The Top 6 Checklist Apps for You

4 December 2017


It’s easy to forget the many things each of us has to do every day. As expats, many of us juggle busy work and home lives together, and it can be a lot to keep up with. The obvious solutions to juggling these tasks is to write a list, but since it’s 2017, you don’t have to be restricted to keeping a paper and pen with you all day. This week ExpatFinder takes a look at the six best listing apps out there so you can see what each one has to offer and can find the best option for you.



Clearly a favourite of Microsoft (they bought it) and many other around the world, Wunderlist is one of the simplest apps in the to-do list category currently available. It’s got plenty of sharing options in case you need to share a shopping list with your partner or are working on a weekend project with friends.


There’s a pro version available for $4.99 a month, although most users won’t need the file sharing, delegation and customisations options it provides.



Todoist is all about simple design and clean lines, and it doesn’t really get better looking than this if you’re after the minimalist vibe with your apps. It provides plenty of options for sharing and setting deadlines so it’s perfect for people who share tasks out in groups. Todoist also integrated really well with many other apps so it’s an ideal choice for those who like to sync everything all of the time. A smartwatch app is also available for ultimate convenience.


Like most of these apps, Todoist also has a premium version, in this case priced at $28.99 a year.


Clear Todos

Clear Todos is a bit different to the more ‘traditional’ apps featured on our list. It’s built around smartphones’ most distinctive feature; swiping. Clear Todos makes it ridiculously simple to just swipe through the day’s tasks, rearranging and creating more as you go. The truly bold colour scheme also helps it to stand out from the competition, literally.  


Clear is available on app stores for $4.99.



Habatica used to be called HabitRPG, and with good reason. Although it is a list app, it’s bundled together in the rather unusual form of a role-playing game, complete with a character, quests, battles and monsters. All of these are, of course, just a guise for helping you to complete all of your tasks, but as long as they get done, who cares? The reward for completing your tasks are ‘gold’ which can then be ‘spent’ on treats in the real world as begin to tick things off.


Habatica is free, but offers in-app purchases for various gems and other RPG-related accessories.


Google Keep

Google keep is a bit more comprehensive than the other options we’ve suggested here. As the name suggests, this app is for keeping all sorts of bits and bobs on your device together, from notes and photos to audio recordings and links. You can even set location-based reminders so you don’t forget to pick up the milk when walking past the shop on your way home. The app has the standard suite of colour coding so you can group everything too.


Google Keep is available for free. is a pretty standard to-do list app, but offers a few helpful features, like a list of items to be completed today, and a pretty decent voice-entry system for quick notes. The ability to set tasks as recurring is also definitely useful. does have a free version which will be more than likely the only one you ever need. They also offer a premium version for $2.09 a month.