21 January 2016

Talent Takers: Top countries that draw the world's best

Employees are becoming more and more mobile in recent years as projects for global mobility and talents from various sectors of economy emerge from different places in the world. Insead, Adecco, and HCLI have compiled a global talent competitive index that shows the world’s to […] Read more

15 January 2016

Best VPN for Expats Around the World

Netflix recently completed their global expansion (minus China), making it easier for us expats to access our favourite TV shows and movies abroad. Netflix now serves over 70 million people across 190 countries globally. Expats no longer have to wait for DVD copie […] Read more

17 December 2015

Six Figure Jobs for Expats in the U.S.

Getting a job as an expat might be the next thing on your mind right now. Building a new career in the U.S. can also be rewarding. Expats will soon find out that there are six figure jobs available in the U.S., and it is just a matter of finding out what these jobs need and what seems to be […] Read more

3 December 2015

The World's Best Healthcare Systems for Expats Abroad

Living away from the luxuries of home can be a bit inconvenient for expats, especially when you fall ill or have something that needs immediate medical attention. You don’t know what lies ahead. The fees, the culture of the medical team, how you’re going to be treated while i […] Read more

19 November 2015

Best Jobs for Expat Students

Life as a student is quite monotonous. It can be interesting for a while when you are new to the place and are still savoring the sights and sounds that go with moving to a new place. But after some time, a monotonous routine could take all the excitement. Expat students almost always find […] Read more

5 November 2015

Amazing Trips Every Traveler Should Experience at Least Once

Many people would like to spend their life traveling around the world, but only rare get the chance to do so. With so many fascinating places on our planet and so little time, one should not waste any moment on arid areas. Travel agencies usually offer places everybody knows about thu […] Read more

22 October 2015

How To Recover from a Vacation Hangover

Obviously, it is not so easy to adapt to everyday businesses after returning from a holiday and some even call that phase as a vacation hangover. During this period, people often feel as aliens and getting back to a daily routine can give you a feeling of distress, disorientation, and […] Read more

8 October 2015

The World's Ickiest Food

Healthy food and regular nutrition are the most crucial ingredients for a long and issueless life. But sometimes, we just can’t help ourselves. We eat fast food and the so-called junk food only because we lack time for preparing more healthy food; we work a lot or even travel more […] Read more

28 September 2015

The Most Bizarre Ceremonies Still Done Today

Cultural diversity is the real wealth of our world that makes it colorful and interesting. It is almost impossible to give a precise number of different nations and their cultures, customs and traditions that exist today on Earth. But we can decisively claim that there is no way you can research all […] Read more

16 September 2015

Craziest Carnival Food in the World

Summer is gently but steadily going for its end and so is most people's decision to be on a diet. We don't have to be so harsh on ourselves anymore since there is not much time left to spend it on the beach. And that means we can start eating as normal people again, without scrupling o […] Read more