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After officially joining the European Union in 2004, Czech Republic has fastly become one of the most popular expat destination in Central Europe. You will find a great career and financially opportunity here since many foreign and domestic businesses are operating all over the country. Aside from its stable economy and healthy financial system, you will be mesmerised by its Renaissance-era inspired architecture and beautifully preserved 19th-century castles.


You will find many real estate advertisements in the Czech Republic through online portals and newspaper listings. But the best ways to find one is to ask a local realtor who is more familiar with the country or you take a walk around the city to see the actual units. Some advertisements will say that the apartment/house is newly renovated but in actual, it might be not. So make sure to check it in person.

Do not expect that the anything is included in the rental cost, unless the landlord states specifically. Most are unfurnished, and you have to shoulder the payment for basic utilities. The average monthly cost of essential services (water, electricity, gas) in the city centre is €145. Your internet connection with a speed of 10mbps with unlimited data is around €20 per month while a local mobile prepaid call is billed €0.15 per minute.

House and Apartment Hunting

The Czech Republic has several types of housing: Panelaks or apartment blocks, houses for rent and neighbourhoods. Depending on the length of time you are planning to stay, you can choose between a short term or long term rental agreement. Also, you have to be familiar with the way apartments/houses are advertised in Czech. Here are some of the descriptions that you will encounter:

  • 1 + 1 – A unit with one bedroom and another room which is usually the kitchen. A bathroom is not necessarily included in this type of unit.
  • 1 + kk – Another one bedroom flat. KK stands for a small kitchen that has a hotplate and a sink.
  • 1 + 0 – A term used for a one bedroom unit with no bathroom or kitchen
  • 2 + 1 (3 + 1, 4 + 1 and so on) – Apartments with 2, 3 or 4 rooms with a kitchen and bathroom.

Prague is the capital of the Czech and where you will find a high percentage of expats living. It is conveniently located where the business centre, restaurants, shopping malls and major supermarkets are. Perfect for expats who love to the nightlife and fast paced city life. The average monthly rent here for a one bedroom apartment is €500 while a three bedroom apartment is €900.

Another neighbourhood that you can consider is Kladno, which is located closely to Prague and the largest district in the Central Bohemian region. It is popular to expats with children because of its clean environment and numerous vast park areas. You will find it a safe place for your family since the Metropolitan police implement a strict monitoring system across the city. A one bedroom apartment in Kladno is around €300 while a three bedroom unit is €400.

International and Local Schools

The Czech Republic prides itself on giving great importance when it comes to education. The government provides free education for primary, secondary and depending on its capacity, even for university level. Some of the state funded local schools that you can consider are the Charles University, Prague and the Masaryk Univerity, Brno .

There are also international schools that can attend to your children’s needs as an expat like the International School of Prague and the Parklane International School.

Moving of Your Belongings

Several companies offer shipping and removal services to Czech. Your packages will be picked up from your home, shipped and delivered to your new address. The price is based on the quantity and weight of your parcel. Average shipping time is from the 2-7 business day, depending on the country of origin. All containers going arrive in the Port of Hamburg, Germany where Czech Customs will inspect the cargos. After clearance, packages will then be delivered by road to the Czech Republic.

A microchip should identify all animals being imported to Czech. After it has been implanted, a rabies vaccination should be given not more than 21 days before its arrival. Dogs, cats and ferrets entering the country from EU countries should have an updated Pet Passport. If your pet is from a non-EU state, you need to have a licensed veterinarian complete the Annex IV from for the Czech Republic within ten days of entry.

If you are thinking about bringing your vehicle with you, make sure that it will meet the road readiness standards of Czech customs or else, it will not be cleared for entry. One of these is the emission standard. Also, they will check if your vehicle’s specifications like the brakes, bumpers, engine, tires, and other parts are up to code. Here are the other documents that you must prepare for your car’s import to the country:

  • Proof of Purchase
  • Company/Personal Declaration
  • Certificate of Title
  • Copy of housing contract
  • Copy of passport, long term visa and work permit

Given its mixture of British and Bohemian influences, you will find yourself experiencing diverse culture, history as well as tradition once you have relocated in the Czech Republic. Its central location in Europe also gives you great convenience if you want to check out its equally beautiful sister countries.



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