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Foreign nationals who want to send their children into a Czech school should know that tuition fees in public schools are free as mandated by the government. This applies even to children of expats who may be a temporary resident of the country. The main medium of instruction in Czech public schools however, is in Czech language only. Expats need not worry as there are also some elementary schools that offer a form of “alternative” programs and have experience dealing with foreign language or bilingual children.Use the school search here to assist in finding the perfect fit school for your kid with special focus on Math methods. Expatriate kids have much more to handle with during their schooling than most children. Because the curriculum does differ around the world, they are at risk for being held back or not fully comprehending what is taught. School search may take a very long time when you don't know where to start, let us help.

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International School of Prague (ISPRA3) Prague

Nebusick 700, 164 00, Prague 6, Czech Republic

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Riverside School, Prague Prague

Roztock 9, Sedlec, 160 00, Prague, 6, Czech Republic

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The Prague British School (BISPRA) Prague

K Lesu 558/2, 14200 Praha 4, Czech Republic

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FlowerGarten Prague

Pod SpravedlNosti 1361 Prague 5, Prague Czech Republic

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Neverland Art Preschool Prague

Nad Habrovkou 3, Prague Czech Republic

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