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Allergies in Costa Rica

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Most seasonal allergies in Costa Rica are caused by the pollen, weeds, or mold spread by the wind. These allergies are most prevalent during the windy season when allergens could be easily all throughout the air. Some common allergic reactions are asthma, hay fever, and other nasal problems.


Expats are advised to prepare for these allergens, especially those who have the tendency to develop allergic reactions easily. Preparation can mean having a stock of antihistamines so one can have immediate relief. Common allergies in Costa Rica are not life threatening but can be very inconvenient. Wearing surgical masks during certain months of the year may also help when going out into open areas such as the streets or parks.


There are rare occasions when allergies can escalate to conditions that need medical treatment. One may avail of this using public or private health insurance in Costa Rica.


When taking out an international health insurance policy, it is essential first to ascertain whether or not such insurance will hold in this country. Sometimes, expats are met with the surprise of being refused coverage. To avoid this situation, it is wise to check first with the doctor to be consulted for allergies or any medical condition.


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