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Expatriates bound to the mesmerising Cayman Islands will be glad to know that their new host destination has no particularly alarming health risks. It is one of the safest places in the Caribbean which possesses a healthcare system that is almost on par with Western and European standards. 

Given the good reputation of Cayman Islands when it comes to tourism and overall standard of living, the healthcare system of this British territory is also one that is to be commended. The Cayman Islands offer top-of-the-line general and specialist medical care for locals and foreign nationals through its public healthcare system and private medical institutions. On top of the modernised medical facilities and trained doctors, the Cayman Islands also have support groups and health-oriented associations which help promote well-being and awareness, as well as raise funds for medical equipment and tests in areas like autism, alcoholism, cancer, heart disease, substance abuse, breastfeeding, learning disorders, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, grief recovery, and a lot more. 

Healthcare Coverage for Expats 

Healthcare and medications are expensive in the Cayman Islands. That is why it has a mandatory health insurance law in place for its citizens, requiring all residents to take out minimum private sector health insurance for coverage on basic medical expenses. Premiums on the health insurance are evenly distributed to the employee and employer. 

The Cayman Islands have several District Health Centres that are under the supervision of the Health Services Authority. These medical facilities accept all forms of payments including from local insurance companies. Expats that have international policies, on the other hand, should be aware that they will be required to pay for the services and treatments upfront or in full amount. Afterwards, they will receive a document from the hospital or clinic which they need to present to their overseas healthcare provider for claims/reimbursement purposes. 

Family Doctors and Medical Specialists 

Finding a decent doctor or GP in the Cayman Islands is not much of a problem since there is a wide availability of English-speaking medical professionals. Unlike in other expat destinations such as the United Kingdom, foreign nationals in this country are not required to register with a specific doctor upon their arrival. Patients are allowed to schedule a visit to a general family doctor directly whether they choose the private or the public sector. 

The Cayman Islands also has an abundance of medical specialists that are experts in various fields such as cardiology, neurology, orthopaedics, dermatology, obstetrics and paediatrics. Expats searching for GPs can visit the websites of Health Services Authority and International Medical Group while those looking for a specialist can call the Medical and Dental Council on +1 (345) 946 – 2084. 

Medical and Emergency Services 

The government of Cayman Islands run some health centres in every district through its Public Health Department. In this way, Caymanian locals and foreign nationals who might find themselves in need of medical service will be attended to immediately, wherever they are in the three islands. Though this country prides itself for having well-trained medical personnel and state of the art facilities, there are still some instances when residents are referred to overseas hospitals for specific medical procedures that are not locally available. Those who need complicated surgeries, pre-mature babies and patients injured in a severe accident are often air-lifted to the United States for immediate treatment. 

Currently, the Georgetown Hospital also known as Cayman Islands Hospital is the only place in Grand Cayman that provides accident and emergency services. The following numbers can also be contacted during an emergency situation in the Cayman Islands. All numbers apply whether you are in Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac or Little Cayman. 

  • Hospital – 911
  • Emergency Information Hotline: (345) 946 3333
  • Executive Air Ambulances: (345) 949 7775
  • Red Cross: (345) 949 6785
  • Police: 911
  • Fire: 911
  • Divers Recompression Chamber: 911
  • Hurricane Emergency Operations: (345) 949 6555 

Hospitals and Laboratories in the Cayman Islands 

Grand Cayman, the biggest island, offers a wide array of healthcare services. It has two hospitals – The Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital and Cayman Islands Hospital – both fully equipped with advanced medical apparatus. Grand Cayman also has a sufficient number of small clinics, general practitioners and private specialist doctors who can cater to specific medical needs. Meanwhile, Cayman Brac Island has one hospital called Faith Hospital, while Little Cayman Island has Little Cayman Health Centre. These health centres also administer health programs, such as nutrition, immunisation and genetics. Other top hospitals in the islands are: 

The Cayman Islands also have several laboratories that are equipped with physicians and fully qualified staff that performs urinalysis, CT scans, X-rays, MRIs, bone density, digital mammography, stress tests and echocardiograms. Some of the laboratories that expats can go to for their tests are: 

21 Eclipse Drive, Rankin Plaza, Eastern Avenue

Tel: +1 (345) 943 8150

Suite 1204, 55 Market St, Jasmine Court, Camana Bay

Tel: (345) 943-4633 

  • Cayman Health Laboratory

Grand Harbour Medical Suites, Red Bay, Grand Cayman

Tel: +1 345 946 4715

  • Medlab

Smith Road Plaza, Smith Road, George Town, Grand Cayman

Tel: +1 345 949 7331 

Medicines and Pharmacies 

Medicines are widely available in the Cayman Islands and expats can even get hold of weight loss products, vitamins and nutritional supplements. Expats who will register their insurance details with a particular pharmacy (and if the insurance covers the medication) may only need to co-pay the amount. It is also advised for new comers to purchase generic brands whenever necessary because branded drugs are often quite expensive in this country. 

Those who will move in Cayman Brac are advised to bring their own medication since there is no pharmacy on this island. Little Cayman, on the other hand, has one small drugstore which is located at Little Cayman Clinic. Three of the largest pharmacies in the Cayman Islands are: 

Governors Square, 7 Mile Beach

Tel: (345) 949-8900

The Shoppes at Grand Harbour, 1053 Crew Rd, George Town

Tel: 1(345) 947-8900

7, Leafy Ln, George Town, Grand Cayman

Tel: (345) 949-0442

Inside the supermarkets at The Strand Shopping Centre and Airport Centre

Tel: Tel: (345) 945-3663


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