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The large insurance industry in Canada gives expats in Toronto a wide range of choice when it comes to insurance and protection in the city. The public and private insurance services in Toronto are of the highest standard and good quality. There are some agencies and associations that can help you check the credibility of your insurance company and their policies. Learn more about how you can be fully covered and save money in Toronto.

Importance of Insurance

Insurance in a safe city like Toronto is often overlooked and deemed unnecessary, but people don’t often realise that not having the proper insurance for yourself and everything important to you, puts your future at risk. You can never rule out emergencies and in an expensive city like Toronto, you run the risk of underestimating the cost of emergencies and losing more money than you anticipated. You can even end up being in debt when you are forced to pay out costs of damages or emergencies in bulk, as most emergencies often do. But aside from the general risk, you run without insurance, you are also missing out on the benefits and services you get when you have a good insurance plan. General services you would have to pay for come with regular plans, such as dental care, roadside assistance service, and even investment schemes. Learn more about insurance and how it can help you by reading the fine prints of insurance policies.

Getting Private Insurance

Toronto is the financial capital of Canada making the city a hub for almost all major companies in the country. Almost all major companies in the local and international insurance sector have offices in Toronto, making it easy for residents to sign up for insurance in the city. To gain access to public healthcare and social services in Toronto, expats would need to prove that they are eligible for permanent residency to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), and apply for a CareCard in an Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) office.

Though public health and social services in the city have good quality, processing documents and claiming services can be quite slow and inefficient, which is why most residents prefer private insurance in Toronto. International insurance plans are preferred by most local residents and expats in the country for the additional services and benefits they provide, the efficiency when it comes to claims processing, and the convenience of having a global range of coverage. Some of the most prominent international insurance companies in the city are Aviva Canada, Manulife Financial, and Sun Life Financial. 

Local Insurance

The biggest Canadian insurance companies have global coverage and prominence in the insurance industry, so getting local insurance can be similar to having an international insurance if you go with the right company. However, don’t just assume that it’s automatic. Make sure that you’re getting the coverage you want by asking for it and reading your policy. Be clear with the company whether you would like a local, regional, or international coverage on your plan.

Associations such as the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada, and the government agency, Insurance Bureau of Canada can help you check the credentials of your insurance company and the policies you wish to buy. They can also help you find the proper insurance broker, agent, or provider depending on your need.



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