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Cyprus has a growing community of expats who may, from time to time, need to ship belongings from their country of origin. As with any other destination in the world, Cyprus implements a few guidelines that have to be followed for a smooth shipment.

Overseas Shipping

Documents to be secured include the shipper's  residence visa, a passport issued within two years prior to the shipment date, an inventory of the items in the shipment, exemption certificates when applicable, and a rental or lease agreement proving the shipper will be staying in Cyprus for at least a year. 

Customs regulations also require the shipper to be in Cyprus to be able to sign a customs declaration in the presence of the customs officer. Shipments to Cyprus consisting of household and personal effects may be shipped duty-free but will still be subject to different taxes. Hence, the shipper must be able to prove that the goods are in reasonable amounts, for personal use and have been in owned by the shipper for at least a year before shipment.

Dutiable items will include newly purchased goods, for which an invoice will have to be presented, food, perfume, sports gear, carpets and electric or electronic devices or gadgets, intoxicating drinks, tobacco products and plants for which an import license and phytosanitary certificate will be required.

One may not want to bring wireless telephones to Cyprus as these are prohibited, along with other items including drugs, guns and ammunition and pornographic materials. Shipments to Cyprus do not call for any special requirements so it should be fairly easy for expats to move their belongings as long as these regulations are observed.



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