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School search in China is easy with the many resources offered on the Internet alone. For some expats, a personal consultation with school search service providers proves to be the best way to place their children in the best schools across the country. Shanghai American School, China’s largest international school, currently holds 3,000 students and is a favorite of expat families based in the Chinese capitalSchool search may take a lot of time when you aren't sure where to start, let us lead you to the right starting point. Make use of the school search here to assist in finding the perfect fit school for your kids with special focus on History. Expat kids often have a lot more to deal with in school than non-expat kids. Because the syllabus does differ around the world, they risk being held back or not fully comprehending what the current curriculum states.

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Hua Mao Multicultural Education Academy Ningbo

No. 2 Yinxian Dadao (Middle), Ningbo PR China 315192

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International School of Tianjin Tianjin

Weishan Nan Lu, Jinnan, Tianjin 300350, P.R. China

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The British School of Nanjing Nanjing

Building 2, Jinling Resort, Jiahu Dong Lu

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