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Dalian is considered as a relatively good city in terms of good air quality whereas the level of pollution here is significantly lower compared to Beijing. However, there are still several risks that can affect expats, and it is important for every newcomer to know where and how to access healthcare services in Dalian in the time of need.

Dalian, in general, is a work in progress and so is its healthcare system. One of the major hurdles with healthcare in the city is the lack of affordable public health coverage. This is experienced by both those in the rural and urban areas. Many of those who live outside of the city centre cannot afford professional medical treatment, while those who live in more urban areas get free coverage through their employers but are left hanging when they become unemployed. Given this healthcare situation, as an expat, your best bet would be to acquire international health insurance.

Healthcare Reforms

Developments in the current system are definitely being implemented in the city of Dalian. The Chinese government initiated improvement in healthcare coverage. They have expanded coverage of the Employee Basic Medical insurance system to also provide public health insurance to the non-state-owned sector and self-employed workers. In rural areas, the government re-established the Rural Cooperative Medical Insurance System wherein the government and each individual contribute ten RMB (1.21 USD) annually to a locally managed fund.

Another challenge is the inefficient use of healthcare funds. To amend this situation, the government allocated 29 billion RMB (350 million USD) to help local governments establish their own disease and prevention centres, and allocated more funding to rural areas. Various improvements in hospital management and health infrastructure are also underway.

Hospitals in Dalian

In reality, public hospitals in Dalian are far from Western standards. Hospitals outside the city centre are also considered of poor quality, and most of these medical facilities lack staff that can speak the universal language. Also, hospitals in Dalian do not keep any type of patients’ records and the queue to see a doctor is always long. As of 2015, Dalian has no international hospital, and the nearest one to the city is located in Beijing which is the International Medical Centre where expats can find doctors that can speak English. Some of the hospitals in Dalian that have English speaking doctors are:

No. 6 Jiefang St. Zhong Shan District Dalian

Tel: +86-411-282 1120

  • No. 1 Hospital of Dalian Medical University (DMU)

No.222, Zhongshan Rd. 116011 Dalian

Tel: (0411) 363-5963 (switchboard)

108-1 Nanshan Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian

Tel: 0411.8280.5577

  • Dalian Friendship Hospital

No. 8 Sanba Square, Zhongshan District Dalian

Tel: +86-411-271 8822

Medicines and Pharmacies

Restrictions have also been placed to provide more affordable healthcare. One example is restricting prescriptions that would only be good for seven days and for emergencies those that are only valid for three days to reduce unnecessary prescriptions of drugs. Expats should also check first if their regular medicines are available in Dalian, but most drugs such as insulin is widely available since many Chinese also suffer from diabetes. Some of the pharmacies that expats will find in Dalian are:

  • Changxing Pharmacy

Changda Road, Lvshunkou, Dalian

  • Nepstar Drugstore

Hongqi Middle Road, Ganjingzi, Dalian

  • Merro Pharmacy

124 Zhongshan Road, Zhongshan, Dalian

  • Watsons

Zhongshan Road, Zhongshan, Dalian

  • Tongji Drug Store

Lianhe Road, Shahekou, Dalian


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