QROPS in Cayman Islands

Because the Cayman Islands are a tax free area, many people do offshore banking here. There are a lot of hurricanes that hit the islands. The larger island, Grand Cayman, has 95 percent of the population and is about 75 miles away by water from the two smaller islands. There are some species of parrot and iguana that live only in the Cayman Islands, among other animals. The official language is English, and the population is overwhelmingly Christian. It is still popular to sing Christmas carols on Christmas Eve in the Caymans

Cayman Islands is highly regarded for its natural resources and sophisticated financial centre. Nevertheless, many UK expats living in these islands still choose UK-based Windsor Pensions. Windsor represents superior Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) that can receive UK personal and occupational pensions. Its competent and trusted consultants extend no-obligation pension fund reviews for expats anywhere in the world.

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For expatriate and local clients in the Cayman Islands, Gower Pensions Management Limited offers the Horizon International Pension Plan, an option among several pension and retirement saving solutions delivered through retired annuity trust schemes. The company has a license to operate from the Guernsey Financial Service Commission.

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In the Cayman Islands, Gerrards international is a company composed of independent financial advisers offering customized QROPS and other financial advice suitable to the individual needs and requirements of clients. It is well-known for its highly personal approach in handling each and every customer, instead of applying a one-size-fits-all solution that many companies are known to offer.

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