10 February 2015

Best Countries for Hypochondriacs

We all probably know someone who is constantly worried about his own health and about having a serious illness. Such people see symptoms of a particular disease on every corner and no matter how minor the symptom might be, they are convinced to be suffering from at least one of the incurable […] Read more

5 February 2015

The Best Places For Burned Out Execs

We all need some time just for ourselves, so we can have rest and clear our mind. That is why we cannot wait for a vacation to come, but when it come, there's ther big question of "where to go?". Most people pick a major tourist destination or an environment that is not much […] Read more

29 January 2015

The Most Instagrammed Cities On Earth

As most of us already know, Instagram is a relatively young medium for photo sharing, but it is the most famous one today. Having a profile on Instagram means that you are showing the world what are the things you enjoy doing, what do you do for a living, what are your hobbies and so […] Read more

27 January 2015

Countries With Travel Bans

We may find many countries amazing, extremely attractive and interesting, these and for many other reasons we yearn to visit them. However, countries we may find interesting might not be available for travel. Why you may ask? Well, to start with, there are some countries in the world […] Read more

22 January 2015

Do You Fit the Full Time Vacationer Profile?

Truth is we all have fantasies about places we yearn to visit some time in our lives. But, what if someone tells you that it is possible today to travel anywhere you want and not just for several days or weeks, but for a whole year? Perhaps some of you are already familiar with such […] Read more

20 January 2015

The Most Drunk Countries in the World

It’s only human to find ways of having fun, it just so happens that most of the time fun involves a lot of alcohol. Unfortunately, not everyone can handle their liquor which can really spoil the fun. The causes for that can be different: some are party maniacs, others deal with their […] Read more

15 January 2015

What $1Million Buys Around the World

Seriously, what kind of house do you think $1 Million can buy? I’m sure you have your own musings on what a $1 Million USD house would look like, right? Sure, it will have a sprawling lawn, an amazing 3 to 4-bedroom structure with a bathroom and toilet each room, a guest room, a huge, […] Read more

9 January 2015

5 Ways to Maximize Your Time Abroad

Living abroad gives you a lot advantages, but sometimes we tend to focus more on the work that we do and how the expat experience can shape our careers that we pay little attention to actually enjoying our time abroad. The expat experience includes appreciating the moments you have away from […] Read more

22 December 2014

World's Weirdest Holiday Food

More often, we do get what we want – delicacies and delicious dishes that are native only to the area, mainly because of the availability and abundance – if you must, of the ingredients in the place. However, due to the travels and exposure to various cultures, we too, […] Read more

11 December 2014

Christmas for Expats in Asia

Christmas in Asian countries can be a bit different from the sterotypical Christmas celebrations that most of us are familiar with. First of all, not all Asian countries celebrate the season especially the Muslim countries in the middle east and South East Asian countries like Indonesia and […] Read more