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5 Most Isolated Countries in the World


World is more and more becoming a global village available for everyone to visit almost in every corner. There are many different ways of travelling to various countries, planes, ships, trains, buses, cars etc. But still, believe it or not, there are some places that are so remote and inaccessible that even the most modern means of transport cannot easily get you there. These countries are so isolated for various reasons, some of them because of complicated travelling policy others for some bans and some even because of rough terrain. All of these details make them even more interesting and tempting to be visited and if you are so curious here is a short list of 5 most isolated countries in the world.



5 Most Isolated Countries in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Sean Kelleher

Nauru is actually the least visited country in the world and one of the biggest reasons for that is its size! Nauru is one of the islands in Micronesia, and that “micro” tells a lot about this country, which is so small that you can walk through it in just a couple of hours. This is really true so if you manage to visit it you can tell everyone you have jogged the whole country in only one morning. Here comes the difficult part – finding a way to get to Nauru. Well, first you will have to go to Brisbane in Australia, where you will likely have to stall there for a couple of days since Nauru’s national airline flies only once a week. Do not let yourself get surprised if that flight gets canceled suddenly, but if you are so lucky to catch the plane then you will first visit Solomon Islands before finally arriving at Nauru. Rumor says that there is only one taxi driver on the island so you will probably have to walk while trying to find a proper accommodation, but since it is a small country that should not be a problem. And in the end you will finally get the chance to enjoy in Nauru’s miles-long white-sand beaches, beautiful ocean and comfortable climate. 



5 Most Isolated Countries in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: David Stanley

Eritrea is a small country in Africa which has a lot to offer, but the only problem is that its government lacks sense of hospitality when it comes to tourism. This mysterious country has so many historical, natural and architectural wonders many visitors would love to see, but its complicated political situation and even more complicated procedure of getting required permissions is pushing people away. Whole procedure usually lasts for 6 to 8 weeks, so one could get upset and unmotivated to visit it anymore. But those rare tourists who have had a chance to go to Eritrea were fascinated with the things they have seen and that is the reason why there are still many adventurers waiting in line for a tourist visa. 


Democratic Republic of Congo

5 Most Isolated Countries in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Oxfam International

This African country has really a long history of wars and violence, for decades DR Congo lacks true stability making it one of the most dangerous places on Earth. Years and years of war and genocide have torn this country apart and the humanitarian crisis in the nation is catastrophic and that is the reason why Congo is the second poorest nation in the world. This is a beautiful country but all of these terrible things happening in it is pushing people away, so only “tourists” that visit it are actually members of different humanitarian organizations, but even then they are starting to avoid it. 


North Korea

5 Most Isolated Countries in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Bryan Hughes

North Korea is probably the most controversial country in the world, constantly opposing USA and other countries. It is under various travel bans and sanctions for almost six decades and only rare people had the chance to visit it. Every now and then some new, often very contradictory, information about North Korea shows up in the media. Some say it is a beautiful country with happy and warm people, but others describe it as a big prison or even dungeon. Visiting North Korea is almost impossible because one needs a special permission from its leader Kim Jong-Un, and he is not fond of foreigners. Mystery around this country stays untouched and that makes it so attractive for potential visitors.



5 Most Isolated Countries in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Aidan "Trig" Brooks

Zimbabwe was once the seat of the mighty Rowzi Shona dynasty.  Its urban culture is greatly influenced by Western culture and education, but traditional values and crafts continue to thrive in the rural areas. Since 1980 when this African country achieved its independence, political climate has been so tense with President Robert Mugabe ruling the country with the tight grip. Zimbabwe is the poorest nation in the world whose history is filled with wars, violence, genocide, poverty and dictatorship. Despite the dangers the country poses, still it continues to attract many visitors to experience the natural magnificence of the place.



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The Best Places for Beach-Bums in the World


The beach is one of the best places in the world for people who just want to relax and have fun. The beach allows us to escape our everyday lives even for a little while and enjoy the good times we share with our loved ones in the warm weather, refreshing water, and cool calm splendor. Forget stress! Just sit back, relax and enjoy the view! There are probably millions of beaches around the world and each of them has its unique beauty, but what are the top beaches in the world that you should not miss if you have a chance to visit? Here is a short list of the most inviting beaches in the world for beach lovers.



The Best Places for Beach-Bums in the WorldPhoto: Trish Hartmann

Poseidon himself probably created this island for his residence because Corfu’s beauty is really worth of the gods. Used as the backdrop for epic tales by both Homer and Shakespeare, Corfu has the most beautiful beaches in whole Greece. With the scent of olives and citrus carried by the wind from nearby groves is enough to refresh anyone, together with its sandy beaches it will make you feel as though you have found paradise. Corfu is every sun-seeker's dream no matter if you prefer the more isolated, but easily accessible, or the expansive, pebbly shores, because this island has it all. There are also many historical sites you can visit that will give you a glimpse of antiquity from Achilles’ era.



  Rio de Janeiro

The Best Places for Beach-Bums in the WorldPhoto: Victoria Calligo y Solivella

The legendary Copacabana is without any doubt the most famous beach in the world with its sparkling white sand and coconut trees. Beautiful Brazilian girls are the main symbol of Copacabana, but beach volleyball and beach football are also globally associated with this beach. Marvelous city, as Rio de Janeiro is usually being called,  together with its popular Cariocas (natives born in this city), it will help you experience the time of your life so don’t hesitate to visit Copacabana.



Cayman Islands

The Best Places for Beach-Bums in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: SF Brit

Cayman Islands are usually associated with banking or tax reliefs, which is actually quite sad since the Cayman’s have amazing beaches. You can’t be wrong with the Caribbean’s since every island here is beautiful, but Cayman Islands have the best beaches in entire region. Gorgeous barrier reefs call to divers as the rum punch calls to the beach bums, so everybody can find an excuse to join the party on Cayman Islands.




The Best Places for Beach-Bums in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Y. Ballester

This beach is perhaps one of the most desirable beaches in the world and it can frequently be seen on postcards and travel brochures. Pictures of Seychelles are the ones that make us decide to go on summer vacation since they lure you to spend your free holiday time on the beach and sunbathing. Having in mind that it is famous for its incredible beauty, Seychelles beach is the most photographed beach in the world. It has beautiful pale pink sands and turquoise water and this combination gives you an amazing view. When it comes to water itself, you need to know that it is relatively shallow and you will be protected by waves by a reef.



The Hamptons

The Best Places for Beach-Bums in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Innisfree Hotels

One of the prettiest beaches on Long Island is definitely the one in New York City. The Hamptons is extremely popular place to go to during summer. The beach itself represents a kind of unspoiled nature and shoreline. It begins somewhere in Southampton and ends on the island at Montauk. It has beautiful dunes and waving grass and New Yorkers enjoy spending their summers here since it is a great way to escape from the crowded city.




The Best Places for Beach-Bums in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Edgar Barany C

We are all familiar with this beach even if many of us did not see it in person. Many movies and shows have been recorded on Maldives and during summer season we can read how many celebrities spend their vacations on Maldives. And why shouldn’t they, since Maldives is an extraordinary beach to visit with its magnificent resorts and a wide offer of activities included in your visit. For example, you can swim among dozens of species of tropical fish and dive at about 24 meter underwater with a trained staff that will help you with anything you need. The island is a story for itself and all the comments are redundant. It is quite enough just to see the beach and it will tell you its own story.


There are of course many other beautiful and heaven-like beaches in the world and writing about them would give us quite a long list. But we cannot fail to mention Bora Bora on Tahiti, Lanikai Beach on Hawaii, Langkawi in Malaysia, Nantucket Island in Massachussets and so on. The fact is that each of the beaches is beautiful and grand in its own way and what you find beautiful on one beach might not be suitable for the other. But the important thing for you is to enjoy spending time on these amazing places.




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How to Earn a Lot of Money While Travelling


Travelling abroad is an amazing experience. You are introduced to new countries, new cultures and new people. Every day there is an adventure waiting to happen. Unfortunately, travel and adventure does not always come cheap. On the contrary, very often it is actually quite expensive and that is why most of us travel once or twice a year at most, on just a week or two of vacation. But wouldn’t it be great if you could travel and earn money at the same time? And I don’t mean earn a few bucks, but a decent amount of money. Well, believe it or not there’s actually a few ways to make that possible and we will tell you how. See our list of ways to earn a lot of money while travelling abroad.


Be a Full-time Vacationer

How to Earn a Lot of Money While Travelling - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Doug

Well, unlike regular mortals who work hard throughout the year to earn some money for a short travel abroad, these guys earn for living by travelling. Full-time vacationers travel all over the world and thus advise us all about where to go, what to do, which sights to visit, where to stay at or what delicacies to eat, and get paid for doing so. This is a dream come true actually, since these guys are probably the only people in the world who save their money so they could spend it – at home!



Teach English

How to Earn a Lot of Money While Travelling - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Six intheworld

Everybody needs to know English today. It is a universal language that connects people from different parts of the world. But still there are many who do not know it well and would like to learn it, which is your chance. In many cases you don’t even need to be certified, you just need to be a native speaker. So if you have the knowledge and the patience to teach someone , search the web and you will find plenty of chances, especially in countries like South Korea, Japan, Thailand or Vietnam, but also in many other places too.



Sell Timeshares

How to Earn a Lot of Money While Travelling - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: reynermedia

If you are talented for sales and marketing, those skills can help you earn easy money in top tourist locations such as Greece, Mexico, Thailand, the Caribbean etc. Many tourists visit these countries and they usually trust more to salespeople who they can relate with, for example to their countryman. The earning potential in this line of work is huge, so it is definitively worth a try. But, if for any reason, you fail to find your way around in selling business, you can always work on the front desk, in the restaurant or in the activity and entertainment department.



Be a Freelance Designer/Developer

How to Earn a Lot of Money While Travelling - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: SamsungTomorrow

Earning thousands of dollars in a foreign country can be achieved easily if you are one of those computer geeks who completely live in the age of technology. So, if you are capable of building a website, either a simple or more complex one, then you are to become filthy rich. All you need to do is to start looking for clients online, through your friends and acquaintances and soon enough you will be snowed under websites that are to be designed. Moreover, if you can develop an app on iOS, you can organize a course or a school and thus teach others how to start developing their own apps that may bring you money. App developers are being in constant demand and all you need to do is to offer your services on the labor market, even if you are in another country.



Be a Yoga Instructor

How to Earn a Lot of Money While Travelling - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: harbour_ridge

One of the most popular side things to do is to practice yoga definitely. This is because people are constantly tense and they work a lot, they do not have much time to spend on long walks or holidays. But either way they have to get rid of a negative energy they have collected during hard working days. Therefore most of them choose to practice yoga and yoga instructors earn a lot of money by showing people how to achieve mental and physical stability and balance. So, if you have practiced yoga sometimes earlier, this is an excellent way to regain your invested money and start earning it through your regular clients.



Be a Cruise Ship Employee

How to Earn a Lot of Money While Travelling - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Craig Stanfill

This kind of job will give you something you might never be able to afford for yourself – an opportunity to visit all glorious places on Earth and to travel round the world plus having your own salary. Of course, working on a cruise ship will get you a taste of a world, but also it will bring you a strong network of people. You can also make your own blog about travelling while on cruise ship and you can give advice to all potential visitors to a certain place. You will definitely have benefits because one of the sites may offer you a job of a travel writer. You can never know what are your limits and capabilities until you try doing what you like and enjoy.

Of course, there are many other ways to earn tons of dollars. You can for instance try busking, selling your art, volunteer work and so on. What is essential is that you need to have a strong will and success will inevitably come. You just need to believe in yourself.



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Follow the Goat!


Follow the Goat - ExpatFinder Blog


Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone! It’s the Lunar New Year and we’ve prepared a special quiz to help see your fortune and help you decide where to take your chances in terms of finances, lovelife, career and health this 2015!


Take the quiz now and follow the Goat for a better future! 



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The Most Complicated Countries to Visit


Traveling abroad is a great experience. You see new places, meet new people, learn something new about different cultures and of course you have fun. Modern communications allow you to visit even the furthest parts of the world, so you might get a feeling everything is so accessible, ready to be visited and explored. But a feeling can fool you sometimes. Even today there are many places that are almost impossible to visit, for many different reasons. Some of these countries are quite attractive and some of them used to be tourist centers, but situations in these countries have changed in recent years which makes them hardly available to be visited. Here is a short list with countries you might not be able to visit for the next few years to come:




The Most Complicated Countries to Visit - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Jose Javier Martin Espartos

The Syrian Civil War started in July 2011 and is unfortunately still going on, making this beautiful country a very dangerous place to live. Syria has a rich historical and cultural heritage, some of it is even on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and before the war millions of tourists came to see them. Tourism was blooming and it was also an essential to the flow of funds to the state budget, but now everything has changed and most of people do not even consider visiting Syria, for obvious reasons.




The Most Complicated Countries to Visit - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: United Nations Photo

One of the reasons why you will find it hard to visit Kiribati is the fact that this is a small island located in the middle of Pacific, so you will have trouble finding it on the map for the start. This country doesn’t have a war or any political conflict, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy place to just fly to. There is a very complicated procedure for getting the visa, which includes finding the one and only consulate in Europe, located somewhere in Wales. Also, Kiribati is connected with international flights, but they are flying only twice a week.




The Most Complicated Countries to Visit - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Charles Roffey

Visiting Eritrea is a major challenge; it is a real lottery of getting a permission to come into this country. The reason for that is a complicated political situation, country is governed by one party, that does not like visitors or money from tourism, so even if you fill out the application form very carefully, it may still returned with your passport. Also, whole procedure usually lasts for 6 to 8 weeks, so one could get upset and unmotivated to visit it anymore. This is really a pity because Eritrea has a lot of to offer, but it is probably not worth trying to do so. 




The Most Complicated Countries to Visit - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: André Pereira

The reason why this country is complicated to visit lies in the fact that Angola has a lot of oil money recently and Europe does not have it. Thus, the visa regime is extremely strict and one cannot get it easily. This is because their government consider that every unemployed citizen arrives because of job hunting. If you want to visit Angola, then you should definitely try in their embassy in your country. After submitting documents required for getting the visa, the embassy might call you and inform that you need to submit more supporting documents. Just do not argue with them because if you do so, then you will not certainly get it.




The Most Complicated Countries to Visit - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: John C. Bruckman

Libya is not easy to visit especially because their strict regime of a long ruler Gadaffi. That is why tourism was controlled by his tight regime and you can get a visa but usually not from the first time. In order to succeed in getting visa for Libya one needs to spend a lot of nerves, time and money. And the visa situation for Libya at the moment is not transparent. After the death of Gadaffi, it seems like visitors are more welcome to enter the country. 




The Most Complicated Countries to Visit - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Alexey Kljatov

We are already familiar with the information that Russia owns and exports much of the gas reserves and that it is a world’s superpower. Well, you will have some difficulties enter this country because in order to enter it, you need to have an invitation. In most cases, you can get an invitation from the hotel you are staying in. However, if you did not fill in your visa application with extreme caution, they will most likely ask you to reapply again and that will cost you standing in long lines and wasting your time. So, be cautious. And never show your anger or losing nerves, because Russian paper pushers might understand it as being personal.

There are many other countries that are complicated to visit and each of them has its own reason for posing such strict demands and conditions. For instance, each of them considers its own benefits first and then decides on terms and conditions for letting you enter its territory. However, such terms are mostly related to the country’s internal political situation, to its ruler or president, to the fact that a country perhaps might be in a war or facing epidemic disease. Either way, you will certainly make an effort and invest a lot of your time, money and documents to get a visa and visit a desired destination. So, good luck if your destination is one of the above countries.



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