Choosing where to live in Beijing



With a population of over 20 million and a land area of 6000 square miles, Beijing is a big and busy city, so you have to consider the location of where you want to live.


Chaoyang Park

The best place for expatriates who are moving in with a family. It is known for having large recreational parks and open spaces. Residential properties in this area are built with a 'park view' concept and are less expensive yet bigger compared to other neighbourhoods.

Lido and Wangjing

Considered as one of the earliest residential areas for expats in Beijing, Lido is still a popular choice for families nowadays since it is situated near parks, international schools, and shopping malls. Wangjing, its neighbour, is also a huge residential location where expats can find accommodations in an excellent and reasonable price. It is known as the 'Korea-town' of Beijing due to the large population of South Korean residents.


It is Beijing's most lively and enjoyable neighbourhood. Its famous 'Bar Street' is the location of the Village Lifestyle Centre, high-class restaurants, and best pubs in Beijing. Sanlitun is the best place for single young expats and couples who are looking for an exciting lifestyle in the city.

Lufthansa Area

It is located next to the 'Third Embassy' and provides quick access to the airport expressway. Lufthansa is famous for expats with a busy and upbeat lifestyle since it is one of the leading business centers in Beijing. A huge number of corporate towers, luxury apartments and malls are also found in this area.

Central Business District (city centre)

This area is perfect for expats who are particular with the distance between home and work since it is in the heart of Beijing. There are various selections of serviced and non-serviced high-end apartments built to accommodate families and individuals who are accustomed to the busy city living. Skyscrapers, Five-star Hotels, and International shopping malls are also in this area.