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Relocating to Croatia would be a breeze if an expat is already aware of the documents required for entry: A work visa, a business or work permit (usually provided by the employer), passport, two passport photos, birth certificate, job details including length of stay, criminal background check, proof of sufficient funds and inventory. An expat must report to the nearest Croatian police station within 24 hours of arrival in Croatia and apply for an extended residency permit. Some hotels apply for the permit on behalf of their client.

You can bring used household items duty-free as long as you can prove that they belonged to you for more than 6 months. Electronic appliances should be 220V, 50 Hz. For customs clearance of household goods, you do not have to be present, except when importing used motor vehicles. For used motor vehicles, it is duty-free for as long as you owned it for more than 6 months, and you can present its Certificate of Registration and title. Import customs clearance may take up to 1-2 days.

Removal companies in Croatia can help make your move easier as they will be taking care of overseas shipping service and documentation. To be exempt from paying customs taxes, remember not to bring more than 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, and  250 grams of tobacco, 1/4  liter of eau de cologne, a bottle of perfume, a liter of wine and a 2 liter of spirits, and a reasonable amount of medicines. For prescribed drugs, bring a letter from your doctor. An expat can bring in an unlimited amount of foreign currency but not more than 15,000 Kunas (HRK).

Movers in Croatia can facilitate a faster relocation process for you and your family.



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