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Relocation Services in China

Relocation services in China traditionally handle only shipments, but a more recent trend has geared them towards offering extra services, such as providing visa information, property searches, and more. Currently, there are 221 million expatriates in China, with a wide selection of relocation service providers available for those who are still planning to migrate to this part of Asia.

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AGS Four Winds China Beijing

Tayuan Diplomatic Compound, Building 5, Entrance 2, Suite 51 Beijing

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Cartus (China)

Beijingm Chengdu, Shanghai, Fuzhon, Quanzhon, Xiamen, Guangzhon

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Asia Pacific Properties Ltd

Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen

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RELOC8 Asia Pacific - China Shanghai

Asia Pacific Access Ltd, Suite 410, Dong Yi Building, 88 Chang Shu Road, Shanghai, 200040 China

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RELOC8 Asia Pacific - China Beijing

Asia Pacific Access Ltd, Beijing Ancient Observatory, Jianguomen Bridge, South West Corner, 100005 Beijing China

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