Sharing is on the Rise in Toronto



People in Toronto proved to be warm by establishing organisations whose main goal is sharing. 

It is usually said that people in Toronto are not warm and what is more, they have a not so nice reputation of being “less than friendly“. However, these people proved everyone to be wrong when they have established several organisations based on sharing economy. 

Sharing Economy

You are probably interested in what are these organisations doing. Well, to be more precise we will say that these organisations rent the things you do not have at home either because they are broken or because they are simply too expensive for you to buy them.

One of such organisations is The Kitchen Library, established in 2013, which provides people with kitchen appliances like mixers, juices or canning equipment. People rent the appliances from time to time, and they can take them for even a whole week. The Kitchen Library is organised by membership. Thus, people pay $9 for one-month membership or $25 for a three-month membership. In this way, people are welcome to borrow any appliance they need provided that they bring it back clean. The Kitchen Library works with great success, and people are satisfied with it. 

Another similar organisation is called Repair Cafe Toronto. It organises workshops to teach others how to fix household items. Such an access helps in changing the culture of quick consumption because you should first try to fix household items and then recycle them. Repair Cafe Toronto works with volunteers only and numerous times they have helped visitors to bring back to life some of their broken items. 

Such organisations spread a positive energy and bring joy to people's face. It's all about sharing whatever you have, some of us share appliances and some of us warm feelings. All this shows us that Torontonians proved to be more than warm people.