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Relocation are never easy, and relocating to Denmark is no exception. Customs regulations differ depending if you are from an EU country or non-EU.

Expats coming from non-EU countries can ship household goods duty-free, if they will take residence in Denmark and if the goods are owned and used for a minimum of 6 months prior to the move and will not be used for resale. Travelers who will not take residence in Denmark cannot import household goods duty-free.

Everything in Denmark is expensive,overseas shipping of items tends to be costly due to the bulk of items. Get the best quote from movers to Denmark to get the best deal. Before contracting removal companies, decide on what to bring. Compared to the US, housing in Denmark is much smaller. Expats should think twice about bringing big furniture. Make sure the electrical appliances will run on 230 volts and 50Hz Round European-style, two-pin plugs; otherwise, one can opt to bring plug adapters or converters.

During the winter months (December through March), expect a very wet and cold climate. It is best to bring warm clothes, windbreakers or sweaters, rain gear, socks and indoor footwear. When living in the city, bring your best pair of comfortable walking shoes. Removals to Denmark should not include prohibited items such as knives, guns, illegal drugs, fireworks, explosives.

Importing cars to Denmark might not be cost-effective due the Danish registration tax, which is extremely high. Customs regulations update without notice. It is highly recommended to check the Danish Customs Authorities or SKAT website before travelling or contacting a removal company.



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