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Must-taste Traditional Food Around The World


A country’s cultural uniqueness always includes the food that the locals consume every day. The way to prepare these foods may range from simple to sophisticated methods yet the taste is a reflection of the country’s sacred traditions. Here are some must-taste traditional foods for expats to try around the world.


India’s Masala Dosa

Must-taste Traditional Food Around The World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Nadir Hashmi

Masala Dosa is a famous South Indian food originating from Udupi cuisine. This savory and crispy delicacy was a breakfast staple until it became more popular in other parts of India. The ingredients are a reflection of India’s fascination for spices and healthy flavors. The dosa shell is made by mixing rice, urad dal, salt, and oil. While the Masala filling made of potatoes, onions (chopped), split yellow peas, mustard seeds, turmeric, green chili, and other local spices. For vegetarians and health enthusiasts, Masala Dosa is a savory meal is a perfect addition to your meal. The name Masala Dosa is a literal interpretation of the food itself.  Masala is a term meaning “sautéing of spices” while dosa is a loose term used for describing a gaunt, crisp pancake made of finely ground lentils.


Thailand’s Massaman Curry

Must-taste Traditional Food Around The World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Young Sok Yun 윤영석

Massaman Curry topped this year's Forbes Most Delicious Food from Thailand. This divine Thai specialty resulted from the influence of Persian, Indian, and Muslim settlements in the country. Literary evidence also indicates how the Massaman curry served among the Thai Royal family even before the 20th century. The secret behind the authentic Thai taste of the curry comes from its ingredients such as potatoes, chicken or beef, red pepper, tomato, coconut oil, onion, ginger, garlic, red chili, chili flakes/cayenne pepper, and chicken stock. Lemongrass, bay leaves, turmeric, chopped unsalted dry-roasted cashews (+ handful more to finish), ground coriander, whole cumin seed, white pepper, cardamom, tamarind, lime juice, shrimp paste (available by the jar at Asian stores), fish sauce, and palm sugar. Expats will be amazed by how this Thai delicacy can allow them to experience sweet, salty, and spicy sensations in their tongue.


Japan’s Ohmi-gyu Beef Steak

Must-taste Traditional Food Around The World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: pelican

Japan takes pride in its infamous Omi beef. The earliest documented history of the Omi beef was from the Edo Period before 1867. The government back in the Hikone era tried to preserve meat and use it as a medicine with the utilization of a soybean paste called Miso. This Japanese delicacy is also recognized by the Imperial Palace in Japan as one of the greatest beef stocks raised in the past 400 years. The meat is tenderized perfectly to melt in your mouth. As the distinct flavors of its ingredients such as calamansi (native lemon) juice, dark soy sauce, freshly ground pepper, minced garlic, and onions slowly revealed with every soft bite. People from all walks of life are mesmerized by this scrumptious Ohmi-gyu beef steak when they are in Japan.


Canada’s Maple Syrup

Must-taste Traditional Food Around The World - ExpatFinder Blog Photo: Sheila Scarborough

Canada takes pride in its high production and exportation of maple syrup. This breakfast essential is a favorite for both adults and children. Aside from being a famous tasty supplement to pancakes, maple syrup is also used as a natural sweetener for glazes, rubs or barbecue sauces for poultry, meat, seafood, and vegetables. A dash of maple syrup can also turn your ordinary fruit mixes, cereals, ice creams, teas, coffees, and smoothies into exquisite dishes. Canadian bars and clubs are also famous for adding a hint of maple syrup to put their drinks on a new level of excellence. Extracting syrup from maple trees is done during March to April for 12 to 20 days straight. Expats who are unfamiliar with the maple syrup will get addicted to this natural sweetener with every sweet drop. 


Iran’s Kebab

Must-taste Traditional Food Around The World - ExpatFinder Blog Photo: Cynthia Chen

Middle Eastern locals would often tell you that you haven’t lived at all if you haven’t tried tasting the delectable Iranian kebab. The Persian term “kebab” originated from the way medieval Persian soldiers would grill their meat over open-field fires using their swords. The swords gradually changed into skewers that also influence the idea of barbecues. With a diverse influence from neighboring areas such as Russia, Central Asia, and Mesopotamia, the Iranian kebab is created with fresh herbs, pomegranates, prunes, raisins, apricots, saffron, and essential spices. The major ingredient of all kebabs is the lamb meat. Different types of kebabs became famous in the modern era such as Chelow Kabab, Kabab Koobideh, Shish Kebab, Joojeh Kabab, and Kabab Torsh.

Eating these unique and enticing tradition foods is one of the many benefits of being an expat. Aside from the diverse cultural exposure, trying out these local delicacies can make your expat experience worthwhile. For more enticing food around the world, expats can also check out the top 10 countries for expat foodies.



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Top Wedding Spots in the World


Weddings are the most exciting and at the same time romantic event that gets everyone looking forward to it. Many expat brides and grooms spare no expense in making sure that they get to have the perfect wedding. In planning the perfect wedding, the first thing you will need to consider is the place or venue. It has to mold into the type of personalities the bride and groom are. Many expats aim for that dream wedding place – romantic, classic and enchanting to say the least. After all, it's going to be where everyone shares in the joy of two people being joined in matrimony.



Top Wedding Spots in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Paul Sturgess

The Bahamas is one of the most favorite choices for wedding destination because of its unbelievable natural and scenic backdrop – its beaches! Every bride dreams of having that simple yet refreshing and romantic beach wedding set up. The best part is; the place is already a honeymoon destination! Wedding guests will be beside themselves when they get invitations for a wedding in the Bahamas. It's a good excuse to have that much-deserved vacation, and it also means being part of an unforgettable wedding ceremony. There are numerous choices in the Bahamas – the Grand Bahama, Nassau or the most popular Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island. Abacos offers a yacht set up. Many resorts in the Bahamas also offer services to spice up the wedding set up with Bahamian Traditions.



Top Wedding Spots in the World - ExpatFinder Blog Photo: Villa Amor

One of the well-loved wedding destinations around the world, Mexico has all the ingredients of that lovely dream wedding. It has an array of five-star hotels and only at a fraction of the price in top cities, amazing beaches in Cancun, ancient archeological sites, and best of all the very vibrant Mexican tradition. It is easy travel for couples from the United States, and a cheaper destination for everyone else around the world.



Top Wedding Spots in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: James Holloway

Just like the Bahamas, Jamaica is a favorite wedding destination as expat couples fall in love with its amazing sunsets and sunrises. It is sprinkled with amazing resorts and beach villas that are perfect for that all-inclusive wedding set up. Couples can have a choice of the very popular Negril Beach, famous for its beautiful wedding spots that include a Rockhouse Hotel on top of the cliff of Pristine Cove. Couples and friends who are looking for a more adult-fun and upscale wedding celebration can go to Secrets St. James and its sister resort, Secrets Wild Orchid in Montego Bay and have a cozy yet uniquely adult wedding on a gazebo by the pier.



Top Wedding Spots in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Occidental Grand Aruba

Yes, just like Jamaica, Aruba boasts of its scenic beaches and unbelievable colors that make for the perfect dreamy wedding vacation destination.  However, one thing that makes Aruba a darling to many wedding event organizers and couples is their constant weather. Located outside the hurricane belt, Aruba enjoys an all-sunshine weather, all year round. Now, what couple would pass that up? You won’t have to worry about canceling or moving your wedding date due to the changing weather. Its warm and sunny atmosphere is an instant hit among wedding couples and guests who are looking forward to an exclusive wedding experience.



Top Wedding Spots in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: initalywedding

Amore! Where else to wed than in the place of love – Italia! Get immediately mesmerized with the atmosphere of love in the love capital of the world. Couples can bask in the romantic sceneries and popular places like Tuscany, Venice, Rome, Florence, the Italian Riviera and Varenna. Italy boasts of cliffs, bays, rustic charms, the classic tourist spots and the best part – the tradition of love. It would seem like you are instantly programmed to be in love. It is the wedding dreamscape for any couple who would like a classic touch or an intimate and exclusive wedding getaway. Various wedding organizers offer various wedding packages from the budget-friendly to the grandiose. It is also a great vacation destination for all wedding guests.


Las Vegas

Top Wedding Spots in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Joe Flood

Of course, Las Vegas! You have a wide variety of unique wedding themes to choose from. Elvis-style weddings, fairy-tale, theater-themed weddings, casino-inspired theme, name it, you have it. And for those who can't wait for processing time, Las Vegas is the place. Instant weddings and instant celebrations for the instant couples. Las Vegas is the most vibrant, dynamic and energy-filled destination for the couple who want their wedding to be filled with life, color, and lights! Las Vegas will never leave the couple dry in choices of venue – from the casinos to the various 5-star hotels, theme bars, and restaurants and of course, the quaint wedding chapels littered around the city of lights. 

The wedding month of June is never short of wedding destinations. The world has a million wedding spots – popular or exclusive. Couples always dream of the best for the once-in-a-lifetime event in their lives. It can’t be any more perfect than having the best wedding spot just for them in this world.



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How to Dress Like a Local in Famous Tourist Destinations


Whenever abroad, you would always want to blend in and not stand out in famous destinations where everyone seems to be seeing strangers of exotic looks and attires. However, it is a given challenge that you may not have the slightest inch of an idea of what to wear where and when. With the different kinds of climates and seasons of the many famous tourist destinations, it is advised that you have the basic information of what locals wear at a certain period of the year.


Berlin, Germany

How to Dress Like a Local in Famous Tourist Destinations - ExpatFinder Blog Photo: smitty42

Germany is a place where people are more on the daily casual look. You would likely see people wearing light material clothes and are more on the white, nude and citrus colours during the summer. Being a laid back city, people are more conservative and untailored in their manner of dressing. You rarely will see men in suits and cotton shirts but not in khakis or beige pants. Flip flops and short pants are common get up in Germany as these allow people to move freely and comfortably. During cold seasons, Germans usually have some stylish sweaters with thick petticoats, a chic hat and a pair of gloves to keep them warm during the cold weather. You would not miss out on this attire as it is a common find in everyone's closet and luggage.


Cairo, Egypt

How to Dress Like a Local in Famous Tourist Destinations - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: ~W~

Locals in this place are conservative and are the conformist types. You definitely should understand their culture for you to appreciate the rather traditional manner of clothing that is deeply rooted in their value system. Men in Cairo do not wear tank tops nor short pants, and they do not wear any piece of jewellery. They are rather old-fashioned and avoid exposing too much flesh especially among their women who are never seen wearing tops with transparent and revealing necklines. Women in Cairo always wear blouses with sleeves and with closed toe foot wears due to its sandy areas. Clothes for locals in this city are preferred to be comfortable and old school. So you might want to know more of the ways of the people and fit their norms to avoid catching the eyes of the locals and appear obvious as a foreigner of the area.


Florence, Italy

How to Dress Like a Local in Famous Tourist Destinations - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Adam Smok

Florence, Italy is a place where people play with there being a conventional type. Elegance is the key factor in their style and with numerous spiritual monuments all over the city that spectacle the thousands of tourists, bare shoulders and plunging necklines are considered offensive. A shawl or a beautiful scarf can camouflage the daring dress worn. You will notice that women in Florence wear gladiator sandals while men wear closed shoes or leather footwears. Flip flops and miniskirts are not staple clothing in this part of the globe and rarely will you find men wearing tank tops, unless going to the beach or having some sun in the coastal areas.


London, England

How to Dress Like a Local in Famous Tourist Destinations - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Aurelien Guichard

In this city where people are always on the lookout for royalties in sightings, Londoners are quite particular being with their sense of fashion. You would want to be aware of the patterned styles that they have and became playful in their fashion sense. Women wore pieces of denim over boots and topped with a long body-hugging sleeve with a perfectly fitted trench coat that will surely make you feel like you have been a resident in the locality. People in this city do not overdo their look as they want to look chic without overdoing the getup. Being fashionably dressed and elegantly styled in your manner of dressing will surely help you blend in with the locals and make you enjoy your stay even more.


New York, NY

How to Dress Like a Local in Famous Tourist Destinations - ExpatFinder Blog Photo: Chris Ford

The Big Apple! It is the city that never signs off! It simply doesn't sleep and with that fact, people are always on their feet, striding the long sidewalks in the most comfortable loafers, brogues or booties. Women do not flaunt on wearing fashionable pieces of jewellery but opt to wear the basics of a simple necklace just to accentuate a modish ensemble that is unassuming and yet, elegant in style. Men, on the other hand, are safe to wear black with the easy on-the-go and safe style. It has a versatility that will only be defined by the footwear that is worn and the coat or tie that just go with the iconic Vogue. This is the one part of the world where you can have the fashion statement you would definitely want to set for people to check out and yet, you would be safe to merge with the rushing crowd of people.

The notion is to mingle and blend in with the locals as you wander around the attractions of famous tourist attractions in the world, without stirring up curiosity and attracting eyes to you. 

Enjoy the scenic views and grasp the customs of the people as you become one of them by dressing appropriately at famous tourist destinations.



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Dances to Learn When Travelling Around the World


Dancing is always the most sociable way of welcoming, celebrating, praising, worshipping, and even mourning. There are many reasons and ways people from different places dance and the manner of which they move to a tune is very important. That is why when you are a foreigner in a foreign land; it is crucial that you know cultural and traditional dances before you travel to your new destination.


Highland Schottische of Scotland

Cultural and Traditional Dances to Learn When Travelling Around the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Ian Robertson

This type of dance originated in Europe and was introduced by the Bavarians bearing a different name. From "Reinlander" to Bavarian Polka to Hungarian Waltz, it is very confusing as to what its real name is. Some claim for it to have been introduced by the Germans other says it was the Scottish, and still some insist on having been initiated from Hungary. The dance is widely known in the whole of Europe as it was performed mostly during royal balls and parties of the higher class. Its basic steps are walking, jumping and is danced by couples. Being an expat will fascinate you at how playful this dance is. It requires you to have a partner, and as you go about the dance steps, you also get to meet other dancers as you exchange partners and hop and jump to the marching rhythm of Schottische.


Tango of Rio de la Plata

Cultural and Traditional Dances to Learn When Travelling Around the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Michael Pereckas

This dance of Tango is known worldwide and has the impression to be the most passionate and intimate dance of all times. Being an expat, you are likely to face a challenge in finding someone to teach you on the dance steps. As it is less complicated with only one to dominate the other as you tangoed around the dance floor, it is likely that Tango will help you find the ability to connect with the other person and eventually harmonize your move making it as one. You will find this dance as the most alluring and can be a way for you to snatch the other person's attention as you danced away without noticing the presence of the spectators. The leader usually has the advantage of setting the mood of the couple. With the invitations to lead the follower to the person's improvisation and keep the partner's attention all to himself/herself, a budding relationship is likely to develop.


Bedouin Tribal Dance of Egypt

Cultural and Traditional Dances to Learn When Travelling Around the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Marcia O'Connor

Expats in Egypt must brace himself to be exposed to a strong cultural influence of the locals. As wedding are regarded to be ceremonial in nature, its merriment is symbolically illustrated in the form of dance performed by the newly married couple. It has to be understood by expats that visitors and other guests are not to participate in this dance unless they are invited by the newlywed couple to be at their feet and dance like a group. Energetic tempo and musical instruments are motivated by their hopes for bliss, peace and nature to collaborated in the celebration of the success of the marriage.


Tahitian Dance of Tahiti

Cultural and Traditional Dances to Learn When Travelling Around the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Carlton Abas

This rapid hip movement dance is accompanied by the rapid drum striking rhythm that is not accompanied by any other instrument. The dancers are wearing long strands of grass as they continuously shake their hips moving constantly and making different formations and shapes. It used to be danced by women alone but as the years progressed, men are now among the dancers. You may not be physically able to cope with the fast hip movements of this dance, but you surely can mimic the dancers and join as they shift from different formations to another. While being new in the area of Tahiti and other countries abroad that practices this dance, you will automatically feel the warm welcome of the locals of the place and enjoy your stay.


Geisha Dances of Japan

Cultural and Traditional Dances to Learn When Travelling Around the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: leniners

Unlike most of the dances from the different parts of the world, the ones coming from Japan stem from a deeply rooted historical importance that are to be viewed with discretion and respect. You may want to be acquainted with the long-struggling history of Japan and the people that have managed to incorporate art in the manner their history is being relayed to expats and foreigners. Geisha dances are performed by women who are mistakenly known to be sexual service providers, otherwise dignified and regarded to be skilful female performers. This common misconception must be well understood by an expat to avoid offending the female entertainers and be subjected to Japanese-imposed consequences.

There are many traditional and cultural dances around the world and when you get to observe and be invited in one of them it is best that you understand the story behind the performance. To get to know the cultural backgrounds of the country, you, as an expat, must learn and appreciate the uniqueness of every culture and their ways of performing in the most artistic way. It can be more exciting and fun. Cultures and traditions define a place and as a traveller, you must learn to accept and respect their variations.

Appreciate the many dances that are culturally inspired as you learn their steps and their respective significance in countries abroad.




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Top LinkedIn Networking Tips for Expats Abroad


An expat would always want to have the most convenient of adjustments while living abroad and this is made possible with a strategic networking, and the best social media outlet for industrial networking today is definitely LinkedIn. As expats abroad, you may already know about LinkedIn, you may even have your own profile set up, but are you sure you’ve optimized the networking capabilities of this site? Check out the tips below to learn more about how to make the most of your LinkedIn profile.


Make Use of a Corporate-looking Photo

Top LinkedIn Networking Tips for Expats Abroad - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Brett Arthur Donar

Whether you agree or not, first impression is lasting. Even if you don’t get to meet the company representative, the photo you use on your LinkedIn account says many things about you. From the way you comb your hair to the smile you wear, the attire you put on and the overall impact of the image you affixed on your profile will never go unexamined. So wear the best professional-looking photo you have otherwise, get a new picture.


Consider Making an Eye-catching Headline

Top LinkedIn Networking Tips for Expats Abroad - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Alan Cleaver

After wearing that “right-guy-for-the-right-job” photo, make use of a one-liner headline. This will not only support the great impression you created with that professional looking image of yours but likewise let the people know your forte and expertise. Through this striking banner you are giving the notion of what they are to expect from you at the same time wanting to know more of your capabilities, thus, stirring up curiosity and interest on having you for an interview. However, the short title that would best describe you should not be a false advertisement nor misrepresentation of your real qualifications and competence.


Scrupulous Use of the Summary Section

Top LinkedIn Networking Tips for Expats Abroad - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto:

It is through this section that you get to have a relatively detailed account of yourself and how you became the person that you are today. In here you can have the subtle boasting of your work experience and how you have been an indispensable person in the company. The tasks and job descriptions you carried and the ways these designations were acted out should be explicitly written. It is also through this portion that you may enumerate your strengths and area of expertise, your goals and missions in every job occupation, and your resiliency to every obstacle and trials that are related to your job. 


Complete an Updated Profile

Top LinkedIn Networking Tips for Expats Abroad - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: buyalex

Any pertinent information in your profile that will have to be updated periodically must be done so. This is to make sure that anybody who will chance upon you in LinkedIn will have the appreciation that your intentions in getting a job are indeed genuine. Any thought of you to be just a flippant trying to appear in all forms of social media will be dismissed by a potential employer. The idea here is to make sure that your LinkedIn account will hold all relevant information about you and your former employments that can be of perusal for future employers.


Start with Real Life Connections

Top LinkedIn Networking Tips for Expats Abroad - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Jared Zimmerman

By networking it does not only connote getting connected to strangers and hoping they’d take you in without even considering that you could be an owner of a bogus account. It is wise that you build first your connections by reaching out to people you already know and you have rapport with. Having an address book with credible and reputable people in it will not only back you up in your quest but will likewise support your integrity as an authentic LinkedIn member.


Be a Virtual Friend

Top LinkedIn Networking Tips for Expats Abroad - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Michael Korcuska

As the saying goes, “what goes around, comes around.” Sans competition, it is not a bad thing to extend a helping hand to your connections. By providing positive comments to boost a friend’s status, forwarding a job listing to someone in your network is a generosity that is remembered and reciprocated. LinkedIn is a network of co-eds and professionals who are just as much hopeful and in dire need of work as everyone else. Being a “friend” virtually will always have a domino effect and before you realize it, you are already made a favor that will bring you to your new job.



Top LinkedIn Networking Tips for Expats Abroad - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Marjan Lazarevski

With all the connections with real people and having the most attractive of LinkedIn profiles, step away from the computer and have that actual phone call with your connections. Do not limit the link virtually, make the actual association and be able to reach out and connect with the persons and do not remain to just appreciating his profile.

There are many ways to create a LinkedIn account and what you put in it will clearly define the person that you are and the determination you have in making your account work to your advantage. The idea is to make sure you know how to use the key features of this social network to optimize its capacity in linking you to the right persons in the media. The ball is right in your hands. 

Suffice to say, that with a great impression created by your professional-looking photo and an attractive profile, plus a good working headline, you are already attracting the eyes of prospect employers. Having the right connections and knowing what to do with them are the key factors that will increase your likelihood to landing in the job of your choice and enjoying its perks.




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