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With an impressive low unemployment rates and a steady, healthy economy, it is truly a delight to be an expat in Denmark.

Working in Denmark can be a delight for expats, as the country offers reasonable working hours, plenty of employment benefits and picturesque surroundings. With an employment rate of 63%, the Danish labor market provides a reasonable chance for foreigners who are well qualified, especially in the fields of information technology, agriculture, and the health sector (such as nurses, doctors and pharmacists). Other job opportunities in Denmark are available for engineers, mathematicians, statisticians, physicists, biophysicists, chemists, geologists, radiographers and biologists. The major job industries in Denmark involve petroleum and gas, iron, steel, nonferrous metals and chemicals. 

When working in Denmark, expats will find that the main business language is English and is used widely in most multinational companies. Still, many Danish companies only operate with their mother tongue. A decent knowledge of Danish is highly recommended to help land a white-collar job.

Danish business etiquette is conducted in a straightforward manner though somewhat less formal than other EU countries. Greetings start with a handshake, and business colleagues use first name basis during introductions. 

Expats will be surprised by the flexible working hours in Denmark. Employers place a high level of trust in their employees and believe that as long as the task is completed, it is not important when and where employees get them done. Some employees are even allowed to work from home. Denmark's standard workweek is 37 hours from 6am to 6pm, Mondays to Friday, however, do not be surprised as some offices can be empty after 4pm.

Copenhagen, the capital city, is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and even if the cost of living is high, it remains one of the most livable places around the world. Expats living in Denmark, who graduated with a five-year educational background, can earn a minimum monthly wage of EUR3,800.00 (approximately USD$4,943.00).It may be costly to live in Denmark, but the reward greatly outweighs the apprehension to live in this delightful country.



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