22 May 2017

Bike Sharing Schemes Mark the Best Expat Destinations

Last month we released our new report, the Global Bike Sharing Survey 2017, in which we studied the availability and pricing of over 700 public bike sharing schemes across the globe. Focusing on the number of bike sharing systems and how the various pricing models make them ideal for […] Read more

4 May 2017

Is the North Korean Crisis Driving Expats Away from East Asia?

Since the Korea was divided along the 38th parallel at the end of the War in July 1953, the communist North and capitalist South have been at each other’s throats, with the North regularly taunting the South and their many allies. There have been ups and down in the relationship betwee […] Read more

12 April 2017

Top Countries for High Pay and Low Tax

On the back of yesterday’s release of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Taxing Wages 2017 report*, ExpatFinder.com analysed additional OECD data to find what this all means for expats planning on a global move 2017. Along with taxable income, another key […] Read more

10 April 2017

Top Countries to Get Paid More

Since the dawn of humankind when people bartered for goods with obsidian, everyone has wanted something for nothing, or at least something for as little as they can get away with. This obviously continues today, although instead of obsidian and cocoa beans we trade little bits of paper and […] Read more

27 March 2017

Why VPNs are Becoming Essential

Bothersome Browsing Governments worldwide have been increasing internet surveillance and censorship for a variety of reasons in recent years. From Britain’s Investigatory Powers Act, which expanded the powers of the UK intelligence community, to the infamous Great Firewall of China that […] Read more

13 February 2017

Discover your Expat Destination through these 8 Maps

It is true when they say that the Internet creates a “global village”, where distance is no longer a barrier, and anyone can find out about anything from anywhere. With that much information in the cyberspace, it does not take long for someone to start drawing comparisons and identifying […] Read more

9 November 2016

6 Steps to Start Your Expat Life

Thinking of starting a life abroad? The idea seems simple and intimidating at the same time. Yes, you have got the air tickets. Passport, wallet and mobile phone – checked. Yourself – checked. Ready to go..? Not quite. As much as most of us like to think we are that spontaneous to uproot […] Read more

20 July 2016

Pokémon Go… abroad!

Pokémon Go is arguably the first mainstream form of augmented reality (AR). Making use of classic cartoon characters from our childhood memories, it has successfully attracted people across the globe to embrace AR through the mobile application. ExpatFinder discussed the benefits of AR and […] Read more

7 July 2016

The Aftermath of Brexit for EU & UK Expats

The victory of United Kingdom’s Leave camp in the referendum held on 24 June signified the decision of the first member state to withdraw from the European Union (EU). This drew attention to the Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon, which details the exit process. According to the clause, it […] Read more

22 June 2016

Notes for Expat Wives- and Husbands-To-Be

One can meet a charming expat while he is in the country or a gorgeous local lady while travelling, and fall in love. It is not at all uncommon. Our Expat Interviews have shown that one in every few expats have moved to a new country to live with their spouse! Before you worry about […] Read more