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The Best Surfing Hot Spots in the World


The world is just abound with great beaches, great oceans, and yes, high waves! Some places more than the others have bigger and higher swells than most regular beaches. What to do with these swells? Of course, ride them! For expats who are looking for the best swells around the world, well read on. These places not only boast of waves but also of golf, the real-deal surf and turf dishes and yes, incredible vacation and travel getaways.


Waikiki, Hawaii, USA

The Best Surfing Hot Spots in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Kanaka Menehune

The island of Hawaii – where almost everywhere you go, you find waves – and great ones to surf in! The Pipeline is like the big daddy of waves, where many a surfer have dreamed of making the perfect surf ride over its crest. The area is just heavy with great swells. It scales over six meters above a razor-blade table reef and a shallow base. From Dillingham Airport, you can get there via a taxi ride to Ehukai Beach Park in Pupukea. 

The Backdoor in Hawaii is also home to world-class tubes and swells. Like in Pipeline, these swells are mostly for professional surfers. Expats who are not surf experts can have a great time watching pro surfers zoom through the tubes effortlessly. It has been known that Hawaii's ancient kings rode the surf aboard ancient wooden boards even before the place was discovered by missionaries. 

Waikiki is the perfect place for expats who are into surfing but not crazy enough to try the swells in Pipeline and Backdoor. The waves are friendlier here. From Dillingham Airport, a taxi rides to Kam Highway and opposite Sunset Elementary, and you won't miss these great surfing places.​

But since you're in Hawaii, you might as well check out fabulous golf courses and of course, snack on the best surf and turf dishes the resorts and restaurants that litter these locations.


Canary Islands, Spain

The Best Surfing Hot Spots in the World - ExpatFinder Blog Photo: Victor Morell Perez

Towards the most northern part of the chain of the Canary Islands is Lanzarote. It is perfectly nestled about 100 kilometers from the Moroccan coast in the Atlantic. Lanzarote, located at the northern part of the Canary Islands chain is about 100 km from the Moroccan coast in the center of the Atlantic Ocean. Apart from Lanzarote, other resorts like Cost Teguise and Famara on both east and west sides of the coast are also popular for the swells that are available to surfers with almost 1500 meters of beautiful beaches and the backdrop of the volcano. 

Expat families with children will find these resorts having friendlier waves that are perfect for family surfing. 

In Fuerteventura Island, expats will see swells perfect for all levels of surfing. There are more aggressive tubes in some parts of the island, and there are swells that make for fun surfing. Water has mild temperature all year round, and the Canarian sunshine smiles on all expats who come for the surf, vacation, sand and the sun and good surf and turf dishes. Usually, the best time to catch these waves are from October to March.


Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica

The Best Surfing Hot Spots in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Efrain Gonzalez Buitrago

Costa Rica is known for its sleepy beaches that just spells both relaxation and fun! The beaches are just stretches of white sand and expats will find monkeys swinging in trees along the sand. Swells are just endless, almost calling out to surfers to be ridden. Here, the waves cater from the novice to the more advanced riders. In Playa Guiones, Nosara, more surfers huddle over and surf the tides. It has a sandy bottom and waves can vary from the time of the year from the gentler ones for beginners and the bigger ones. When the bigger swells do come in, only professional surfers are allowed to go to the beaches. 

Expats looking for more consistent waves head over to Playa Tamarindo. It offers excellent beaches and great restaurants where expats and surfers can munch surf and turf variations, most importantly, it has one of the most consistent swells for stretches. 

The best time to come over for surfing is from April to September.


Byron Bay, Australia

The Best Surfing Hot Spots in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Aristocrats-hat

This place used to be a slow-paced dairy town that has now become a haven to hippie-surfer-stockbrokers from all walks of life and from all over. This place is famous for beginner surfers. There is just way too many varieties of swells for different levels from the gentler rollers in Watego Beach and to the most fun breaks of Tallows as well as in Wreck. All are friendly enough to surf in just for fun and if you are still learning to surf. Byron Bay Surf School makes sure you will love surfing rather than dread it. There’s a variety of waves to fit various surfing skills, from the rollers in Watego Beach to the breaks of Tallows and The Wreck (in small swells). The months from March to May are the perfect time to go for more consistently warm weather conditions and more consistent swells.


Kuta Beach, Indonesia
  The Best Surfing Hot Spots in the World - ExpatFinder Blog
Photo: Oceana

This place is a surf destination. It can get crowded but mainly because it swells come in an excellent package of tropical goodness – the palm-lined beaches, the Asian feel of the island and most definitely, the great food from surf and turf to Bali’s local and traditional dishes. Most of all, the island is popular with surfers for its grinding left-hand reef breaks. This also makes Bali a great destination for surfers out to learn better moves. Swells do get bigger, though, which is also perfect for more advanced tide riders. The best time to come over is from May to September. The travel to this place usually comes with great partying everywhere in the island. 

Whether you are just a starting-out surfer or the more daring tube rider out for a great wave adventure, the world is just littered with cozy and warm havens for riding the perfect crest. You just need to fly and be on a surfboard and viola! The wave is yours! And of course, who can deny the food? Surf and turf go where the waves are too!



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Top 10 Family Travel Tips


Travelling with family is hard. When not done right, it would feel like work when it shouldn’t. As Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” 

Make your travel with the family as a milestone trip to create new memories and strengthen bonds. Travelling with kids can be hard but not impossible. If done right, family trips are something to look forward to and enjoy.


Research Before You Book

Top 10 Family Travel Tips - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: N i c o l a

Check out websites like and Although these websites can be considered as a third party, nothing tops these in helping you compare hotel prices and give you an idea what hotel fits your family’s needs and budget. Gather information about these websites and book at the homepage of the hotel of your interest.

You can also check out budget friendly AirBnB if you don’t want to book multiple hotel rooms for your large family. AirBnB is a website where you can lease a place cheaper than hotel rooms and have the opportunity to soak more of the everyday life in the places you visit.


Pack a Food Kit for Kids

Top 10 Family Travel Tips - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Bunches and Bits {Karina}

Kids can grow hungry at any time. Rather than spend on overpriced snacks at the airport, prepare packed snacks like quick bites of fruits, biscuits or cheese. Think easy, healthy and mess free! Advice to save money is a tip worth noting.


Don't Fold, Roll

Top 10 Family Travel Tips - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: diane cordell

Travelling does not immediately equate just to pack lightly. Organization is the key. When you arrange your clothes roll them up. More clothes can be stored in luggage if you roll them rather than fold them. Rolling wins by a milestone when it is easier to pack, and less prone to wrinkles. This hack is proven and guaranteed to keep your luggage stress free.


Bring a Foldable Travel Bag

Top 10 Family Travel Tips - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto:

When not in use, a foldable travel bag is no larger than an envelope but its size is not just the reason for you to take it with you when you travel. Travelling with the family also means taking care of not just your dirty clothes but also your spouse’s and children’s. Take all your family’s dirty clothes and put them all in one foldable bag and rest assure there will be no stench on your clean top or your kids’ shirt. Travelling becomes hard when you have to mind all the dirty laundry in every luggage.


Tie a Ribbon on your Luggage

Top 10 Family Travel Tips - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Becky Lai

Spot your luggage easily at the airport’s baggage carousel. No need to ponder whether that next bag is yours or not. Plus, placing a fun colored ribbon can be something your kids might be interested in and can be made into a game.


Keep Wet Tissues Close

Top 10 Family Travel Tips - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Elliot Moore

Wet wipes are a valuable convenience when you travel especially with kids. Wet tissues at hand make sure you don’t need to look for a washroom when any family member touches something undesirable or when your kids are messy eaters. Moms can fully enjoy the trip without constantly worrying about the family’s hygiene.


Record a Video

Top 10 Family Travel Tips - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Photographer

A video captures moments, conversations and laughter, so it’s a lot of fun to look back with family. A video also avoids you from being distracted from the thought of whether you took a good shot of the view or not. A big common mistake at family travel is keeping the kids in line to take a photogenic shot. When you worry about a camera shot, you won’t be able to appreciate fully in being where you are and who you are with.


Keep Documents Safe

Top 10 Family Travel Tips - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Becky Wetherington

All your family’s passports and documents for travel have to be stored in a neatly filed folder. Vacations can quickly become a nightmare when a travel papers go missing. Color coding your documents would also help you from distinguishing which is yours and which are your kids.


Bring a Power Bank

Top 10 Family Travel Tips - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: César

Portable batteries can be a saving grace when you are in the middle of using your phone and tablets. Think of them as your gadgets’ battery life extension plan in the midst of a socket free environment. Battery life of gadgets these days runs out fast when you use any apps continuously like GPS or surfing.


Download Everything

Top 10 Family Travel Tips - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: GotCredit

Embrace the age of technology. Technologies work like a magic nanny for your kids when you need it. When you anticipate a long waiting in the plane, trains and cars, you have to realize such travel can be hard for kids, so download like there is no tomorrow before you depart for your trip with family. Download cartoon shows, game apps for kids and television series for you teenagers if you anticipate long plane ride or car travel. Waiting time with kids can become less stressful when they are distracted by their favorite cartoons and fun games.



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The World’s Best Post Breakup Places


Everyone hates a breakup. And everyone is not spared of it around the world. It is even worse for expats whose love is in another part of the world. It sure sucks to be in a situation bordering on depression and a seemingly painful void in our lives. You would think no one in the world should feel what you feel. You can’t think straight, you can’t sleep even when you have been exhausted just crying your heart out and worse, you can’t eat! You just feel like a walking zombie. What to do, what to do? Well, despair no more. Instead of seriously considering moving into Zombieland, you might want to know some places that specialize in your malady? Oh yes, there are places that do heartbreaks! Seriously! Cheer up, there’s some hope you can get out of your unbelievable stupor. Check out the world’s most notorious breakup places.


Museum of Broken Relationships in Croatia

The World’s Best Post Breakup Places - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Connie Ma

Yes, there indeed is a place that showcases remnants of relationships gone bad and worse. It sure makes you feel less alone, right? Learning that you are not the only one who just had a breakup, there is just some feeling of comfort in there. The Museum of Broken Relationships is in Zagreb, Croatia. It showcases a collection of love stories, objects of affections and remembrances of the love that did not see forever. All these collections are donated by the heartbroken in Croatia and other places. Some of the donations include a wedding dress left by a woman from a failed marriage, an ax from a spurned lover that was used to destroy a former girlfriend’s furniture and a really good number of underwear. Understandably there are also handcuffs on display and some cellular phones. Don’t you want to make a donation as well? Donors say it brings some relief and release when they let go of the very thing they have been holding on as a reminder of their former love.


Surfing in Nicaragua for Her and Cowboy Getaway in Montana for Him

The World’s Best Post Breakup Places - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Abraham Wallin

Chicabrava in Nicaragua has serious waves. This destination is not far from Costa Rica, and it has the first girls-only camp for surfing opened by Ashley Blalock. If he broke off with you, head over and surf your sadness away. Learn how to ride the waves, join yoga classes intended to improve your surf style and have lots of shopping time. You will surely forget you ever had a breakup after you have surfed the waves in Nicaragua. If she broke it off with you, there are an all dude activities lined up at the Resort at Paws Up in Montana. It is a ranch that acres and acres of wilderness cut by a river perfect for cowboy and fishing activities. Don’t worry it also has lots of luxury accommodations to bunk with after a long, arduous day at the ranch.


Sleep Together Shop in Tokyo

The World’s Best Post Breakup Places - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto:

If donating some pieces and tokens of your love, or rather, broken heart does still does not make you feel any better, why don’t you go to Tokyo. What’s in Tokyo, you ask? Well, what if you can sleep your tears away in the arms of a beautiful woman – no strings attached? Yes, that is possible, only in Tokyo. And no, it is not a brothel or a one-night stand place. For sure, that is the last thing you need right now. After all the stressful day, you would like to come home and fall asleep in the loving embrace of your loved one – only that you just broke up. So some businessmen in Tokyo came up with Sleep Together Shops, or Soineya, where you can just go there and have someone to cuddle with until you cry yourself to sleep.


The Ruins in Italy, Turkey or Mexico

The World’s Best Post Breakup Places - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Andy Beal

When you feel like everything is just in ruins after a breakup, you might as well head over where you can be surrounded by real ruins! Good for you, there is an ample choice of relics of worlds and cultures that were prolific in another time. Empires that have been destroyed over time and by nature  - Pompeii in Rome, Ephesus in Turkey and of course, the Mayan ruins in Mexico. Grandiose reminders of worlds and people of the past. Get lost in the ruins and lose your own.


Divorce Hotel in Netherlands

The World’s Best Post Breakup Places - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Roel Wijnants

The Hague, Netherlands is not only the world’s best place for retirement it is also a haven for divorce and breakups. Divorce Hotel here offers services for couples who want to have a divorce fast and quite comfortably. They work through the documents for the couple and make sure that their stay alleviates current emotional state. Divorce Hotel works with hotels that have a minimum of four-star ratings. These are mostly boutique hotels and those that offer the most comfortable services to their clients. The Carlton Ambassador Hotel is one of the favorite hotels being offered to Divorce hotel clients because of its accessible location for shopping, good food, and the beaches. Part of the services is to make the couple less hostile toward each other as the divorce is ongoing. Some couples even request to stay in the same room while the divorce proceedings are sorted out.


Meditation and Wellness Retreats in Thailand and Vietnam

The World’s Best Post Breakup Places - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Sofitel So Bangkok

There is just nothing more perfect after a break up than to just discover yourself all again. After spending a fraction of your life with someone, it would be nice to rediscover and pamper yourself. Well, head over to Thailand or Vietnam if this is what you want to do after a breakup. They are just bursting with wellness retreats and spas that can calm the worst of your nerves and bring about some inner peace. You can just melt away the rest of the world and just connect with your inner self by communing with nature and discovering the chakras of your body. Most of these wellness spas are hotels that provide accommodation as well as their wellness and spa services. Be in your ultimate zen paradise in one of the meditation and wellness retreats in Thailand and come out a more relaxed, stress-free and new you! 


Fun, fun, fun in Ibiza and Rio!

The World’s Best Post Breakup Places - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Roberto Castaño

Of course, there is nothing like partying your sorrows away after a breakup. Ibiza is the place to be for this type of breakup therapy! The place is just crawling with all kinds of clubs. Why wait for spring break or a holiday? Savor all sorts of club specialties in the clubbing destination in the world. Well, it’s not all party in Ibiza. There is also the element of relaxation as you spend the daytime lazing around on the perfect beaches of the magical island. Or you can head over at Rio where you can bask in samba music all day, stretches of incredible beaches and a life that is just fun-filled. Enjoy the sun in breathtaking Ipanema and just during the day away at the beach. Then hit the clubs at Lapa at night. You can also adventure into the enclaves of Santa Teresa and the Confeitaria Colombo. You will never go wrong with the friendly Brazilians all around. Just make sure not to go heavy on the cachaca – it’s deadly.

You see, there is no time to lose! Drag your feet and go to the post breakup places in the world and release some feelings, find comfort, pamper and rediscover yourself, finalize that divorce without the hurtful feelings and party away. It isn’t the end of the world. Soon, you will discover a new you, ready to face the world again.



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The Cutest and Tiniest Hotels in the World


When travelling, most of us look for luxurious, comfortable and spacious hotels and accommodations. However, you might want to experience hotels that have small spaces but cute features. These incredibly tiny hotels give every expat another perspective in choosing accommodations when travelling. Check out the cutest and tiniest hotels in the world. 


Utter Inn, Sweden

The Cutest and Tiniest Hotels in the World - ExpatFinder Blog Photo: Västerås stad

Sweden is known for amazing sceneries and the highlight of any expat travel here includes snowmobiling across the Lapland, river rafting, experiencing the midnight sun and of course revelling in the Viking villages in a Stockholm island among so many things. Another itinerary you could add to your list while in Sweden is to check out this tiny hotel called Utter Inn. 

Utter Inn does not only have a few square feet of space for your accommodation a unique feature is that you get to spend your hotel stay in the middle of the lake. It also features underwater staying facilities for travellers and the general public. Guests are brought out to the middle of the lake by an inflatable boat and after receiving information and instructions are left to their accommodation. It is an amazing experience to sleep surrounded by fishes of the lake.


The Everland Hotel, Switzerland

The Cutest and Tiniest Hotels in the World - ExpatFinder Blog Photo: Julien

Another ski-destination, Switzerland is also home to the Everland Hotel. This tiny and cute hotel has only one room and bathroom. This is a project developed by artists. The hotel’s only bedroom includes a king-sized bed and a small lounge. Its features make up for space: the architecture is quite a marvel and the details all around the place is just fun to look at. The place has gold-embroidered towels too. Expats can check in for one night only, and breakfast is delivered. Guests can also partake of the minibar, which is already included in the price of the accommodation. 


Capsule Hotels, Japan

The Cutest and Tiniest Hotels in the World - ExpatFinder Blog Photo: Eric Montfort

Another travel accommodation experience you should experience is the Capsule Hotels in Tokyo. Well, there are capsule hotels in other parts of the world. In Tokyo, Japan, capsule hotels are quite popular among locals and tourists. The hotel features the smallest rooms there is – a capsule! This concept started in 1979 with the Capsule Hotel in Osaka. It was originally designed by Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa. In its early operations, capsule hotels only accommodated men – mostly businessmen. However more recently, certain floors already offer accommodations for women. Hotel owners are now developing features for both men and women. The capsule-like rooms are already fitted with high-speed internet, and the accommodation includes necessities like toiletries and towels.


Pipe Hotels, Germany

The Cutest and Tiniest Hotels in the World - ExpatFinder Blog Photo:

In Germany, there are accommodations similar to the capsule hotels in Tokyo. Whereas capsule hotels are rectangular tubes, here, hotel rooms are inside large pipe structures. The Das Park Pipe Hotels is located just a few meters from the Danube river. The hotel rooms look like blank concrete pipes on the outside. The theme is simplicity here. While the exterior looks like a bare pipe, the inside is also sparsely finished. However, the pipes can be located in a nice blooming park so that guests can wake up to a lovely garden scenery. It sure is a unique experience every expat should try when visiting Germany.


Yotel Airport Hotel, England

The Cutest and Tiniest Hotels in the World - ExpatFinder Blog Photo: Mart

Another tiny hotel concept is the Yotel Airport Hotel. Unlike the capsule or pipe hotels in Tokyo and Germany, Yotel Airport Hotels offer luxurious rooms. Space may be limited, but the accommodations come complete with flat screen tv, wireless internet connection and, of course, a round-the-clock room service. The concept of Yotel Airport Hotels is to mix luxurious accommodation experience and affordable pricing to travellers and expats. Minimizing space allows hotel owners to achieve this, much to the delight of guests. 


De Kromme Raake, Netherlands

The Cutest and Tiniest Hotels in the World - ExpatFinder Blog


Netherlands claim to have the smallest hotel in the world. The Grand Hotel De Kromme Raake here is a quaint maisonette that has made the equally adorable little town of Eenrum popular. The city has a couple of cafes, a candle-making shop and a mustard museum. The Grand Hotel De Kromme Raake used to be a grocery store that was converted into a single-room hotel. It features lovely art-deco style adornments as designed by its artist owners. The hotel is so popularly known as the smallest hotel in the world that it has already caught the attention of celebrities. 

So who says travelling is only about sprawling accommodations? Tiny hotels can offer an experience like no other for any expat. Have another perspective in travelling – try out the cutest and tiniest hotels in the world.



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The Creepiest Places on the Planet


At one time or another, we crave for that otherworldly experience. Sometimes, we do not even know what to expect. It is just that we have heard this and that from a friend or an old relative or camping and sleepover stories. One thing for sure, there exist some places that are considered scary, and just a glance at its photograph gives you the creeps and the chills start running down your spine. However, the creepiness of the place is not just the physical aspect of it – most of these places do have very real history behind it that may be the reason for them being scary. If you're a traveler or an expat who's looking for a creepy adventure or a freakishly exciting lifestyle, you may want to move near these areas.


Island of Dolls, Mexico

The Creepiest Places on the Planet - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Kevin

In a district in Mexico exist artificial islands and in one of these islands or chinampa is a chilling scene: various dolls, doll parts, and discarded dolls just everywhere in the island. Sure it sounds cute – but these are dolls that have been thrown away, worn out and weather-beaten. Some stare directly at you. The sheer number of these dolls littered and fixed on trees, logs, bushes, etc. just makes you feel like they are looking at you or that their eyes are following you everywhere. Just creepy. The island is owned by Julian Santana Barrera. At one time, he found the remains of a dead girl in one of the canals in the island. After this incident, he just kept on collecting various discarded dolls and their grotesque parts and hang them on trees and bushes. He believes by doing this he can avert the ghost of the girl and other evil spirits from doing harm. Even after the passing of Barrera, his creepy doll collections remain on his island.


The Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

The Creepiest Places on the Planet - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Tania Ho

This place has a creepiness to it in a good way. The Hill was established as a pilgrimage location in the 1800s. Many pilgrims have made it a tradition or a habit to leave crosses in the place as a sign of their devotion or pilgrimage. Over the years, the Hill has amassed about a hundred thousand crosses including giant crucifixes. What is supposed to be an expression of faith can be scary – especially at night. The Late Pope John Paul II referred to the place as one of love, hope and peace, but you do not want to be left behind on the hill especially at night. It just gives you that weird and uneasy feeling.


Aokigahara, Japan

The Creepiest Places on the Planet - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: elminium

Nestled at the base of the breathtaking Mount Fuji is a lush forest that upon initial visual inspection would seem to complement the grandiose mountain. However, if you knew the Japanese folklore, tradition and stories from word of mouth passed through generations, this place wouldn’t be on top of your camping list. It is just a forest similar to the one in the movie, The Blair Witch Project. Stories of old and even the modern generation speak of demons roaming the woods. The place is also notoriously renowned around the world as among the locations with the highest suicide rates. In the year 2010, it was documented that more than 50 people committed suicide here. It is so notorious for this that every year there is an annual body hunt organized by volunteers. Hikers leave a plastic rope or some markers to make it out of the forest – and for good reason! You do not want to be lost in this forest.


Paris Catacombs

The Creepiest Places on the Planet - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Tridekker

The notoriety of the Paris Catacombs is just beyond compare. Beneath the cobblestones of Paris’ bustling city, life lies an immense span of an ossuary that has been the resting (if you say so) place of more than six million people. The massive underground cemetery of some sorts has caverns and tunnels as far as your eye can see, and they just lead from one place to another. It is just very easy to get lost in this genuinely scary place. The tunnels and caverns were used in World War II by the French Resistance. If you fancy a nice scare, you can visit the catacombs is located at Place Denfert Rochereau. Have fun getting lost among the bones of the dead!


Pripyat, Ukraine

The Creepiest Places on the Planet - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Ryan Roberts

One of the most haunting cities of the 1986 Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster is Pripyat. To describe the place as a ghost town after all these years is an understatement. The once-bustling city is now a picture of a weirdly-preserved-in-time scene of the time the explosion happened. It is one of the nearest cities of the Chernobyl Plant. The place now looks as if it is from a horror and post-apocalyptic movie. Thousands of residents and workers died during that fateful explosion.


Bran Castle, Romania

The Creepiest Places on the Planet - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Horia Varlan

Oh, who would not mention Bran Castle in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania? The castle is just as it is depicted in the vampire movies – nestled creepily on top of a jagged mountain. It is known as the Dracula Castle. The castle, with all its formidable towers, fortress, and that eerie landscape, was in reality the home of Prince of Wallachia, who was the ancestor of the feared Dracula. It also housed Vlad III Dracul, otherwise known infamously as Vlad the Impaler. His reputation precedes him for his notoriously inhuman impaling and torture methods. 

If you feel the urge for something creepy, the world sure is not short of creepy and eerie places to visit. Just make sure you have read enough and have a trusty guide who knows the place well and does know how to get you out of the place in an instant – and a very reliable map. These days, maybe, just maybe, a GPS on your phone and some signal might also be good companions for your trip to these scary places.



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