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Top 10 Gadgets All Expats Should Have


Living as an expat abroad can be challenging, but thanks to the latest technology, there are now several gadgets available that can help resolve our most common expat problems and even help enhance our expat lifestyle. Some of these items may already be in your possession and there are also some items that you may have overlooked. Aside from the usual gadgets that anyone living abroad should have, like a smart phone or a laptop, here are 10 must have gadgets for anyone living abroad.


1. GoPro

Top 10 Gadgets All Expats Should Have - ExpatFinder Blog

Photo: Ben Andreas Harding


Use: Photography, Video Recording, Adventure Documentation

Where to Buy: GoPro, International GoPro Distributors

Price Range: $300 – $500

GoPro has become one of the hottest gadget sensations recently and it has proven to be a great way to document and share adventures and important moments in people’s lives. GoPro cameras are small personal high-definition cameras that can be attached in almost anything and is usually used for outdoor activities. If you are an expat who wants to relish every minute of life abroad, this is the ultimate gadget for you.



2. Portable Scanner

Top 10 Gadgets All Expats Should Have - ExpatFinder Blog

Photo: hunterdriver

Use: Scanning Documents, Pictures etc.

Where to Buy: Epson, VuPoint Solutions, Amazon, Tech Retailers and Department Stores, Hewlett Packard

Price Range: $40 – $100

Portable scanners scans and saves documents, photos, periodicals or practically anything else that you can fit into it. When you’re living abroad, scanners are always handy for an immediate need to scan documents while on the go. This device is not bulky and can be taken anywhere so even if your living accommodation overseas is not spacious, you can still have a working high resolution scanner that won’t take too much space on your desk. You can even bring this scanner for business trips and save yourself the effort of finding a computer shop to scan documents urgently.



3. Portable Printer

Top 10 Gadgets All Expats Should Have - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: telegraph


Use: Printing Documents and Graphics

Where to Buy: Brother, Amazon, HP

Price Range: $200 – $550

There are limited options when it comes to small portable printers. Right now, the biggest manufacturers that have portable printers are Hewlett Packard (HP) and Brother. Brother’s “PocketJet 6 Plus with Bluetooth” is Brother’s smallest portable printer in production today. This printer can print text and graphics via USB or Bluetooth connection and it can be connected to any Windows and Mac OS computers or even your Smartphone. HP’s portable printer “Officejet 100 Mobile Printer” can also print via bluetooth and USB, but is slightly bulkier than Brother’s Pocketjet. Portable printers are very useful for anyone living abroad. You won’t have to scope out local printing shops and since it’s not bulky, you’ll have no problem bringing it along when you’re moving. Useful gadgets like these are definitely expat must haves.



4. SteriPEN Water Purifier

Top 10 Gadgets All Expats Should Have - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Adam Baker


Use: Instantly purifies drinking water

Where to Buy: SteriPEN, Amazon

Price Range: $80 – $100

SteriPEN’s UV Water Purifier is a pocket water purifier that you can simply dip and stir into water to make sure that it is safe for drinking. It has proven to be effective in eliminating certain types of harmful bacteria and microbes that can be found in water. The SteriPEN is not bulky and very easy to carry so when you are moving a lot, it is best to make sure that you have a proper working water purifier that is not too bulky and hassle to move. You can also carry the SteriPEN when you go camping or hiking anywhere to make sure that your water supply is safe.


5. Roomba

Top 10 Gadgets All Expats Should Have - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Juliette Culver


Use: Automatic Room and House Cleaning

Where to Buy: Appliance Retailers, Amazon, iRobot

Price Range: $400 – $600

A Roomba is a robotic vacuum cleaner that can vacuum your room and your house on its own. This is the perfect house cleaner for anyone who doesn’t have enough time to vacuum their whole place themselves. Roombas can be order online to be shipped anywhere in the world or you can check the local appliance centres in your host city to buy one. You can leave your Roomba to clean for you while you go to work or even while you travel.



6. Kindle

Top 10 Gadgets All Expats Should Have - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Andreas Kambanis


Use: e-Book Reader

Where to Buy: Amazon, Local Tech Retailers,

Price Range: $85 – $300

Kindle is Amazon’s e-Book reader that allows its users to buy, browse, download and read e-books, periodicals, blogs and other types of digital media through wireless networking. This e-Reader enables you to take your entire book collection with you at all times. Some may argue that reading actual books is still better than reading digital e-Books, but for us expats moving abroad, it’s not really very convenient to carry around your whole library every time you move. Kindle will allow you to store more than a thousand books, depending on the type of Kindle that you purchased and it’s very easy to carry around no matter where you travel.



7. TrackStick II

Top 10 Gadgets All Expats Should Have - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Jane McGonigal


Use: Satellite Route Calculator and Tracker

Where to Buy:, Amazon, eBay

Price Range: $130 – $160  

TrackStickII is a small USB device that you can put in your car, your bike or even just carry it around while walking and it will store data of your routes via satellite and navigate the streets for you via Google Maps. As an expat getting to know your new host country, it’s not easy to find the best routes in the city and you might find yourself a bit lost with in a car with a faulty navigation system. While your smartphone can show you a map of where you are, TrackStick II can assist you by showing you where you came from and the best route to go to where you’re going. Not all countries and cities have local apps that can guide you with city navigation, so having a gadget like this that can calculate your routes anywhere in the world through satellite navigation can be really useful.



8. External Hard Drive

Top 10 Gadgets All Expats Should Have - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Doug Kennedy


Use: External File Storage

Where to Buy: Tech Retailers, Department Stores, Online Stores

Price Range: $30 – $250

External hard drives are a must have even for people who are moving anywhere. External hard drives are now very compact and can store up to 5tb of data. They are very easy to find at any tech retailers or department stores and can be very affordable depending on the size and brand that you choose. The best brands in the market today for external hard drives are Seagate, WD, and Toshiba. These portable hard drives are designed to be more durable so they can be taken and carried anywhere you need to be.



9. Universal Plug Power Charger

Top 10 Gadgets All Expats Should Have - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Amazon


Use: Charging, Power Outlet Adaptor

Where to Buy: Belkin, Hardware Stores

Price Range: $25 – $60

This gadget is a must for obvious reasons. Not all countries have the same kind of outlets and voltage and most of your gadgets and chargers coming from your home country may have a different plug and it wouldn’t be very economical to buy a separate adaptors and plugs for each of your gadgets to fit in your host country’s outlets. Universal plug adaptors and chargers are available in almost any hardware store; they even make ones with USB plugs to make things easier for anyone who is travelling. Keep a power charger like this handy while you’re living overseas. You’ll see it will save you a lot of time and money.



10. Digital Luggage Scale

Top 10 Gadgets All Expats Should Have - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Deal


Use: Accurately Measures Luggage Weight

Where to Buy: Hardware and Department Stores, Amazon

Price Range: $15 – $20

This is one of the most common gadgets that anyone who travels overseas must have, yet so many neglect the importance of owing one. It’s a very simple and handy digital scale that weighs luggage and bags. Most of the time, when you travel back and forth your home country or even just travelling to nearby places in your host country, you would need an accurate scale to know how heavy your luggage is and avoid a very tedious and costly excess baggage when you check in for your flight. Digital luggage scales are available almost anywhere and there are many brands to choose from. Go get yourself one of these and save yourself the hassle of opening up your bags and re-sorting your items when you check in at the airport.




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Top 10 Jobs That Pay Higher Overseas


The different economies and major industries of each country create different kinds of demands for work. Countries with a high demand for a particular type of professional or skilled worker may offer a higher compensation and even offer handsome work packages for expat workers that fit their requirements. Expat jobs usually have a high salary or complete expatriate company package that include accommodations, allowances, family packages etc. so if you think you’re getting paid lower than you’re worth, maybe you’re just living in the wrong country. Here are the top 10 jobs that pay higher overseas and the best countries you can move to get them.


1. Doctors

Top 10 Jobs That Pay Higher Overseas - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Alex Proimos


Salary Range: USD $ 130,000 – $ 290,000 a year

Qualifications: Medical Degree, Medical License, Degree of Expertise

Best Countries for the Job: The Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, France, Switzerland

Most doctors really do have high salaries almost anywhere, but as always the demand in some countries can contribute to making a regular high paying profession a higher paying expat profession. Doctors who have all the necessary qualifications have better chances at a bigger salary in countries such a The Netherlands, Australia and Belgium.



2. Outsourcing Executive

Top 10 Jobs That Pay Higher Overseas - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: plantronicsgermany


Salary Range: USD $ 35,000 – $250,000 a year

Qualifications: Sales and Management Degree, Outsourcing Experience

Best Countries for the Job: India, Belarus, Serbia, Bulgaria, The Philippines, Canada

Business Process Outsourcing or BPO is a popular expat industry. Most BPO executives are sent as expats in different parts of the world especially in the most popular outsourcing countries such as India and the Philippines. There are many types of outsourcing, but most outsourcing industry expat executives command a high salary as well as a generous expat package of accommodation, travel and transportation and sometimes even a meal allowance. India remains the best place in the world for outsourcing with major IT outsourcing firms such as Unisys and TCS and also call centres such as Aegis, IBM and Genpact. Eastern European countries such as Bulgaria and Belarus are also advancing in terms of IT outsourcing while countries like The Philippines and Canada has also excelled in call centres and customer service BPOs.



3. Airline Pilot

Top 10 Jobs That Pay Higher Overseas - ExpatFinder Blog

Photo: Kent Wien


Salary Range: USD $ 32,000 – $ 250,000 a year

Qualifications: Aviation Diploma and Certification, Expert Experience

Best Countries for the Job: China, Hong Kong, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia

Being an airline pilot is one of the most common dream jobs of a child. Of course it doesn’t really hurt to know that they are paid loads of money to travel around either. There may be a lot of responsibility placed on the shoulders of airline pilots and it’s definitely not an easy job to do, but airline pilots are very well paid due to the fact that the world is currently experiencing a shortage in airline pilots. Like most jobs in this list, the salaries of airline pilots also depend on where they are employed. As a pilot, if you want to get the best salaries for your profession, the airlines that pay the most for their pilots are located mostly in Asia namely China with China Airlines and Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific, and of course the Middle East with Qatar Airways and Emirates, just to name a few. 



4. Finance Jobs

Top 10 Jobs That Pay Higher Overseas - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Jonas K.


Salary Range: USD $ 50,000 – $200,000 a year

Qualifications: Business Degree to start then an MBA

Best Countries for the Job: Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan

Yes, finance jobs like Finance Directors, Financial Analysts and Financial Managers are already high paying in general, but in some countries being an expat financier pays way more than average. Currently, the major cities in Asia offer a lot of opportunities for finance and banking jobs. Companies like Credit Suisse and Merrill Lynch have set up headquarters in major Asian cities like Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai. HSBC, rooted in Hong Kong and Shanghai is also one of the largest contributors in terms of expat employment in Asia. Of course, the better qualifications and experiences you have the better chances you’ll get on a higher position in this industry.



5. I.T. Jobs

Top 10 Jobs That Pay Higher Overseas - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Nearsoft Inc


Salary Range: USD $ 50,000 – $150,000 a year

Qualifications: I.T./Computer Engineering/Programming/Software Development Degree

Best Countries for the Job: Germany, Belarus, Korea, India, Japan, China

IT is an extensive field, but even the smallest IT position can command a high salary especially if you know where to go. IT jobs are always in demand in any major city in the world, but if you go to countries like Germany, Belarus, the UAE and China, you may expect a huge salary bump especially if you have the skills and experience to back up your basic IT degree. Samsung in Korea and TCS in India are just a few of the biggest employers in the tech industry today all of which offer better compensation in their headquarters with more demand like in the countries we’ve mentioned above.



6. Pharmacist

Top 10 Jobs That Pay Higher Overseas - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Michelle Ress


Salary Range: USD $ 65,000 – $ 135,000 a year

Qualifications: Pharmacy Degree, Post-Graduate Training, Pharmacist License

Best Countries for the Job: U.S.A., Singapore, Ireland, Sweden, New Zealand

Pharmacist is one of the most under rated jobs in the world, most people don’t realize the importance of pharmacists as health practitioners and as such in some countries they may not be well compensated. In countries like the Singapore, Ireland and even the U.S., salaries for pharmacists has been increasing in recent years due to the increased demand in pharmaceutical care in these countries.



7. Oil and Gas Engineer

Top 10 Jobs That Pay Higher Overseas - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Mike Paskin


Salary Range: USD $ 35,000 – $ 115,000 a year

Qualifications: Engineering Degree, Oil Industry Experience

Best Countries for the Job: Australia, Saudi Arabia, USA, Russia, China, The Philippines

This job is arguably the hardest on this list and it is the only literal “offshore” expat job in the list as well. Oil and gas engineers, especially senior engineers get very well compensated for all their hard work. Even the smallest kind of work in an oil rig for manual labour can command at least $ 36,000 a year. The best places for the oil industry are listed above with Australia, Saudi Arabia and the U.S. leading the pack for better compensation and packages for their expat oil and gas engineers.



8. Engineers

Top 10 Jobs That Pay Higher Overseas - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Gianni


Salary Range: USD $ 50,000 – $ 102,992 a year

Qualifications: Specific Engineering Degree, Expert Experience

Best Countries for the Job: Germany, India, UAE, China, Canada, Australia

Engineers are a perfect blend between skilled workers and professional workers. Engineers have to be highly skilled and proficient in their work but they are not always very well paid. Like most professionals, the salary of engineers depends on the demand for their skill in a certain country. The countries with the most need for engineers are also very willing to pay more to support foreign talent and satisfy the demand. Germany needs a lot of mechanical and electrical engineers for their extensive manufacturing industry. India needs a lot of software and computer engineers for their growing software industry and the UAE and other middle eastern companies have a high demand for electrical, civil and mechanical engineers for their growing construction and manufacturing industry.



9. Skilled Workers

Top 10 Jobs That Pay Higher Overseas - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Tim Abbott


Salary Range: USD $ 35,000 – $ 85, 000 a year

Qualifications: Vocational Diploma for Specific Skill, Certification for Skill, Expert Experience in Specific Skill

Best Countries for the Job: Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, Germany

Skilled labourers are paid very handsomely depending on which country they are working on. Countries like Canada can pay welders as much as 83,000 Canadian Dollars a year for construction and manufacturing needs.  Australia has imposed a minimum salary for overseas skilled workers of at least $41,850 a year. So if you are a skilled worker thinking there won’t be a bright future for you, think again! You might just be in the wrong country for your skill.



10. English Teachers

Top 10 Jobs That Pay Higher Overseas - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: ISC OIE


Salary Range: USD $ 24,000 – $ 50,000 a year

Qualifications: English Teaching Degree, Excellent English Communication Skills 

Best Countries for the Job: UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, Korea

English teachers may not be paid very well in English speaking countries, but in the Asian business market, English teachers are paid quite a lot to teach “Business English” to high profile executives in cities like Dubai, Seoul and Tokyo. ESL teachers upon average may receive $2,400 to $5,000 a month or even more, depending on their qualifications and their clientele.



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Top 10 Cities for Expat Adventurers


It’s not easy being an expat thrill seeker. You may be living abroad, but finding things to do for adventure may not be as easy as you thought. So for the expat adventure junkies out there, you may want to get your international insurance ready, cause we’ve compiled a list of cities where you can find lots of activities for your days off, or maybe even make a career out of while living abroad. From extreme sports, to adrenaline pumping trips, these 10 cities have the best things to offer expat adventurers.


 1. Queenstown, New Zealand

Top 10 Best Cities for Expat Adventurers - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: QueenstownRafting

Famous Activities: Whitewater Rafting, River Surfing, Bungee Jumping, Canyon Swinging

Example of Career Opportunities:

Hotel and Restaurant Management: Hilton, Sofitel, Millenium Resorts

Engineering: Fuji Xerox

Miscellaneous: Helicopter Pilot, Bungee Jumping Instructor, Winter Sports Instructor

Queenstown is the best place for expat thrill seekers and adventurers. Aside from having many opportunities for expats especially in hospitality industry, Queenstown has a lot to offer in terms of extreme sports and adventure activities. Aside from the famous activities mentioned above, Queenstown also has hills which you can explore in ATV quad bikes, jetboat tours around the pier and even helicopter tours and adventures.



2. Voss, Norway

Top 10 Best Cities for Expat Adventurers - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Håkon Thingstad

Famous Activities: Base Jumping, River Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Skiing

Example of Career Opportunities:

Marketing or Food Technology: VOSS of Norway ASA

Norway is a very peaceful country, but that doesn’t mean that the country is boring. In fact, Norway is one of the top destinations for thrill seekers everywhere. They have almost all kinds of extreme sports and activities that you can think of, but the crown jewel for any adventurer in Norway is base jumping. If you want to live in a town where you can expect a weekly, if not daily adrenaline rush, Voss Norway is the place for you.



3. Jackson, Wyoming, U.S.A

Top 10 Best Cities for Expat Adventurers - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Mark

Famous Activities: Mountain Biking, Hiking, Paragliding, Kayaking

Example of Career Opportunities:

Banking: Wells Fargo

Engineering: Peabody Energy

Jackson Wyoming is known for its many National Parks, fun recreational activities and extreme sports sites. In the U.S., the valley in Jackson is called “Jackson Hole” and has garnered quite a reputation when it comes to steep slopes and incredible wildlife, which has recently been turned into fun activities for adventurers. There are also a lot of career opportunities from the largest employers in Jackson. You can really start a life in this exciting town.



4. Interlaken, Switzerland

Top 10 Best Cities for Expat Adventurers - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Rennett Stowe

Famous Activities: Sailing, Paragliding, Helicopter Ski Jump, Ice Climbing

Example of Career Opportunities:

eCommerce and Internet Services: eBay International AG

Construction: Mach International AG

IT: Mimacom AG

The season and weather are not even factors when it comes to adventures and activities in Interlaken Switzerland. Rain or shine, winter or summer, they have an activity waiting for you. In the summer, you can enjoy sailing, paragliding, kayaking and sky diving, whereas in the winter, you can try jumping off a helicopter onto a ski slope or even ice climbing. It’s definitely hard to get bored in this city.



5. Anchorage, Alaska, U.S.A.

Top 10 Best Cities for Expat Adventurers - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Paxson Woelber

Famous Activities: Dog Sledding, Canoeing, Glacier Cruise, Hiking and Ice Climbing

Example of Career Opportunities:

IT: Dat/em Systems International

Telecom: International Telecom Inc.

This city has a different kind of outdoor adventure as the other featured city in the U.S. in this list. Unlike Jackson, Anchorage has a lot of winter activities and extreme sports adventures. There are also a lot of career opportunities especially for expats in the IT industry in Anchorage. For those who like extreme winter sports, or even the traditional winter sports like dog sledding and cross-country skiing, then this city is the best place for you.



6. Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Top 10 Best Cities for Expat Adventurers - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Bryce Bradford

Famous Activities: Scuba Diving, Hiking, Kayaking, Surfing, Sport Fishing

Example of Career Opportunities:

Energy Industry and Engineering: Vestas Wind Systems, Enel Green Power (EGP)

Puerto Escondido, may not be a very famous city in Mexico, but it does have a lot of things in store for expat thrill-seekers. From scuba diving, to surfing and jungle tours, Puerto Escondido, is one of the hidden gems of Mexico that you should definitely explore. All these, plus a very low cost of living and you got a match in expat adventurer heaven.



7. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Top 10 Best Cities for Expat Adventurers - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Alexandre Perrachon

Famous Activities: Whitewater Rafting, Nature Triping, Cave Trekking, Cycling

Example of Career Opportunities:

Energy Industry: Petrol d.d., HSE, Gen-I

Slovenia is yet another surprise destination in the list of the best places for expat adventurers. Not a lot of people know this, but Slovenia is probably one of the best situated countries for adventure. Not only does it have the Alps, and river rapids that you can enjoy mountain and water sports in, it also happens to be sitting on top of over 10,000 caves. Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, has all of these to offer and more.



8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Top 10 Best Cities for Expat Adventurers - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: passer-by

Famous Activities: Hand Gliding, Hiking, Surfing, Scuba Diving, Body Boarding

Example of Career Opportunities:

Oil Industries: Gehr International

Maritime Services: Smit International

Rio is definitely one of the best places in South America for adventurers, it also happens to have good job opportunities and a low cost of living. Water sports are the strong suit of Rio’s adventure tourism, even hosting the annual Billabong Rio Pro surfing tournament. But the most famous extreme activity in the city is hand gliding. We have seen hand gliding on Sao Conrado so many times in pop-culture through many films and t.v. series, but many still say that this is the best way to get a bird’s eye view of the city (quite literally in fact).



9. Cape Town, South Africa

Top 10 Best Cities for Expat Adventurers - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Poo-tee-weet

Famous Activities: Kite Surfing, Sand Boarding, Mountain Biking, Sea Kayaking

Example of Career Opportunities:

IT: Acer, Cisco, EDS

Banking: Barclays

Engineering: BMW, General Electric, Volkswagen

Telecom: Alcatel, Vodafone

Petrol Industry: Agrid

Cape Town, like Rio, is an expat adventurer favourite. This city has a good quality of life ranking, international companies, low cost of living, and endless adventure opportunities, what more can an expat adventurer ask for?! There’s a myriad of water sports that you can try aside from the famous activities mentioned above, like cable waterski, sailing and wind surfing. If you’re not a fan of water sports, then maybe you can try caving, quad biking, forest adventures or helicopter exploring. There are so many options open for thrill-seekers out there, so for those who are not looking for winter sports, this is the best place to be.



10. Larreynaga, Nicaragua

Top 10 Best Cities for Expat Adventurers - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Andrew White

Famous Activities: Volcano Boarding, Sport Fishing, Cavalcade, Hiking

Example of Career Opportunities:

Energy Industry: Larreynaga Hyrdro Power Plant

This is probably the least developed city or municipality in this list, but it is the next big thing in the energy industry of South America, and it has a very interesting activity that any expat adventurer should try. They have volcano boarding in Cerro Negro, the youngest volcano in Central America that is also a part of the Cordillera de los Maribios mountain range. Volcano boarding is exactly as it sounds, you slide down an active volcano with a little piece of wood. As simple as that may sound, it should be enough to send adventure junkies packing and on the next flight to Nicaragua.





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Top 10 Expat Odd Jobs in the World


Living abroad doesn’t necessarily mean that you are living an adventure overseas; then again, there are also a lot of opportunities for more interesting careers for expats. Odd jobs are the best choices for most expat adventurers. These are the kind of jobs that gives way to new and exciting experiences, whether it’s another new destination or a new path in life altogether, no matter what it is, odd jobs tend to bring out people’s passion in life, especially odd jobs that take you overseas. These are the world’s top 10 expat odd jobs.


1. Surf Researcher

Top 10 Expat Odd Jobs in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Michael Dawes

Qualifications: Swimming and Surfing Skills

Salary Range: $ 40,000–45,000 a year

Yes, as great as it sounds, this is an actual thing and it is a real job. A surf researcher is someone who studies sustainable surf tourism activities globally. You get to travel around the world to study the possibilities of surf tourism in a given place and actually try it firsthand before they are commercially developed. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for adventurers who long to travel and live abroad.



2. Fossil Digger

Top 10 Expat Odd Jobs in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: UNE Photos

Qualifications: Basic Knowledge of Fossils and Fossil Sites around the World

Salary Range: $ 41,000-80,000 a year

This is another job that taps on everyone’s childhood dream. There is a common misconception that all fossil diggers are Archaeologists, this is not always the case. There are some people who actually just have a fascination for fossils and focus their time on finding and retrieving fossils around the world, whereas Archaeologists study the overall human activity of the past including cultural and environmental data. Fossil diggers can be people who do it for their personal pleasure, there are some who really work for an organization, and there are also some who do it for pure profit. Fossil digging is an adventure that is a bit different from “surf research” and it also attracts a different type of adventurer (more like an Indiana Jones type of adventurer). You would need a lot of help and research to be a fossil digger, but if you already have a particular interest in fossils and the “land before time,” this may well be the perfect job for you.



3. Waterslide Tester

Top 10 Expat Odd Jobs in the World - ExpatFinder Blog

Photo: Rolfe Kolbe

Qualifications: Excellent Swimming Skills

Salary Range: $ 15,000–56,000 a year

This job is exactly as it sounds, you travel around the world in different resorts and amusement parks to test water slides. There are companies who actually hire professional waterslide testers to test how safe, fun and innovative water slides can be. All you need to do is have an excellent international insurance coverage, have good swimming skills and a special interest for waterslides.



4. Snake Milker

Top 10 Expat Odd Jobs in the World - ExpatFinder Blog

Qualifications: Expertise in Snake Venom, Experience in Handling Snakes

Salary: $ 30,000–45,000 a year

Snake Milkers are people who extract venom from snakes. It may not be the most fun job for a lot of people, but for the very few thrill seekers and keen venom researchers, this is as much fun as surf researching and testing water slides. Snake milkers tend to travel a lot because they are mostly employed by zoos, wildlife reserves and drug research facilities because snake venom is an integral part of developing anti-venoms, so when you think about it, snake milkers are actually heroes. 



5. Storm Chaser

Top 10 Expat Odd Jobs in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Daniel Rodriguez

Qualifications: Meteorology Background

Salary Range: $ 45,000-132,000 a year

Like the snake milking job, this job actually requires a passion or interest in… things that can potentially kill you. But to be more accurate, you just need to be interested in doing crazy things so that other people don’t have to. Storm chasers put themselves in danger so that they can study the behaviour of storms, hurricanes and tornadoes. Their job can potentially save the lives of millions. Say what you want about these “thrill seeking jobs” but in reality, they’re classified as odd jobs because it takes an incredible amount of courage to perform these tasks.



6. Theme Park Character

Top 10 Expat Odd Jobs in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Qsimple

Qualifications: Performance Art Background

Salary Range: $ 18,000–46,000 a year

There are several major theme parks now open all around the world. Disney World for example, can now be found in Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Universal Studios also has multiple theme parks open all over the U.S., in Japan and in Singapore. In all of these major theme parks and all the other theme parks in the world, you can expect to find an expat working as a character. So if you think you look particularly like an iconic Hollywood star or you just have a passion for performing and you long to travel the globe, why don’t you go ahead and audition for a part as an entertainer in the major theme parks around the world.



7. Stunt Tester

Top 10 Expat Odd Jobs in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Hector Alejandro

Qualifications: Strong Stomach

Salary Range: $ 39,000–115,000

There are many reality T.V. shows in demand nowadays. Survivor and The Amazing Race are just a few examples of shows that sometimes have very demanding tasks for their participants. They of course have a great professional team of researchers and stunt men and women who have already made sure that all the things that they ask their contestants to do on the show are safe. The perks of this job is that you always get to go on location (mostly ahead of time) research and sample all these stunts as you also immerse yourself with the cultural heritage that the stunt embodies.



8. Golf Ball Diver

Top 10 Expat Odd Jobs in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Ben Thompson

Qualifications: Really Good Diving Skills

Salary Range: $ 30,000–90,000 a year

Golf courses and resorts all over the world pay a lot for companies or skilled individuals to dive in the golf pond or nearby water areas to recover and replenish golf balls so they can be used again.  Golf ball divers are sent by their companies as expats to different resorts and golf courses in the world and they get to dive for golf balls in different types of open water spaces — it also pays ridiculously well! Golf ball divers may not have as much fun as the water slide tester guys, but they do get the same kind of excitement, plus I bet they have a genuine explorer moment when they do manage to find and retrieve golf balls.



9. Cryptozoologist

Top 10 Expat Odd Jobs in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Lars Plougmann

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Biology or Zoology

Salary Range: $ 36,000-93,000 a year

This is yet another childhood dream job on this list. Cryptozoologists are pseudo-scientists who are researching and studying creatures whose existence is not yetproven. Like the Lochness Monster, Bigfoot, Yeti, Phantom Cats, Chupacabra etc. It does pay a lot and you get to run around the world, plus you get to do field research and interviews to chase the myths of unproven animals and creatures. If you’re really into adventure and mythology, then maybe this is what you should be doing.



10. Cow Inseminator

Top 10 Expat Odd Jobs in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Sander van der Wel

Qualifcations: Experience with Dairy Production, Bachelors Degree in Science

Salary Range: $ 30,000–50,000

A cow inseminator is basically someone who deposits bull semen into cows to get them pregnant with the best possible DNA match. Yes, you stick your hands inside a cow’s privates with bull semen to make sure they produce the best possible meat for offspring. It may sound unpleasant, but there are a lot of opportunities that await acow inseminator. There are many multinational food companies that employ cow inseminators and deploy them all over the world to ensure the best DNA match for cattle, and it certainly is an interesting job for people who love the farm.




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Top 10 Countries for Expat Foodies


In choosing your country for expatriation, two of the things you should mainly consider are the food and your interests. For expat foodies, these two important things just happen to go hand in hand. While food is always a major part of any culture, there are some countries in the world that have a special connection— some can even say ‘love affair’ with food and cuisine. Here are 10 of the world’s countries that expat foodies would love to gastronomically explore and experience.


1. Italy

Top 10 Countries for Expat Foodies - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Amelie

No country has quite the same enthusiasm for food as the Italians. As one of the most well-known cuisine in the world, Italy has many things to offer expat foodies. Whether it’s high end gourmet restaurants, like the three-star Michelin Restaurant “Enoteca Pinchiorri”, local charming bistros or even a few of the finest wine bars in the world, foodies will be in culinary heaven in Italy.



2. Mexico

Top 10 Countries for Expat Foodies - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Justine Sanderson

If Italy is paradise for the gourmet foodies, Mexico is the eden of exotic cultural cuisine. Food in Mexico is really deeply rooted to their culture and way of life. Even the way you eat Mexican food says a lot about their culture. But just because most of their food is very localized and casual, does not mean that they don’t have their own version of gourmet dishes and restaurants. There are also gourmet Mexican restaurants like the very famous “Izote” by Mexican chef and cookbook author, Patricia Quintana. But for the best local food and experience, it’s still best to hit the local taco stands and cantinas you can easily spot in any Mexican city.



3. Japan

Top 10 Countries for Expat Foodies - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: 18r

Japanese cuisine is more than a fascination or a lifestyle, it is a ritual and it’s an art. Whether it be drinking and serving tea, making noodles or building sushi, Japan’s relationship with their food can sometimes border on a spiritual level. The Japanese are very serious when it comes to their food. You don’t just cook and serve food in this country, there’s always a certain way to prepare their signature dishes like sushi or ramen that can even take a lifetime to master. Expats in Japan know that food does not come cheap in this country, but if you want to experience a higher level of taste, commitment and passion when it comes to food, then there’s no other place for you. One of the most famous restaurants in Japan is Jiro Ono’s three-star Michelin sushi restaurant “Sukibayashi Jiro”. This restaurant has also been the subject of a famous award winning documentary film “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”. 



4. France

Top 10 Countries for Expat Foodies - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Adam Franco

France is a country well-known for its passion for food— and love. French cuisine is world-renowned as one of the finest and most traditional cuisines in the world. Have some coffee and fancy desserts at Ladurée, or experience the finest French food at the famous L'Auberge du Pont de Collonges by Chef Paul Bocuse. Expat foodies would just love the food culture in France; where the food is exquisite, the ambiance is excellent and the people stay and talk in restaurants longer than most people should. Food and company go hand in hand in this country, and it is the best way to meet new people once you move in as an Expat in France.



5. India

Top 10 Countries for Expat Foodies - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Garrett Ziegler

India has a lot to offer to expats, and most especially expats who have a fascination for cultural and exotic cuisine. Any foodie would know that India has one of the most interesting cuisines in the world, and living in India immerses you to the cultural and gastronomic sensation that Indian food offers. Get the best clay tandoor in the famous Bukhara Restaurant, one of the finest restaurants in India where prominent figures like Bill and Hillary Clinton and even Arnold Schwarzenegger go for the best gourmet Indian food. Foodies would definitely enjoy the best of sensational cuisine in India.



6. Spain

Top 10 Countries for Expat Foodies - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Escuela Taronja Learn Spanish in Spain

Spanish cuisine is one of the most influential cuisines in the world because of the many Spanish colonies in the middle-ages. Food in Spain today, is known for its sensual flavours and cultural tastes. There are a variety of specialty Spanish dishes depending on the Spanish region Tapas and Paellas are usually the first few dishes that come to mind when you say “Spanish meal” and you can enjoy these dishes in the best Flamenco restaurants in Spain, like La Corral de la Morería for the perfect culinary culture experience in the country.



7. Greece

Top 10 Countries for Expat Foodies - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Dimitris Papazimouris

Greece offers the finest of Mediterranean cuisine served with the freshest ingredients in one of the most beautiful locations on earth. Greece is simply one of the best expat foodie paradise especially for foodies who are particularly fond of healthy food. Enjoy the best seaside view and the best traditional gourmet Greek food on yet another Michelin award winner, Varoulko in Athens. The country offers fantastic food choices coupled with the best ambiance.



8. Thailand

Top 10 Countries for Expat Foodies - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: superkimbo

Thai food has been slowly gaining popularity all over the world in recent years and it’s become one of the favourites in the foodie community. Thailand offers many opportunities for expats and also has one of the lowest costs of living in the world, but it also offers a variety of fantastic food and restaurant for a full gastronomic adventure. Dine at one of the best Thai restaurants in the country, Issaya Siamese Club which was voted as one of the 50 best restaurants in Asia or simply try the local street food delicacies for an in-depth cultural food experience.



9. Morocco

Top 10 Countries for Expat Foodies - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: simon_music

Morocco is probably one of the countries in this list that is not very well-known for its food and cuisine, but Moroccan cuisine is one of the best cuisines in the world with many cultural influences and interesting combination of flavours and spices. A variety of herbs and spices for local food are always available in Moroccan markets, filling the area with fragrant musk. Morocco’s most famed and exclusive restaurant is “Gastro MK” headed by world renowned chef Omar El Ouahssoussi.



10. Korea

Top 10 Countries for Expat Foodies - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Joey Rozier

Korean cuisine may have originated from Manchurian china with a few influences of Japanese cuisine, but the current Korean flavours and dishes completely excel from its roots of origin. Korean food may not be the most glamorous and refined as the rest of the cuisine mentioned in this list, but Korean food has a lot of heart, and like most of its Asian neighbours, it is built with tradition. Seoul, South Korea is now becoming one of the best countries to go in Asia for gourmet food, where you can find a wide range of choices for a food adventure when you live in the city. Have the best Korean Barbeque, or the most beautiful traditional Korean dished in Si Hwa Dam for the best gastronomic delights in the country.




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