19 November 2015

Best Jobs for Expat Students

Life as a student is quite monotonous. It can be interesting for a while when you are new to the place and are still savoring the sights and sounds that go with moving to a new place. But after some time, a monotonous routine could take all the excitement. Expat students almost always find […] Read more

5 November 2015

Amazing Trips Every Traveler Should Experience at Least Once

Many people would like to spend their life traveling around the world, but only rare get the chance to do so. With so many fascinating places on our planet and so little time, one should not waste any moment on arid areas. Travel agencies usually offer places everybody knows about thu […] Read more

22 October 2015

How To Recover from a Vacation Hangover

Obviously, it is not so easy to adapt to everyday businesses after returning from a holiday and some even call that phase as a vacation hangover. During this period, people often feel as aliens and getting back to a daily routine can give you a feeling of distress, disorientation, and […] Read more

8 October 2015

The World's Ickiest Food

Healthy food and regular nutrition are the most crucial ingredients for a long and issueless life. But sometimes, we just can’t help ourselves. We eat fast food and the so-called junk food only because we lack time for preparing more healthy food; we work a lot or even travel more […] Read more

28 September 2015

The Most Bizarre Ceremonies Still Done Today

Cultural diversity is the real wealth of our world that makes it colorful and interesting. It is almost impossible to give a precise number of different nations and their cultures, customs and traditions that exist today on Earth. But we can decisively claim that there is no way you can research all […] Read more

16 September 2015

Craziest Carnival Food in the World

Summer is gently but steadily going for its end and so is most people's decision to be on a diet. We don't have to be so harsh on ourselves anymore since there is not much time left to spend it on the beach. And that means we can start eating as normal people again, without scrupling o […] Read more

26 August 2015

Top Travel Tips for the Busy Expats

People enjoy traveling. Indeed, traveling is among the top wishes of almost everyone we know. Very frequently, you can hear people saying that their life goal is to travel all over the world, to meet new cultures, history, tradition and other inhabitants. And honestly, the excitement you […] Read more

13 August 2015

10 Things Expats Shouldn't Be Afraid to Do

Moving abroad for a job and better life opportunities, you are becoming an expat. As with any other life decision, this one also has its pros and cons. For instance, you will get a better-paid job, more money in your savings account, material stuff and a lot of travelings. However, there are […] Read more

11 August 2015

Places You'd Never Want To Visit

Our planet is a beautiful place with countless fascinating destinations everyone should visit. But the third rock from the sun also has the other, much darker side that most of the people would not want to see. We will give you the absolute list of destinations from all corners of Earth you […] Read more

6 August 2015

The Most LGBT Friendly Cities in the World

Perhaps the most frequent LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual or Transgender) phrase says ‘Gay is OK’, but we all know that being a homosexual today is hard no matter where you live. Very often, you can read or even witness yourself how the so-called ‘gay parades’ end u […] Read more