Basics of working in Beijing



It is possible to find a job and then apply for a work permit, provided that you foreigner has a valid visa to be in China. However, this is not common, and it is recommended to apply for a job and a work visa before you move.

It is advisable thatyoufind a job in your home country that will send you to Beijing on an expat package. Salaries for expats on an overseas company package usually include a housing package, and sometimes a “hardship posting” bonus. Most apartments that rent to expats ask for at least 2000 USD per month rental, and thus you should research the housing options available in Beijing before agreeing to any housing bonus.

There is a sizable job market for expats in Beijing, especially in the areas of engineering, finance, journalism, and Englishteaching.It is a great advantage to speak Mandarin as well as fluent English. A lot of employers are stating this as a minimum requirement.To find employment, you need to be sure that you can prove you have more qualifications and experience than a Chinese national. A diploma from a 4-year university is usually the bare minimum requirement.One of the better ways is to land an internship at a company that can lead to a full-time job.

However, finding a job locally may result in lower wages and fewer benefits. You may not be earning more than 1500 USD per month, and so be prepared to live like a local.

Job Search

Some of the English Language free magazines such as That’s neither local Chinese nor foreigners use a public bureau for job searching in China. Job searches are best done through personal contacts, human resources companies, or through of the Internet. Beijing has job listings.

Popular websites for job searching include:

Holidays and Day-offs

The weekends are usually rest days, but some people work on Saturdays.

Public holidays:

New Year’s Day

January 1

Chinese Lunar New Year               

Three days in January/February

(based on Lunar Calendar)

May Day                            

May 1

Tomb Sweeping Day                

April 5

Dragon Boat Festival            

A day in mid-June

(based on Lunar Calendar)

Mid-Autumn Festival                    

A day in end-September

(based on Lunar Calendar)

National Day

October 1-3