Essential Employment Paperwork in Czech Republic


The first and most significant step in getting a job overseas, including the Czech Republic, is to obtain a work permit. Keep in mind that without this vital paperwork, expats will find it challenging to seek employment in this country.

No visa or work permit is needed for citizens of the EU countries, Switzerland, Norway, Lichtenstein and Island or a family member of citizens of such countries. Foreigners who have a permanent residence permit in the Czech Republic and asylum seekers also do not need a visa or work permit. Visas are also available for foreigners staying in the Czech Republic that are based on a long-term residence permit and are in the country for a reason of family reunion with a foreign national who has a permanent residence permit or is an asylum seeker and for students engaged in full-time studies. Individuals who finished high school or college studies in the Czech Republic do not need a work permit. Non-EU Nationals, however, must apply for a work permit.

Process of Obtaining a Work Permit

The applicant should submit a written application for a work permit to the Labour Office in person or through an employer before arriving in the Czech Republic. After submission, the Czech Labour Office will then issue their approval or rejection of the request for a work permit. The processing time for the work permit depends on the specified work timeframe in the application and the resulting approval. Extension of a permit must be submitted within 30 days before the expiration and costs around 250 CZK or US$13.83. The documents required when applying for an employment permit are as follow:

  • Expatriate’s valid Identification such as a Passport
  • Contact number and local address of the employer
  • Detailed description of the job post
  • Original copy of the employer’s statement confirming the intention to hire a foreign national
  • Educational certificates of the expat
  • Medical certificate (no more than one month old)

Types of Work Permit

The work permits for Czech Republic are classified into two categories and are normally valid for up to two years. They both act as an employment and residence permit.

EU Blue Card

The EU Blue Card is granted to expats who are considered as ‘skilled workers’ or those who hold a university/college diploma from an educational programme that had duration of at least three years. All applications for this permit are forwarded to the Ministry of Interior who has the final say whether an expat will be granted with the permit it or not.

Employee Card

The Employee Card is the latest type of work permit that also serves as a long-term residence permit in Czech Republic. It is for foreign nationals who wish to work in this country for a period longer than 90 days and is issued for the duration of the ‘employer-employee’ relationship. The Employee Card has a validity of two years and is available for renewal. Expats who will apply for this permit should expect around 60 to 90 days processing time.