Moving your Belongings to China



Expats, especially those from liberal countries, should be mindful that China is an authoritative country stringent about law and order.

As a communist nation, it exercises tight control over most things - from media, to immigration and crime. You can be punished severely for any action or open opinion that puts the country in a negative light.

Two copies of the baggage declaration are to be submitted by the shipper upon entering China. Items to be declared are goods shipped beyond amounts deemed reasonable for personal use, cameras and tape recorders, over RMB 20,000 in cash, gold or silver and ornamental items that weigh more than 50 grammes. Anything that is considered of commercial value besides one's personal baggage also has to be declared along with animals and plants for quarantine.

Shipping regulations

Among forbidden items are deadly weapons of all kinds, including radio transmitters and receivers as well as similar gadgets. All objects found to cast a negative light on China as a nation, including films, CD's and the likes of narcotics, infected animals and disease-carrying foodstuff are also restricted. 

Chinese shipment regulations are common and simple and should not pose considerable inconveniences to expats moving their belongings from home.If you need to ship most of your wardrobe and furniture, make sure to do a thorough research of shipping and removals companies in China to get a competitive quotation. 

It is wise to bring extra clothing as the Chinese tend to have smaller sizes and it may take a while for non-Asians to find a store where they can buy clothes that fit. Expats who need to be on maintenance medications should bring along their medicines. Personal effects are duty-free, provided that they will not be sold under any circumstances.



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