12 April 2016

Mastering the Art of Luggage Packing

If you frequently travel for business trips lasting up to months at a time, packing is probably a pain. You lost count of the times where you struggle to zip up your suitcase even when you eliminated down to the bare essentials. Most of all, you hate that dreadful groan in your head whe […] Read more

17 March 2016

Fuss-free ways to learn a language

One of the top advice given by expats during our interviews with them is to learn the language. We are sure it is not quite as easy as it sounds, with the crazy work schedules and bunch of other relocation administrative matters expats have to grapple with. Good news is, picking u […] Read more

7 March 2016

Women in the Global Workforce

In light of the International Women’s Day, on March 8th, we would like to present the findings of the Global Gender Gap Index, as well as other interesting information about women in the global workforce through the infographic below. The World Economic Forum released the […] Read more

26 February 2016

Where is the love: The best countries to find love and peace in the world

The reasons most expats give when asked why they choose to live abroad is to experience something new. Most of our contributors in expat interviews say that after graduating, or after a few years of working, they just need a new life, something different from the conventional, and they […] Read more

4 February 2016

8 Tips for Expats During The Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is considered as the most important and grandest festival in Chinese communities worldwide. Chinese New Year causes miles of traffic, overcrowding in Chinatown areas and even the greatest human migration in the planet with 2 billion travellers called […] Read more

21 January 2016

Talent Takers: Top countries that draw the world's best

Employees are becoming more and more mobile in recent years as projects for global mobility and talents from various sectors of economy emerge from different places in the world. Insead, Adecco, and HCLI have compiled a global talent competitive index that shows the world’s to […] Read more

15 January 2016

Best VPN for Expats Around the World

Netflix recently completed their global expansion (minus China), making it easier for us expats to access our favourite TV shows and movies abroad. Netflix now serves over 70 million people across 190 countries globally. Expats no longer have to wait for DVD copie […] Read more

17 December 2015

Six Figure Jobs for Expats in the U.S.

Getting a job as an expat might be the next thing on your mind right now. Building a new career in the U.S. can also be rewarding. Expats will soon find out that there are six figure jobs available in the U.S., and it is just a matter of finding out what these jobs need and what seems to be […] Read more

3 December 2015

The World's Best Healthcare Systems for Expats Abroad

Living away from the luxuries of home can be a bit inconvenient for expats, especially when you fall ill or have something that needs immediate medical attention. You don’t know what lies ahead. The fees, the culture of the medical team, how you’re going to be treated while i […] Read more

19 November 2015

Best Jobs for Expat Students

Life as a student is quite monotonous. It can be interesting for a while when you are new to the place and are still savoring the sights and sounds that go with moving to a new place. But after some time, a monotonous routine could take all the excitement. Expat students almost always find […] Read more