9 December 2013

The Expat Employee Study

The expat lifestyle offers a lot of opportunities for career growth. However, not every foreign assignment goes smoothly as expected. Sometimes there are some issues that need to be addressed by the employer in order to provide their employees with the best possible experience i […] Read more

5 December 2013

The World’s Most Unusual Christmas Traditions

T’is that time of the year again, and we would like to start this month of festivities and joy with a list of things you may encounter during the holidays, if you won’t be returning to your country for Christmas. Sure, the standard holiday celebrations involve Christma […] Read more

28 November 2013

High Profile Expat Success Stories: Media and the Arts

The third instalment of our High Profile Expat Success Story features more people that you’d be familiar with. You see them in news, tabloids, books, feature films and documentaries. You follow their lives, see them as legends and find inspiration from their work. This is the list of […] Read more

21 November 2013

High Profile Expat Success Stories: Sports

Following our High Profile Expat Success Stories, we now bring you the athletes. A sports career is very competitive and limited. There are only a few years for an athlete to make the most of his prime in sports and this means going the distance when it comes to training and chasing […] Read more

18 November 2013

High Profile Expat Success Stories: Business

The expat experience opens doors to a myriad of opportunities so it’s not surprising to find that many of the world’s most successful people had experiences as expats. While it can be challenging at times, there are so many things we learn from expatriation that gives us an edge […] Read more

11 November 2013

Top 5 Tips For Repatriation

Returning home is as much a challenge as leaving home. Many think that repatriation comes naturally, simply because it is just the act of coming home and because of that, there are important things that might be overlooked. Here are a few things you need to know if and when you […] Read more

31 October 2013

Top 5 Expat Books: Informing, Entertaining and Welcoming You to the Expat Life

You might think being an expat is just as simple as moving to a different country and working there, but really, it is a lot more than that. Your experience as a tourist in a country is definitely not the same as when you start living there. Every expat has his or her story and it […] Read more

22 October 2013

Top 5 Key Information To Prepare Your Kids For The Expat Life

Preparing for the expat life is challenging enough for an adult, for children, they are on a whole new level. Here’s some of the best ways to prepare your kids to the new and exciting world of Expat Life. There are a few key topics that you have to run through to not only […] Read more

16 October 2013

Keep Calm and Expat Yourself

When your everyday life needs a little shake... When you’re sick of life handing you the same old things... When it’s getting harder and harder to stay in your country... When you’re looking to get out of your comfort zone... When your taxes are giving you too […] Read more

26 September 2013

Best Practices In 3 Stages Of Moving For First Time Expats

Living abroad is never as easy as one might think. Whether you’re travelling to a country only 2 hours away from your home country or in the other side of the world, the difference of culture or just simply stepping outside your comfort zone is always a challenge. So […] Read more