Cost of Living in Czech Republic



An expat’s choice to leave his home country is often about getting better value for money. With this in mind, it's no wonder expats troop to this country in their thousands, even with the slight increase in the cost of living in the Czech Republic.

Food and housing

Over and above other needs, food always figures largely in an expat's budget. Obviously, the cost of cooking at home is still lighter on the pocket than opting to eat out on a daily basis. The cost of groceries in Czech Republic ranks 193 of 276 expat destinations; definitely a plus factor for an expat who wants to get the most out of his monthly salary.

Basic food stuff like milk costs 16 CZK (Czech Koruna) or about US$0.81, a loaf of French bread is 24 CZK or US$1.22, while a pack of six eggs costs about 18 CZK or US$0.91. Beverages are also considerably cheap, a 1.5-liter of water amounts to around 15 CZK or US$0.76 while a half-liter bottle of domestic beer costs about 12 CZK or US$0.61.

Eating out, on the other hand, is relatively more expensive in comparison to other expat destinations. For example, a solo dinner in an inexpensive restaurant already costs about 140 CZK or US$7.13. Make that a dinner for two and the price goes as high as 1,576 Kč. 1 Daily menu in business district costs 109 Kč while 1 Big Mac Meal costs 119 - 140  Kč. The Czech Republic ranks 71 out of 276 in this category.

Renting remains the best option for those who plan to stay long-term on a restricted budget. The monthly cost of a room in a shared apartment in Prague is about 7500 CZK or US$382.17. Rent prices are less outside of the capital - for the same accommodation; expect to pay a thousand Koruna less if you leave the capital. Renting bigger spaces such as a one-bedroom apartment costs about 17,988.85CZK, the equivalent of around US$1000. Monthly rent for 1 bedroom flat with an attached bathroom costs 112238.06 Kč to 4888.23 Kč, while monthly rent for a 2 bedrooms furnished apartment costs 185588.77 - Kč to 6827.13 Kč. The cost to rent a 3-bedroom apartment per month costs 134849.52 Kč to 43912.12 Kč.

Purchasing a house or real estate is also a good investment. In Prague, you can buy a decent family house for about 5,400,000 CZK or US$300,186. Real estate prices are definitely cheaper in towns outside of Prague at about 775,795.11 CZK or US$43,126.45 for a small residential house (including renovation costs).

Household utilities and transportation

The cost of household utilities in the Czech Republic is a bit more expensive than other expat destinations, ranking 14th of 276.

The monthly costs for gas and electricity figure around 2700 CZK or US$137.26. Communication is important for expatriates; the Czech Republic has the most number of Wi-Fi subscribers and three major mobile phone companies in the country offer mobile internet. The cost of internet connection per month is about 300 to 500 Kč.

Transportation in Czech Republic is mainly concentrated on road transport. If you would be using road transport regularly, a monthly pass costs about 724 Kč. Railway travel can also be used for longer distances. A 30-minute train ticket costs around 18 CZK or US$0.91, while that for a 75-minute ride costs 26 CZK or US$1.32. One inner city bus ticket costs 18 to 30  Kč while 1 liter (1/4 gallon) of gas costs 31 - 37 Kč.

Clothing and recreation

Clothing in the Czech Republic tends to be conservative. Given that the weather for most of the year is on the cold side, knitwear accounts for about 36% of total clothing sales. Because of the need for better quality garments, prices tend to be higher. Clothing costs in Czech Republic rank 26th out of 276 countries considered to be expat destinations.

Now, when work is over, it's time for some recreation. In the Czech Republic, there are numerous ways to chill out and relax, but leisure costs will vary depending on your preferences. Those who prefer sharing a good conversation over a bottle of good Czech wine will need around 120 CZK or US$6.11. Enjoying a cup of coffee and a slice of cake while appreciating Prague's architecture will set you back 110 CZK or US$5.60.

Theatre tickets cost 800 Kč while tickets to the movies cost 334 Kč. Appreciating Czech art is also a must-do. You can visit museums and galleries for an average expense of about 100 to 150 CZK (US$5.56 to US$8.34). 1 month of gym in business district costs 659 Kč.



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