Education Services in Toronto

The educational system in Toronto is well-maintained and features both private and public schools for it's citizens to choose from. The medium of instruction for schools in Toronto is in Canadian English, and some schools offer French as a second language. Expatriates who can afford it choose to send their children to an international school in order to expose them to a specific language or follow a certain curriculum. There are also religious schools in Toronto that feature an education with a Jewish, Catholic or Islamic component in their curriculum. 

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International School Advisory in Toronto

Canada is a top destination for expats with young children. Know the best schools in the country with the guidance of experienced specialists. These experts can help you choose the best international school for your kids.

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School Search in Toronto

Canada is considered one of the world’s education hubs. Check out our database for information on international schools in the country that cater to foreigners. Find a school that best suits your child and your budget.

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