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A landlocked nation situated in Central Europe, the Czech Republic is one of the two independent states that emerged from the 1993 separation of the former Czechoslovakia. The Czech Republic now houses over 10.5 million people, and aside from being a top tourist destination, it also became a magnet for expats because of its dynamic economy and high quality of life.

Most expats live in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. The city’s economic structure has changed from industrial to service-oriented, which attracts expats looking for employment. Fields of finance, IT, pharmaceuticals, printing, food manufacturing, and business development are the common work of the expats in Prague. Because it is a small city, it is considered as comfortable for the expatriates living there whereas the standards of life are similar to the Western countries. Aside from possessing a successful economy, the Czech Republic also boasts over 2,000 castles, a plethora of historical landmarks and acres of natural beauty that no expat can resist.

Explore Czech’s Vast Outdoors

Embracing this country is a series of majestic mountain ranges that seem to possess an eternal beauty that remained untarnished despite the ever-changing years. Expats, whether moving alone or with their families will be glad to know that in a world dominated by gadgets and technology, it is still possible to have fun in the Czech Republic the ‘old school’ way. This country has a total of four national parks that are equally beautiful and attractive. On top of the must-see list is the Krkonoše National Park which is also listed as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve site. Another favourite outdoor destination in this country is the Šumava National Park, home to picturesque mountains, fields and glacial lakes.

Hiking is also a popular hobby for the locals, and the Czech Republic boasts an excellent system for trail blazing. When it comes to swimming, this country is also the place to be and expats who love to take a dip will find plenty of koupaliště (public swimming areas). Keep in mind though that Czechs are quite fond of Nudism/Naturalism or topless sunbathing and they rarely bat an eye whenever someone is taking a bath on the beach or the lake without any clothes.

Czech Republic Driving 101

Though the Czech Republic has an extensive and highly reliable public transport system expats bound here can also consider everyday driving. First and foremost, everyone must know that driving in this country is on the right-hand side of the road. Those coming from European Union member states can keep their existing licenses, but citizens of other countries should obtain a Czech driving license. Other relevant documents and items that every driver must carry at all times are:

  • Proof of Insurance or Green Card
  • Proof of identification (Visa or Passport)
  • First aid kit
  • Warning Triangle
  • Hi-Vis Vest (for drivers)

Buckling up is also a mandatory requirement in the Czech Republic particularly for the driver and the rear seat passenger. Speed limits are 80 kilometres per hour on expressways and 90 kilometres per hour on other roads. Expats should also know that parking is quite scarce especially in Prague and though this country is famed for its beer, don’t ever try to drink and drive because it is illegal.

Overcoming Language Barrier

Except those living or working in major tourist destinations such as Prague, a huge number of locals especially the older generations do not speak English. The people of the Czech Republic still prefer to use their official language which is Czech and expats who can not speak it or don’t know anyone who can translate for them will find language barrier a huge hurdle. Being able to speak this country's mother tongue is also a significant advantage for applicants and may even be a requirement for some local employers. Foreign nationals bound here should start learning even a few Czech words before flying in.

  • Hello - Dobrý den
  • My name is.. -  Jmenuju se..
  • Good Morning - Dobré ráno
  • Good Evening - Dobrý večer
  • Goodbye – Nashledanou
  • Have a nice day! - Hezký den!
  • I don’t understand - Nerozumím Vím
  • Yes – Ano
  • No – Ne
  • Please – Prosím
  • Sorry - Pardon!
  • Thank You - Mockrát dĕkuji
  • How much is this? - Kolik je to?


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