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Top LinkedIn Networking Tips for Expats Abroad


An expat would always want to have the most convenient of adjustments while living abroad and this is made possible with a strategic networking, and the best social media outlet for industrial networking today is definitely LinkedIn. As expats abroad, you may already know about LinkedIn, you may even have your own profile set up, but are you sure you’ve optimized the networking capabilities of this site? Check out the tips below to learn more about how to make the most of your LinkedIn profile.


Make Use of a Corporate-looking Photo

Top LinkedIn Networking Tips for Expats Abroad - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Brett Arthur Donar

Whether you agree or not, first impression is lasting. Even if you don’t get to meet the company representative, the photo you use on your LinkedIn account says many things about you. From the way you comb your hair to the smile you wear, the attire you put on and the overall impact of the image you affixed on your profile will never go unexamined. So wear the best professional-looking photo you have otherwise, get a new picture.


Consider Making an Eye-catching Headline

Top LinkedIn Networking Tips for Expats Abroad - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Alan Cleaver

After wearing that “right-guy-for-the-right-job” photo, make use of a one-liner headline. This will not only support the great impression you created with that professional looking image of yours but likewise let the people know your forte and expertise. Through this striking banner you are giving the notion of what they are to expect from you at the same time wanting to know more of your capabilities, thus, stirring up curiosity and interest on having you for an interview. However, the short title that would best describe you should not be a false advertisement nor misrepresentation of your real qualifications and competence.


Scrupulous Use of the Summary Section

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It is through this section that you get to have a relatively detailed account of yourself and how you became the person that you are today. In here you can have the subtle boasting of your work experience and how you have been an indispensable person in the company. The tasks and job descriptions you carried and the ways these designations were acted out should be explicitly written. It is also through this portion that you may enumerate your strengths and area of expertise, your goals and missions in every job occupation, and your resiliency to every obstacle and trials that are related to your job. 


Complete an Updated Profile

Top LinkedIn Networking Tips for Expats Abroad - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: buyalex

Any pertinent information in your profile that will have to be updated periodically must be done so. This is to make sure that anybody who will chance upon you in LinkedIn will have the appreciation that your intentions in getting a job are indeed genuine. Any thought of you to be just a flippant trying to appear in all forms of social media will be dismissed by a potential employer. The idea here is to make sure that your LinkedIn account will hold all relevant information about you and your former employments that can be of perusal for future employers.


Start with Real Life Connections

Top LinkedIn Networking Tips for Expats Abroad - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Jared Zimmerman

By networking it does not only connote getting connected to strangers and hoping they’d take you in without even considering that you could be an owner of a bogus account. It is wise that you build first your connections by reaching out to people you already know and you have rapport with. Having an address book with credible and reputable people in it will not only back you up in your quest but will likewise support your integrity as an authentic LinkedIn member.


Be a Virtual Friend

Top LinkedIn Networking Tips for Expats Abroad - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Michael Korcuska

As the saying goes, “what goes around, comes around.” Sans competition, it is not a bad thing to extend a helping hand to your connections. By providing positive comments to boost a friend’s status, forwarding a job listing to someone in your network is a generosity that is remembered and reciprocated. LinkedIn is a network of co-eds and professionals who are just as much hopeful and in dire need of work as everyone else. Being a “friend” virtually will always have a domino effect and before you realize it, you are already made a favor that will bring you to your new job.



Top LinkedIn Networking Tips for Expats Abroad - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Marjan Lazarevski

With all the connections with real people and having the most attractive of LinkedIn profiles, step away from the computer and have that actual phone call with your connections. Do not limit the link virtually, make the actual association and be able to reach out and connect with the persons and do not remain to just appreciating his profile.

There are many ways to create a LinkedIn account and what you put in it will clearly define the person that you are and the determination you have in making your account work to your advantage. The idea is to make sure you know how to use the key features of this social network to optimize its capacity in linking you to the right persons in the media. The ball is right in your hands. 

Suffice to say, that with a great impression created by your professional-looking photo and an attractive profile, plus a good working headline, you are already attracting the eyes of prospect employers. Having the right connections and knowing what to do with them are the key factors that will increase your likelihood to landing in the job of your choice and enjoying its perks.




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The Most Nature-Friendly Countries in the World


The world is faced with Mother Nature’s threat and this has not only alarmed most of the continents but prompted many countries to take aggressive measures to save the planet and do serious damage controls. It is for this reason that some are known to be eco-friendly nations and have taken pride in their advocacies. Here are 5 of the world's most ecofriendly countries in the world.



Most Nature-Friendly Countries in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Brain Power

Through the concerted efforts between the government of Colombia and its citizens, the nation has taken active participation in forest preservation and ‘Save-Mother-Earth’ movement. In most of the residences new projects, the people are encouraged to use bamboo in lieu of steel to be more environment friendly and have less waste products to harm the dying eco system. National parks and reserves are preserved and developed in this country to safeguard biodiversity and sustain the availability of water for its forests as well as regulate the flooding in susceptible areas. It is through strategies spearheaded by its own government that have played a vital role to the well- being of humanity. Natural resources like minerals and local energy sources have already been accounted as a long running edge of this country with regards to environment protection and preservation.



Most Nature-Friendly Countries in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: ThinkGeoEnergy

A Geologically active Scandinavian region in the mid-Atlantic ridge, Iceland is gearing to become 100 per cent efficient, energy-wise with a dynamic recycling and pro-green products and the use of highly organic produce. Zero-waste is its goal in order to minimize the use of environmentally hazardous materials such as plastic, rubber, steel, and gasoline. Eco fuel is also encouraged to the motorists to do away with air pollution and the unnecessary use of environmental resources. Being in the area of wide volcanic parameters, it has more than enough geothermal resources to power the entire land and become totally independent in supplying converted energy to the whole of its population. You will definitely get drawn by the geysers that seemed to be found in many areas of the land. It also has a large marine biodiversity that will make you appreciate its unexploited beauty and number.



Most Nature-Friendly Countries in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Dani Mettler

It is noteworthy to acknowledge the picturesque image of a snow-covered mountain, green rolling planes, crystal clear waters and lakes steaming with fish and a cold clean breeze that would dampen you cheeks. This is the beauty of Switzerland that will be set your eyes. Its regality does not end there. The state has a long-term plot of taking real good care of its environment and to enforce appropriate actions and penalties to those who are found to have disrupted the cleanliness and orderliness of its environment. This active measure of the government is founded upon accounts of the country’s consumption with respect to the available resources in their area. Thus, the collaboration of its citizenry and its government.



Most Nature-Friendly Countries in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Andrew Nash

The realization of the massive climate change and the harsh effects it has on humanity, plus the desire to make the threatened Earth, still a livable place and a safe one as can be, are the main reasons of the technical solutions and collective strategies that are used to implement the pro-ecosystem approach and the promotion of climate protection adaptation in Austria. The country is playing an active role in dedicating to the so called green energy policies to make a stable and healthy ecosystem in order to further mitigate the damage that is already affecting the planet in a global perspective. Increasing awareness and the promulgation of a sustainable way to cope with the mitigation and adaptation strategies are being strengthened by the government agencies and non-government groups.



Most Nature-Friendly Countries in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: NAVFAC

The unexploited shores of Cuba has left the mainland growing in wildlife as an irresistible haven for atypical and indigenous species. Migrating creatures have also found the borders of this country as a milking bosom for their young during migratory seasons and in line with this, the government have benefited on its interest in the tourism industry. The political profile of Cuba has of course a detrimental effect on its potentially booming ventures but with that unchangeable as of the moment, wildlife has managed to branch out and optimize its budding competency. You should experience their unadulterated programs with regards marine life and check on the extensive researches done by local experts on the belligerent “jumping” crocodiles and the famed painted snails that are known to be aboriginal in the area.

Regardless of where you would want to go to experience first-hand appreciation of a nature-friendly country, it is best to be aware of the global effect of climate change and the simultaneous efforts of different countries who are pro-preservation of the ecosystem.

Nature is such a soothing place to be without the troubles of urbanized world and the enigmatic roles of modernization and industrializations. Your physical location surely has a role in your state of mind and in the ecosystem, you will be in contact with your whole reason of existence.



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5 Friendliest Countries in Asia


The people and the culture of each country always play a factor when we decide to move or visit. There are so many interesting cultures, traditions, behaviour and practices all over the world, but what stands out the most has always been the ability of the locals to welcome visitors to share and enjoy their culture. Here are five of the friendliest cities in Asia that will surely take you in and welcome you with arms wide open.



5 Friendliest Cities in Asia - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: WorldFish

Cambodia is a small country when compared to its neighboring nations but the history is known to have a rich and colorful one. Khmer people are easy to associate with. You will notice that their ways are strongly reflective of their religious orientations as well as their ethnicity. Having used to a volume of tourists visiting the country, the locals are hospitable and warm and do not really mind the businesses of foreigners who are usually transient inhabitants of the city. There are many holidays celebrated by the Khmer people that are either religious or spiritual in nature, and these celebrations have become reasons for tourist attractions and visits.  When in Vietnam and its other beautiful cities, you will observe their fascination for herbal concoctions and potions that served as medicines to the residents, Magical tattoos are also common practices used to ward off negative elements as well as for ornamental reasons. Try having one of them and experience the feel of being one with the Khmers.



5 Friendliest Cities in Asia - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: DVIDSHUB

You would easily lose yourself when in Japan. The state-of-the-art technology, elaborate fashions, and exemplary craftsmanship will take you in awe, drawn to their beauty and sophistication of another kind. It is said that Japan has perfected its hospitality that is started with a warm welcome, an elaborate service in dining and a ceremonious interaction between host and visitor. Sometimes, these rituals are too deep and extensive that visitors stray from the reason of what the meeting was all about in the first place. Everything the Japanese does is presented with intricacy and style. Art defines their actions and their hospitality embraces the same principle. Courtesy and respect are the basics in Japanese cultures. They believe that symbiosis and mutuality will make life less complicated and more enjoyable. Bowing is a gesture in Japan that has taken its toll and made the country known to be one of the most friendly and courteous places in Asia.



5 Friendliest Cities in Asia - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: jmbaud74

A landlocked place, Laos has remained orthodox in many ways. Laotians are non-radical group of people divided by different ethnic orientations and religious beliefs. The people are warm and inviting and are accustomed to hospitality in dealing with visitors and tourists. They have a sense of generosity that makes people want to blend in by knowing the modest ways of the inhabitants. They have an uncomplicated ways and are easily able to relate with foreigners despite possible language barriers and contrasting cultural background. Their strong conviction for life preservation and its natural surroundings make their place more convivial to nature enthusiasts and animal lovers. You will also get enticed by the way they have maintained a relationship with the animals based on rapport and the extent of the care and preservation they have done to secure the welfare of these creatures as they co-exist with the wild life.



5 Friendliest Cities in Asia - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: The Buri Bag Project

Hospitality is one definitive trait of Filipinos. You will feel the warmth of the place regularly in every Filipino that you will meet. Smiling and congenial, kind and accommodating, these among many others make the place not just a city to visit, but a home to live in. Many foreigners have been enticed by the wonders of the Philippines. With the many cities it has, the beaches and mountains as well as ravines, the insurmountable richness of the country will never leave you idle in the entire duration of your visit. Being the sole Catholic-dominated country in the whole of Asia, Philippines holds a number of festivities that have drawn as many tourists over the years. Beauty has also defined the Philippines. The major cities of Manila, Bacolod, Cebu and Davao are known to have cradled beautiful women and stout men. Bounded with the major bodies of water and having more than 7,100 islands and islets, the place have proved to be one of the many best and friendliest place to reside and retire. Have a taste of life in beauty and magnificence, visit the Pearl of the Orient Seas. 



5 Friendliest Cities in Asia - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Official U.S. Navy Page

Foreigners travel in the Thailand and visit the beautiful city of Bangkok. Fine dining, a luxurious experience, a thriving place for tourist, and opulent hotel accommodations are the budding reasons why you must not miss this place. Though with a strict policy governing the hotel industry due to the wide-spread of prostitution in the country, the action has made positive effect on the people and its flourishing tourism industry. The people of Thailand are recognized as friendly and helpful people. They always take pride in being the warmest smile-greeting people in Asia and have lived to be so despite the challenges faced by its economy and government.

So what are you waiting for? Be on your way to visit these wonderful places in the East




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Cheapest Travel Destinations Around The World


Travelling has always been the healthiest and most effective stress-relieving activity. Unlike shopping and outdoor adventures or sports, it is travelling that brings the person outside of his comfort zone and create lasting memories that can last throughout their lives. Expats are no strangers to travelling, but when you're on a tight budget, your travel options may be limited. If you want to save money but can't kick the travel habit, here are some of the cheapest travel destinations in the world that you can try out.



Cheapest Travel Destinations Around The World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Eustaquio Santimano

In the recent years, the city capital of Vietnam has experienced a rapid boom of its economy in trade and commerce. The city has become urbanized with beautiful skyscrapers that increased the tourist marketability of the place and attracted more foreigners to the area. Its cost of living is said to be the cheapest in Asia with a cuisine that quickly gets accustomed to many different palates and preferences. The simple lifestyle with a humid climate in the tropics both allow the economy to improve and tourism to boost. You would never run out of reason to explore the city of Hanoi and with a motorcycle as its primary means of transportation, one will find his way around the streets amongst many other motorists.



Cheapest Travel Destinations Around The World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Paulitz

Goa is a place in India that takes pride in the long stretch of sunny beaches and beautiful white sands. It is comparatively expensive than the rest of the cities in India but since Goa is not a city, but rather, a cluster of small communities and villages, it is still considered one of the cheapest destination to travel in the world. The resorts and other clubs and bars in Goa are already able to develop a soothing ambiance for people who are looking for a remedial adventure in contrast to the hustles and bustles of the metropolis. Food and beverages are even competitively good compared to those offered in the cities. You won’t go wrong in finding a good restaurant to dine in because one of Goa’s main attraction is their superb cuisine at a cheap cost. Try this place and experience the hospitality of its people while having fun in the sun.


South Africa

Cheapest Travel Destinations Around The World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Brent Newhall

Cape Town will always have the beautiful beaches with the gorgeous babes in whole of Africa as against the crime threatened Johannesburg. Table Mountain which is a view behind the warm waters of Cape Town embraces the majestic stance of the island, calling upon the visitors and yielding their hearts to stay. Nestled between two of the world’s biggest bodies of water, the Atlantic & Indian Oceans, Cape Town holds the most vicious of sharks in its waters which is always a dare-devil kind of an adventure for those who would opt to go the extremes. Add this to your bucket list and have the wonderful time of your life in Cape Town.



Cheapest Travel Destinations Around The World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: PnP!

With the political instability that has stricken Egypt lately, tourists both local and foreign, have not considered Cairo as a safe destination to travel these days. It is basically the reason it is now one of the cheapest travel destinations in present days and which you should seriously consider of visiting. You can afford to have a lavish vacation and experience deluxe service in high-end hotels and yet scarcely be spending much. Tourist spots can be enjoyed without having to go through the trouble of going past huge crowds and traffics. You surely can stretch your budget here and not fear about your safety as the news might have impressed for this city to be under chaos. Seriously ponder on the idea and enjoy the ancient world all to yourself and experience a prime vacation in the land where Pharaohs use to roam and rule.



Cheapest Travel Destinations Around The World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Trey Ratcliff

The best reason for you to visit this country is its insurmountable wonders that have partly remained mysterious and hidden from the eyes of the world and yet known to many but visited by only a few of the worlds travelling population. Indonesia will never be a place that will provide a poignant effect on you because of the numerous experiences you can have and the diversified cultures of its people. The beauty of its sceneries and the marvellous places it has in stored for you will be reason enough for you to discover Indonesia and take part in its colourful weave.

Travelling can be tiring and most of all risky. The only thing that must be pondered on is the reason for the travel and the desires you have and hoped your travel can meet and supply.

Just remember that every place in this world has a different kind of mix while every destination has a heritage of a past that you will carry as you spend days and give a time of your life for the mere pleasure of enjoying a totally new adventure of a lifetime.

Seek the new, visit the ancient past, stretch a budget and most of all, take memories of a lasting kind.



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5 Most Movie-Featured Countries in the World


You will wonder where all the breath-taking sceneries are located in the most popular movie series and sequels these days. Sometimes you even wonder if they existed. Sure, some are constructed from a Hollywood studio, but over the years, there are actually numerous locations in the world that have been frequently featured in popular movies of today. Although some of the movies depict certain countries (like France in Les Miserables) but some scenes were actually shot in the Czech Republic. Here are the top five countries often featured in blockbuster films.


Czech Republic

Most Movie-Featured Countries - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: alev adil

Prague has been featured in movies here and there. But starting 1992, the quaint and scenic place has caught the eye of U.S. movie producers. It does help that production costs are relatively low in this place, but also, it was due to the very idyllic settings for the plots in the movies that the Hollywood studios have aimed to add special effects to their films. Movies like Snowpiercer, The Last Knights and Child 44 were filmed here. Bigger productions though have gone to Prague to save on costs – those of the likes of Doom, Van Helsing, Alien vs. Predator and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The biggest productions were that of Hellboy, Snow White: Tale of Terror, Les Miserables, Mission Impossible in 1996 and of course, who can forget – Casino Royale. 



Most Movie-Featured Countries - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: 96tommy

Filming in Scotland primarily is due to its stunning landscape, the towns and villages that have seemed to jump out from a post card, and yes, the country boasts of elegant castles and amazing beaches. So who wouldn’t film in Scotland, right? Speaking of castles, who can forget the Eilean Donan Castle featured as the MI6 Headquarters in the famous James Bond installment, The World is Not Enough? The same castle was used in the film, Highland in 1984, starring Sean Connery. 

Who can forget the Harry Potter scenes of the Highlands, the Jacobite train (featured as the famous Hogwarts Express) and the quaint alleys of the local places? How about the breathtaking sceneries of Braveheart starring Mel Gibson? 

Other famous films that have made Scotland their home venue include the Chariot of Fire in 1981, Entrapment in 1999, The Davinci Code, Captain America: The First Avenger, Prometheus, The Dark Knight Rises, the Disney animated film, Brave, James Bond’s Skyfall and of course, World War Z starring Tom Cruise, among many other films. 


New Zealand

Most Movie-Featured Countries - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Sheila Thomson

Another country with amazing scenery is New Zealand. And it has been home to international film locations. And why would it not be? Film studios going to New Zealand have a wide variety of locations. In the last decade, New Zealand has experienced a significant increase in film productions in their locality. And for good reason. Everyone can still recall the sceneries in Sir Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings Trilogy – well, most of it has been filmed in the beautiful outskirts of New Zealand. After being ‘discovered’ in the said monster movie trilogy hit, the country has been in demand for film production location. Other huge films such like The Chronicles of Narnia and The Last Samurai were also filmed in this location.



Most Movie-Featured Countries - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Dennis Jarvis

In Asia, China is the haven for breathless sceneries in movies like Avatar, and of course, hundreds of traditional and modern Asian films or Hollywood movies with Asian themes. The most popular are the films starring Bruce Lee. Until today, everyone is still amazed at the sceneries in all the movies that were produced by the Jet Kun Do founder. Other blockbuster hits like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, The Last Emperor, Kung Fu Hustle, Mission Impossible III, The Mummy – Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, The Forbidden Kingdom, Once Upon a Time in China and its sequels and The Karati Kid among many others. There is just that mystique and oriental touch to the Asian scenery in China – majestic mountains, chinese bamboos, lush green meadows, and of course, the Great Wall of China. 


United States

Most Movie-Featured Countries - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Sergio Lora

Needless to say, the United States is of course the most popular choice of location for movie production. And why not? It is the home of Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard. In New York alone, movie blockbusters like Spiderman, Sex and the City, Wallstreet, the Wolf of Wallstreet, Home Alone 2, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Men in Black and Godzilla were shot in the iconic streets and areas of the city. All iconic movies that have shaped the entertainment industry from all genres have been produced, filmed and developed. It is the home of film making itself. 

Now, wouldn’t it be something to be in these countries and reminisce the great movies that have been filmed there? It would definitely be a nostalgic moment for you even if it were just remembering your favorite movies while you are roaming the streets and countryside of these places.



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