International School Advisory in Brazil

An international school advisory in Brazil can offer valuable help as expatriate families search for the best schools for their children. Across the levels, from primary to tertiary, Brazil, where 7 to 14 is the compulsory age range for schooling, has a good number of schools that can provide for the educational needs of expat students, depending on their financial and cultural capacity or requirements.

Employees usually decline overseas work due to concerns about their children's schooling. School Choice International can provide the means to eliminate these concerns so that opportunities are wasted. SCI has assisted more than 13,500 expat families in Brazil and all over the world, thanks to at least 140 expert consultants providing timely and effective advice on school placements.

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The Good Schools Guide International is a team of advisors made up of expats, parents and educators who are helping other expats find the right schools for their kids in Brazil. Because it is composed of expats themselves, what makes this bunch different from the rest is its personal and thorough knowledge and experience of being educated in certain countries, being expats themselves.

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