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The Most Instagrammed Cities On Earth


As most of us already know, Instagram is a relatively young medium for photo sharing, but it is the most famous one today. Having a profile on Instagram means that you are showing the world what are the things you enjoy doing, what do you do for a living, what are your hobbies and so on, and like most popular things in social media, instagram posting follows certain trends. And indeed, Instagram seems to be an incredible photo gallery that in some way promotes good taste, happiness, life pleasures and all the lovely things around us. That is why it is a very powerful tool which in some way sets trends when it comes to, for instance, fashion or travelling. Every year Instagram reveals which places in the world were most tagged. Therefore we are going to present you a list of 5 cities and their attractions that Instagram users shared in last year.


New York

The Most Instagrammed Cities On Earth - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Nathan Congleton

It is not a surprise that New York is among the most instagramed places in the world since we all know that it has a lot to offer. Instagram revealed that New York among all the cities in the world had most destinations shared on this site during last year. Three of the most Instagrammed places from New York were The Times Square, Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium. Times Square is perhaps the most famous square on Earth decorated with billboards and advertisements and it represents the center of the world's entertainment industry. This constantly ovewcrowded place is perhaps interesting exactly because of long lines of people and traffic jam. Madison Square Garden is known as a home to New York Knicks of the NBA and New York Rangers of the NHL. This professional indoor arena is among the top 10 Instagrammed places in last year since NBA and NHL matches are frequently held in it and basketball and ice hockey fans just needed to tag themseves there.



The Most Instagrammed Cities On Earth - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Alper Çuğun

The capital and most populous city in Russia has a long and interesting history, with the largest number of billionaire residents in the world, and in the last couple of years it is becoming the fastest growing tourist destinations. Harsh climate did not prevent people to visit Moscow and take photos of its significant sites, and then of course to place them on Instagram. The Red Square or Krasnaya Ploschad, which would actually mean The Beautiful Square, is the main attraction in Moscow but also the most Instagrammed one. That is not a big surprise because there are many things to see there such as The Kremlin, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum etc., but The Red Square is also a central place of many different activities like concerts or the annual military parade. Who would not take pictures of Paul McCartney or big Russian tanks? But Moscow has another popular attraction, The Gorky Park located in its center along the beautiful river Moscow – yes, it really has the same name as the city. Named after famous writer Maxim Gorky, the park has the same role as the Central Park in New York, although Russians don’t like to be compared with Americans.



The Most Instagrammed Cities On Earth - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Enrique Dans

Dubai is the fastest growing city in the world with hundreds of new amazing buildings and developments. It is also one of the best and most luxurious places to live as well as a huge tourist center. It has the world’s tallest building, a 7 star luxury hotel and even an artificial archipelago of various small islands constructed in the rough shape of a world map! But guess what, none of these are the most Instagrammed sites in Dubai! That position is reserved for another amazing building – a mall. What is so special about this mall? Well, Dubai Mall is the world’s largest mall with over 1200 shops, big aquarium and even an underwater zoo, so you probably get the picture why it is one of the most Instagrammed places in world last year.


Los Angeles

The Most Instagrammed Cities On Earth - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: vpisteve

The City of Angels is home to Hollywood and Beverly Hills, so it is not a surprise it is on the list of most Instagrammed places on Earth. But none of these places are the most Instagrammed site in Los Angeles! Los Angeles has a baseball team – LA Dodgers – and they play on the Dodger stadium, which is not only the most photographed place in the city, but also the second most Instagrammed place on the whole world! People just love The Dodgers. 



The Most Instagrammed Cities On Earth - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Lee Burchfield

The city of love and capital of France is definitely one of the most Instagrammed cities in the world. The famous Louvre Museum ranks highly on most geotagged Instagram locations. One of the world's greatest museums is home to many works of art for years and Instagram users just wanted to capture their visits to this extraordinary place.



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Countries With Travel Bans


We may find many countries amazing, extremely attractive and interesting, these and for many other reasons we yearn to visit them. However, countries we  may find interesting might not be available for travel. Why you may ask? Well, to start with, there are some countries in the world with very specific travel bans issued in cases when visitors and tourists are threatened and they cannot be guaranteed a safe surrounding and pleasant visit to the country. Sometimes, countries issue bans to other countries based on historical events from past times or because of epidemic and dangerous diseases. In case you are already planning a trip and browsing through the splendid countries you haven't visited yet, keep these countries in mind so you know the top countries with travel bans in the world today.



Countries With Travel Bans - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Daniel Brock

This country has a travel ban from the USA which is a long-lasting and it has been introduced even back in 1962, from the period of Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Thus, Americans set restrictions to almost all trade and travel between the two countries. On the other side, Cuba is perhaps the only country in the world at this very moment who has issued travel bans for American citizens. Those who still managed to find a loophole and visit Cuba witness that Cuban people are actually very pleasant and nice but that there are police forces who make  locals to hide their friendships with tourists. And if locals get caught, the punishment is jail, of course.


North Korea

Countries With Travel Bans - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Jonas K.

The US government has also issued traveling bans for North Korea justifying their decision by human rights abuses in North Korea and the North Korean Nuclear Program. This is why North Korea and the USA have no diplomatic relations. However, not only Americans issued sanctions against this country. Many other countries did the same, including: Australia, Canada, Switzerland, European Union, Japan, United Kingdom and many other countries. North Korea did the same and it is almost impossible to visit this country because of the strict restrictions for a visa in the country. Only few tourists with very specific official country tours via special travel agents are granted entry into the country. One of the most famous persons who had a chance to visit North Korea is a former NBA star Dennis Rodman but his visit created a lot of disturbance in American media.



Countries With Travel Bans - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: MAITE ELORZA

Iran is also one of the countries under sanctions and travel bans. It has almost complete political embargo on all economic activities, including travelling as well. The USA issued such a policy in 1979 after the outbreak of Iranian Revolution, during which 52 American diplomats were taken hostage for 444 days. Indeed, it was not as strict as today, but sanctions grew over time and it culminated due to the Iranian Nuclear Program which was not approved by the USA nor other Western powers. Although the sanctions are milder now than they used to be during the culmination of crisis back in 2010, travel ban is still in effect.



West Africa

Countries With Travel Bans - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: James Ainooson

Ebola was the top news in the world last year but most of us do not actually know how dangerous this virus is or how it spreads. Ebola is a virus named after a river in Democratic Republic of Congo where it showed up for the first time back in 1976 in a hospital run by nuns. Ebola is Filoviridiae type virus with a number of severe symptoms including muscle pain, high temperature, global weakness, sore throat, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, fever and in some cases even coma. At this time there is no vaccine or exact cure for this virus which makes it even more dangerous and the main reason why research on a proper vaccine is still not finished is a possibility of virus mutation. The 2014 epidemic has been localized in western Africa, in countries like Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea but could easily be transferred in other parts of the world so most countries issued a travel ban to this region. Although the peak of the crisis passed, this ban is still on power in most countries in the world.




Countries With Travel Bans - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Johannes Zielcke

Since the outbreak of Civil War in july of 2011, most of the countries issued a warning to its citizens against travel to Syria. Some of them issued a complete travel ban, for obvious reasons since no part of Syria can be considered safe from violence. Unfortunately, war in Syria still continues to fill in the world headlines, so the travel ban is active even today, four years after the fighting had started.
There are many other countries we could not visit even if we would want and causes for our inability to visit them are different. It’s always good to check your government’s foreign affairs to see if there are any travel bans before booking tickets for your adventures. Let us hope that at least some of these restrictions will be removed in near future and that communication will be renewed in these crisis stricken nations.



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Do You Fit the Full Time Vacationer Profile?


All of us love travelling and the fact is that a great number of people work hard during the year just in order to save some money and to travel to desired destinations round the world. The truth is, we all have fantasies about places we yearn to visit some time in our lives. But, what if someone tells you that it is possible today to travel anywhere you want and not just for several days or weeks, but for a whole year? Perhaps some of you are already familiar with such profession, the so-called Full-Time Vacationer

The name itself is pretty self explanatory on what these people do to make a living. Basically, they are paid to travel all over the world to give advise about where to go, what to do, which sights to visit, where to stay at or what delicacies to eat, and they only have to pay an annual membership fee, and companies all over the world will hire them to test their food, hotels, activities etc. and blog about it. While some are still speculating if travel membership stories like this are true or scams to gain membership fees, we have some suggestions on how you can be a full time vacationer in your own way without joining an organization or paying yearly fees. See the most common full time vacationer stereotypes below and find out if you can be a full-time vacationer through your own efforts.


The Student Vacationer

Do You Fit the Full Time Vacationer Profile? - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Mzximvs VdB

Some of the Full Time Vacationers' members are students who want to see the world while studying, but that isn't very easy considering they also need money to sustain themselves while travelling. Some countries have working holiday visas that allow students on a gap year or travelers to find part time work or internships that can sustain them during their trip. If you fit this profile, learn more about visas that can help you be a full time vacationer student.


The Tired Factory Worker

Do You Fit the Full Time Vacationer Profile? - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: COSPE

Another set of people who are most likely to become full time travelers are factory workers. Being in the same place doing the same work day in and day out might have them wanting to have a change of scenery and some variety to their daily activities. Factory workers also have a lot of job opportunities online. Skilled workers are very in demand in most of the top expat destinations in the world. If you are a skilled worker, try looking for jobs in interesting places with much more flexible hours so you can earn more and travel more.


The Burned Out Nurse

Do You Fit the Full Time Vacationer Profile? - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: COD Newsroom

Nurses have one of the most hectic and stressful job experiences in the world. So it’s very easy to get burned out when you’re a full time nurse. Taking a well deserved break from work by travelling might be good considering this stressful lifestyle. But the main issue that's keeping nurses from travelling is the income. Many nurses around the world usually take this stressful job to earn more money for their families, so it’s not easy for them to just take off for a vacation. Nurses can find odd jobs that pay a lot of money for them to travel around the world while taking some time of Nursing. The odd jobs can help them sustain a good lifestyle abroad as well as support their families. If after a few months or a year, you still don't feel like going back to nursing, then that may be a sign that you should pursue a different career. Stepping out of your comfort zone might lead you to better things and a brighter future for you and your family.


The Frustrated Teacher

Do You Fit the Full Time Vacationer Profile? - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Jaine

Teachers are also one of the groups of people that have converted to full time vacationers. Teachers, like nurses and skilled workers are under a lot of pressure and stress. So it isn’t very surprising that most of the full time vacationers are former teachers. If you are a teacher and you want to take some year off work to go travelling without joining an organization and still earn money, you can apply as an ESL teacher abroad. ESL teachers are very in demand in countries like Japan, Korea and most countries in the Middle East. The ESL environment is very relaxed compared to regular teaching and you get to travel and live abroad.


The Bored One

Do You Fit the Full Time Vacationer Profile? - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Steve Koukoulas

This could be all of anyone reading this article during work right now, trying to find anything to distract yourself from your everyday life. Are you stuck in a cubicle? Researching? Making calls all day? Rushing for a deadline? Cut the cord on everything and fuel your own adventure. Save up 3 months of your salary, apply for an indefinite leave, pick a destination and set off. It would be better if you pick a place that has opportunities for part time jobs so you can have enough income to sustain yourself while travelling. You can also try freelancing via websites like oDesk, to keep your adventure going while you're overseas. No matter where you might go, just keep in mind that there are many opportunities out there for you to find when you really want to break out of your shell, but it is also important to appreciate the good things that you already have in your life. 



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The Most Drunk Countries in the World


It’s only human to find ways of having fun, it just so happens that most of the time fun involves a lot of alcohol. Unfortunately, not everyone can handle their liquor which can really spoil the fun. The causes for that can be different: some are party maniacs, others deal with their everyday problems with a short drink, others just do not have a better job but to drink, but can a place of birth be a cause for your drinking? Well, World Health Organization made a survey about drinking habits in different countries, and it shows that there is a great cultural impact on level of alcohol used in nations worldwide. For example, Islam forbids alcohol usage so it is not a surprise that Arabic States are the countries with least level of alcohol usage in liters per capita. So based on these data we’ve gathered, here’s a list of the most drunk countries in the world today.



The Most Drunk Countries in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Andy Walker

Russians just love to drink, alcohol is their everyday need and they don’t hide that; we have all heard for vodka, or we might even tried it, well that’s 100% Russian product. Russians start with vodka consumption very early, around 12-13 years old, and they stop drinking it only when they die. It is very important in their culture and they have many practices that include alcohol. 



The Most Drunk Countries in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: JnM_RTW

Ukraine is a Russian neighbour. These two countries share history, culture and affection to alcohol and vodka. Ukrainians love their Horlika, which is a mixture of water and alcohol or ethanol that is 35 to 60 percent per volume.  As a tradition, they always prepare a large meal on the table before they have their Horilka, and just rightfully so. Imagine drinking that much alcohol content with an empty stomach? 



The Most Drunk Countries in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: dcwpugh

People in Kazakhstan love vodka and they drink it a lot. Kazakhstan is currently hailed as the 7th country with the largest vodka consumption. Based on the WHO reports, each person in Kazakhstan consumes 10-12 litres of pure vodka alcohol. Typically, experts believe that 17% of the total population in the place abuse alcohol.



The Most Drunk Countries in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Duncan Rawlinson

Canada is another country that has a special cultural bond with alcohol. Canadians are not lickerish and they will drink almost any drink: whiskey, beer, vodka etc. Based on Alcohol StatisticsCanada drinks more than 50% of the world’s average. Despite moves to abstain from alcohol by communities and societies in the place, Canada is still one of the countries that consume the most alcohol.



The Most Drunk Countries in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: ayustety

It is common knowledge that France is one of the best wine producers in the world, so one cannot blame the French for drinking it on a daily basis. Wine Wine is also very good for one’s blood when you drink it in moderation. Due to the abundance of wine and their culture, most French people have a good tolerance for alcohol and can handle their liquor pretty well. 



The Most Drunk Countries in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: sbszine

Spain is also a very good place for wine, hence its people also has a good stomach for drinking. Who can resist their drinking choices from the Sevillana Cerveza, Cruz Campo (the counterpart of Forsters), their Sangria and Ron Negrita to name a few for tourists and locals. Everyone just loves making multiple toasts and say ‘salud!’  In this country, it is normal to drink during lunch time. 


The Balkans

The Most Drunk Countries in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Josh Russell

Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia have a common feature: they all love to drink. The Balkan Countries have an interesting location, it is placed on the border of different cultures and climates and people here know how to take advantage of it. They make a high quality wine and beer, and equally enjoy drinking both of them, but their national drink is actually brandy. It is a drink similar to vodka but it is made of different types of fruit (plums, apples, pears, cherries etc) so everyone can find an enjoyable flavour.    



The Most Drunk Countries in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Ali Eminov

Germans are well known worldwide as beer lovers, they make some of the best beers in the world and they are also the biggest beer drinkers. They also love good wines, vodka or brandy, but nothing can be compared with beer if you ask Germans. With this in mind, it is not hard to imagine how they landed in the World’s Most Drunk Countries list. They are one of the heaviest alcohol-consumers in the whole of Europe, placing fifth after Luxemburg, Hungary, Czech Republic and Ireland. 


Great Britain

The Most Drunk Countries in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: byronv2

English pubs are well known for their ales and good drinking company. The Brits love their pub and pubmates. This is where you can find most people after work and during the weekends. Rum in the morning, beer in the afternoon, whiskey or brandy at night, The British people has proper drinks for every time of the day. 


South Africa

The Most Drunk Countries in the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: michielvw

South Africa used to be a British Colony, so it goes without saying that this country has been influenced by the British and other European nations. Such a fact will probably explain their alcohol consumption since they accepted British culture of all day alcohol usage. Today, South Africa is on the list for the most alcohol consumption in the world. The WHO Africa records state that the region’s alcohol consumption per capita is at 0.02 litres higher at 6.15 litres per year than in previous years which are at 6.13. 



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What $1Million Buys Around the World


Seriously, what kind of house do you think $1 Million can buy? I’m sure you have your own musings on what a $1 Million USD house would look like, right? Sure, it will have a sprawling lawn, an amazing 3 to 4-bedroom structure with a bathroom and toilet each room, a guest room, a huge, modern kitchen a foyer and a garage that can house 2 cars. Well, you might be amazed what $1 Million USD can buy around the world. It’s no secret that housing has gone haywire in the US, but New York is taking over Hongkong as the most expensive retail location in the world. Likewise, the affordability of a million dollar house that equates to a luxury lifestyle remains strong as world drifts point to more money being funneled to real estate. 


New Buying Projections in the US

What $1Million Buys Around the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Ines Hegedus-Garcia

The last quarter of 2014, did you know that the 1 million dollar home buying is speaking volumes in North America? Depending on the location, the price tag of $1M USD can be considered a luxury home in the average American standard. There is an increased number of millionaires added to the million dollar stakeholders per Forbes report. The rank worksheet had presented before the year ended. You may say that the ordinary notion of a millionaire is one who has amassed millions in fortune. The world over, millionaires are known to have been self-made, have their businesses, own houses and facilities, collect cars that appreciate in value. Most of all, they choose to live a frugal life. Based on a lifestyle and the volatility of the housing market, a million dollar home might not value much per today's assessment standards. It can probably compare to the front lawn of Bill Gates; a garage to Ingvar Kamprad of Sweden or a day stay in a luxury hotel for the King of Dubai.


A Country House in Spain

What $1Million Buys Around the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Lucas Fox Barcelona – Ibiza

What do you think a million-dollar house looks like in Spain? Spain lifestyle revolves around work and mobility that take off later in the day. The shops and businesses open late and extend in the late hours of the evening. People like nightlife and are into a lot of festivals, mostly in line with the Catholic religion. They don't stay much in the city during the summer and the holidays. They prefer to stay in the outskirts, to connect to family relatives. Soon after, they go back to the city for work. As far as taxes are concerned, you will be relieved that Spain follows a socialized property tax scheme. For a million US dollars, you can buy a  country house in Pinoso, Alicante Spain. It has a 300 m2 size, six bedrooms, two bathrooms, two kitchens, with covered balcony, roofed terrace, a covered porch sprawled in 300.00sq, meters floor size. It totals to 5,000 sq meters lot in an inland location.


A Two-Bedroom Flat in United Kingdom

What $1Million Buys Around the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Carol Green

Yes, despite the discrepancy in the euro and dollar currency exchange, a million US dollar you can afford to buy a dwelling property in England. The average earner in England goes for housing accommodations known as flats. Most expatriates choose this lifestyle of housing for their affordability. Taxes considered; most will think twice settling with a solo house ownership in the UK. One million dollars will buy you A Bed/Bath-2 bedrooms and a bathroom- apartment (flat) situated on the second floor. The neighborhood boasts of restaurants and shops within walking distance in this downtown London area. The flat belongs to the Belsize Village. It follows a Victorian style of architecture.


The Studio Apartment in New York

What $1Million Buys Around the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: NYC: Time Warner Center

You might be thinking a nice warm country house in Texas, or a mansion in Miami. Sure, a 1-million dollar home in the US is a luxury home. Especially in New York where real he high-rise real estate or studio apartments in rallies side by side with London in the race for the most expensive global retailer spot to overtake Hong Kong in the latest economic reader. Yes, one million dollars might be a tight budget for a place called home in the Big Apple. Still, the amount can buy you a place to live in. As you race the city's daily busy and enjoy the city's tourists luxury, you will be relieved that for a million dollars (or less) you can buy yourself this. From the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, and a Murray Hill listing, you have a choice of a bedroom studio with elevator access to the different floors. Keys are provided to access a park across the property. New York City real estate taxes are quite a sum. 


A Waterfall Villa in Fiji

What $1Million Buys Around the World - ExpatFinder BlogPhoto: Tivoli e Villa Est 2007

But the lifestyle you want to spend while in the city should compensate for the price you will pay in taxes that follows property ownership. A Villa Beach Front Property in the Fiji Islands known for its waterfall villa in Vanua Levu Fiji Islands has three bedrooms, two baths, a garage separate from the house, and a two parking space. Covered area totals to 2375 square feet and a living area of 1710 square feet. As hurricanes are common in Fiji, a ceiling made to stand the hurricane winds is in place. The ceiling is of a Dakota Salusalu material. Basalt rock works compliment a spiral staircase that leads to a pool overlooking the beach.

A million dollars may not command big in luxury house buying, but yes, this can give you a comfortable home in other parts of the world.



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