Cost of Living in Bulgaria



Expats who end up in Bulgaria are simply glad they did. The country is just affordable, in fact, by a third compared to what it takes to live comfortably in other European nations.

Although anything imported would naturally cost more, local products are always within most people's budgets. Two exceptions however, are electronic gadgets and fuels which can get too costly in winter.

Accommodation costs in Bulgaria are one of the first considerations for anyone who wants to move to the country. And there's no room for disappointment with what one ends up discovering. House and apartment rentals in Bulgaria are much within the reach of any average-income family. In the towns and cities, one will tend to go for flats, costs of which will vary depending on the specific location and the general condition of the unit.  

An average apartment in the major cities such as Sofia and Pleven will cost about BGN 665 (335.00 €) to BGN 929 (475.00 €). In the suburbs, the range is between BGN 480 (244€) to BGN 538 (275.00€). Those looking to buy their own houses will be encouraged by the low prices of  properties which are within the range of BGN 526 per square meter in the rural areas  to  BGN 1056 per square meter in the cites. Monthly rent for a 1-bedroom apartment with an attached bathroom can cost 612 - 180лв, while monthly rent for a two bedroom apartment costs 7884.84 - 1134.24 лв. A three bedroom apartment comes with a monthly rent of 11,733.30 - 586.80 лв.

Ever since Bulgaria became a market economy, household utilities, especially electricity, have become rather costly, especially during the winter months. Heating an average family house can cost about BGN 300 and BGN 100 for homes using oil. Most households have switched to wood-fired heating which would only cost them about BGN 50 a month. Water costs about BGN 25-35 a month depending on one’s location. 

Food-loving expats will find another reason to stay in Bulgaria with the incredibly cheap food bills one pays in most restaurants. An average meal would cost about BGN 10-14 with some nice Bulgarian wine which goes for about BGN 12 per bottle. Bottled mineral water costs about BGN .80 per liter while locally-produced juices are priced up to BGN 2 per liter with imported brands costing about BGN 3. 1 Daily menu in business district costs 11 лв and a dinner out for two in Italian restaurant with wine and dessert costs 57 лв while one Big Mac Meal costs 6 - 8 лв.

Transportation is generally cheap in Bulgaria due to low petrol prices, especially taxis which can be quite intriguingly cheap. Expats should be aware of the only exception, though – taxis in Sunny Beach which can be surprisingly high-priced. One inner city bus ticket costs 1.00 лв while a monthly ticket for public transport costs 51 лв. Expats may opt to buy a car which usually sells for about BGN 5800 with cheap insurance to go, with 1 liter (1/4 gallon) of gas costing 2.15 - 2.60 лв.

Aside from the country's stunning sights and unique experiences, expats are attracted to Bulgaria because of its affordable cost of living. Hence, it is no wonder that this part of Europe has become an increasingly popular destination for expats and tourists where their money can go a longer way than most other countries in the region.



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