour buses and the Movia. The Danish Transport institute has also made efforts to study the impacts of the metro to public transport in Copenhagen. Like Munich, Copenhagen continues plans to improve their public transit system despite the fact that most of its residents prefer to use private modes of transports. The city is working to give its residents and its tourists more options for transit and hence improve the standard of living in the city. The Copenhagen Card is the most efficient way to pay for transport fares in the city. It can be used for all the public transports including the harbour buses, but like most transport cards in Europe it does not come cheap. A 24 hour Copenhagen Card costs $60 (€48).



10. New York, U.S.A

Top 10 Cities with the Best Public Transport - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Magnus Wrenninge

Safety- 4

Cost- 9

Efficiency- 5

Accessibility- 9

New York is known for its public transport system. The most famous public transport system is the Subway which is known to stretch across the whole city. Other modes of public transport are buses, the classic New York yellow cabs, PATH (Port Authority Trans-Hudson) and commuter rails (MTA). Public transport in New York is very affordable and can be topped up for as low as $10. The city’s public transport services are very accessible and easy to follow, but the main issues for public transit in New York are the safety and efficiency of its transport systems. The local government is trying to find ways to make their local transport as safe and efficient for everyone in the city.




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Top 10 Gadgets All Expats Should Have


Living as an expat abroad can be challenging, but thanks to the latest technology, there are now several gadgets available that can help resolve our most common expat problems and even help enhance our expat lifestyle. Some of these items may already be in your possession and there are also some items that you may have overlooked. Aside from the usual gadgets that anyone living abroad should have, like a smart phone or a laptop, here are 10 must have gadgets for anyone living abroad.


1. GoPro

Top 10 Gadgets All Expats Should Have - ExpatFinder Blog

Photo: Ben Andreas Harding


Use: Photography, Video Recording, Adventure Documentation

Where to Buy: GoPro, International GoPro Distributors

Price Range: $300 – $500

GoPro has become one of the hottest gadget sensations recently and it has proven to be a great way to document and share adventures and important moments in people’s lives. GoPro cameras are small personal high-definition cameras that can be attached in almost anything and is usually used for outdoor activities. If you are an expat who wants to relish every minute of life abroad, this is the ultimate gadget for you.



2. Portable Scanner

Top 10 Gadgets All Expats Should Have - ExpatFinder Blog

Photo: hunterdriver

Use: Scanning Documents, Pictures etc.

Where to Buy: Epson, VuPoint Solutions, Amazon, Tech Retailers and Department Stores, Hewlett Packard

Price Range: $40 – $100

Portable scanners scans and saves documents, photos, periodicals or practically anything else that you can fit into it. When you’re living abroad, scanners are always handy for an immediate need to scan documents while on the go. This device is not bulky and can be taken anywhere so even if your living accommodation overseas is not spacious, you can still have a working high resolution scanner that won’t take too much space on your desk. You can even bring this scanner for business trips and save yourself the effort of finding a computer shop to scan documents urgently.



3. Portable Printer

Top 10 Gadgets All Expats Should Have - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: telegraph


Use: Printing Documents and Graphics

Where to Buy: Brother, Amazon, HP

Price Range: $200 – $550

There are limited options when it comes to small portable printers. Right now, the biggest manufacturers that have portable printers are Hewlett Packard (HP) and Brother. Brother’s “PocketJet 6 Plus with Bluetooth” is Brother’s smallest portable printer in production today. This printer can print text and graphics via USB or Bluetooth connection and it can be connected to any Windows and Mac OS computers or even your Smartphone. HP’s portable printer “Officejet 100 Mobile Printer” can also print via bluetooth and USB, but is slightly bulkier than Brother’s Pocketjet. Portable printers are very useful for anyone living abroad. You won’t have to scope out local printing shops and since it’s not bulky, you’ll have no problem bringing it along when you’re moving. Useful gadgets like these are definitely expat must haves.



4. SteriPEN Water Purifier

Top 10 Gadgets All Expats Should Have - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Adam Baker


Use: Instantly purifies drinking water

Where to Buy: SteriPEN, Amazon

Price Range: $80 – $100

SteriPEN’s UV Water Purifier is a pocket water purifier that you can simply dip and stir into water to make sure that it is safe for drinking. It has proven to be effective in eliminating certain types of harmful bacteria and microbes that can be found in water. The SteriPEN is not bulky and very easy to carry so when you are moving a lot, it is best to make sure that you have a proper working water purifier that is not too bulky and hassle to move. You can also carry the SteriPEN when you go camping or hiking anywhere to make sure that your water supply is safe.


5. Roomba

Top 10 Gadgets All Expats Should Have - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Juliette Culver


Use: Automatic Room and House Cleaning

Where to Buy: Appliance Retailers, Amazon, iRobot

Price Range: $400 – $600

A Roomba is a robotic vacuum cleaner that can vacuum your room and your house on its own. This is the perfect house cleaner for anyone who doesn’t have enough time to vacuum their whole place themselves. Roombas can be order online to be shipped anywhere in the world or you can check the local appliance centres in your host city to buy one. You can leave your Roomba to clean for you while you go to work or even while you travel.



6. Kindle

Top 10 Gadgets All Expats Should Have - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Andreas Kambanis


Use: e-Book Reader

Where to Buy: Amazon, Local Tech Retailers,

Price Range: $85 – $300

Kindle is Amazon’s e-Book reader that allows its users to buy, browse, download and read e-books, periodicals, blogs and other types of digital media through wireless networking. This e-Reader enables you to take your entire book collection with you at all times. Some may argue that reading actual books is still better than reading digital e-Books, but for us expats moving abroad, it’s not really very convenient to carry around your whole library every time you move. Kindle will allow you to store more than a thousand books, depending on the type of Kindle that you purchased and it’s very easy to carry around no matter where you travel.



7. TrackStick II

Top 10 Gadgets All Expats Should Have - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Jane McGonigal


Use: Satellite Route Calculator and Tracker

Where to Buy:, Amazon, eBay

Price Range: $130 – $160  

TrackStickII is a small USB device that you can put in your car, your bike or even just carry it around while walking and it will store data of your routes via satellite and navigate the streets for you via Google Maps. As an expat getting to know your new host country, it’s not easy to find the best routes in the city and you might find yourself a bit lost with in a car with a faulty navigation system. While your smartphone can show you a map of where you are, TrackStick II can assist you by showing you where you came from and the best route to go to where you’re going. Not all countries and cities have local apps that can guide you with city navigation, so having a gadget like this that can calculate your routes anywhere in the world through satellite navigation can be really useful.



8. External Hard Drive

Top 10 Gadgets All Expats Should Have - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Doug Kennedy


Use: External File Storage

Where to Buy: Tech Retailers, Department Stores, Online Stores

Price Range: $30 – $250

External hard drives are a must have even for people who are moving anywhere. External hard drives are now very compact and can store up to 5tb of data. They are very easy to find at any tech retailers or department stores and can be very affordable depending on the size and brand that you choose. The best brands in the market today for external hard drives are Seagate, WD, and Toshiba. These portable hard drives are designed to be more durable so they can be taken and carried anywhere you need to be.



9. Universal Plug Power Charger

Top 10 Gadgets All Expats Should Have - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Amazon


Use: Charging, Power Outlet Adaptor

Where to Buy: Belkin, Hardware Stores

Price Range: $25 – $60

This gadget is a must for obvious reasons. Not all countries have the same kind of outlets and voltage and most of your gadgets and chargers coming from your home country may have a different plug and it wouldn’t be very economical to buy a separate adaptors and plugs for each of your gadgets to fit in your host country’s outlets. Universal plug adaptors and chargers are available in almost any hardware store; they even make ones with USB plugs to make things easier for anyone who is travelling. Keep a power charger like this handy while you’re living overseas. You’ll see it will save you a lot of time and money.



10. Digital Luggage Scale

Top 10 Gadgets All Expats Should Have - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Deal


Use: Accurately Measures Luggage Weight

Where to Buy: Hardware and Department Stores, Amazon

Price Range: $15 – $20

This is one of the most common gadgets that anyone who travels overseas must have, yet so many neglect the importance of owing one. It’s a very simple and handy digital scale that weighs luggage and bags. Most of the time, when you travel back and forth your home country or even just travelling to nearby places in your host country, you would need an accurate scale to know how heavy your luggage is and avoid a very tedious and costly excess baggage when you check in for your flight. Digital luggage scales are available almost anywhere and there are many brands to choose from. Go get yourself one of these and save yourself the hassle of opening up your bags and re-sorting your items when you check in at the airport.




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