13 March 2015

10 Airlines with the Best In-flight Meals

Travelling by plane has its pros and cons. Airplane food is mostly described negatively and we can even say that it has quite a bad reputation. Yes, you are trusting airline companies your safety and you are paying for the flight to a certain destination. But you certainly did not come to a […] Read more

5 March 2015

5 Most Isolated Countries in the World

There are many different ways of travelling to various countries, planes, ships, trains, buses, cars etc. Still, believe it or not, there are some places that are so remote and inaccessible that even the most modern means of transport cannot easily get you there. These countries are so […] Read more

4 March 2015

The Best Places for Beach-Bums in the World

The beach allows us to escape our everyday lives even for a little while and enjoy the good times we share with our loved ones in the warm weather, refreshing water, and cool calm splendor. Forget stress! Just sit back, relax and enjoy the view! There are probably millions of beaches around […] Read more

24 February 2015

How to Earn a Lot of Money While Travelling

Travelling abroad is an amazing experience. You are introduced to new countries, new cultures and new people. Every day there is an adventure waiting to happen. Unfortunately, travel and adventure does not always come cheap. On the contrary, very often it is actually quite expensive and that […] Read more

18 February 2015

Follow the Goat!

Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone! It’s the Lunar New Year and we’ve prepared a special quiz to help see your fortune and help you decide where to take your chances in terms of finances, lovelife, career and health this 2015! Take the quiz now and follow the […] Read more

17 February 2015

The Most Complicated Countries to Visit

Traveling abroad is a great experience. You see new places, meet new people, learn something new about different cultures and of course you have fun. Modern communications allow you to visit even the furthest parts of the world, so you might get a feeling everything is so accessible, ready […] Read more

12 February 2015

6 Weirdest Valentine's Day Traditions

It’s Valentine’s Day in a few days which means couples from around the world are preparing to spend this day together. Small presents, romantic dinners, movie nights or just pleasant walks are just tiny details. What is important is that the two people in love are together. […] Read more

10 February 2015

Best Countries for Hypochondriacs

We all probably know someone who is constantly worried about his own health and about having a serious illness. Such people see symptoms of a particular disease on every corner and no matter how minor the symptom might be, they are convinced to be suffering from at least one of the incurable […] Read more

5 February 2015

The Best Places For Burned Out Execs

We all need some time just for ourselves, so we can have rest and clear our mind. That is why we cannot wait for a vacation to come, but when it come, there's ther big question of "where to go?". Most people pick a major tourist destination or an environment that is not much […] Read more

29 January 2015

The Most Instagrammed Cities On Earth

As most of us already know, Instagram is a relatively young medium for photo sharing, but it is the most famous one today. Having a profile on Instagram means that you are showing the world what are the things you enjoy doing, what do you do for a living, what are your hobbies and so […] Read more