Health Insurance in Denmark

Health insurance in Denmark is not considered a dominant force in the country’s insurance industry, but it is revered for its many contributions. For example, it was the first to provide marine insurance to those in the shipping industry. It also pioneered the concept of social insurance which has become a model for the rest of the world.

Cigna Global offer a variety of international health insurance plans that cover almost all the basics of international health care needs, but also allows you to choose from a range of optional add-ons that make each plan unique to your lifestyle while living in Denmark.

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Aetna International Health Insurance provides benefits perfect for anyone living abroad, whether you’d be relocating with your family, or on your own. Consult an Aetna expert now to plan your stay abroad and learn more about their services such as:

- Annual maximum coverage to $2 million

- International Style Coverage

- Additional excess and coinsurance add-ons

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Bupa is the largest provider of international health insurance in Denmark. Working in over 190 countries with over 800,000 members, Bupa can assist with any relocation to Denmark. Bupa offers the ability to control your personal health plan online, a multi-lingual call center assistance and core coverage in a variety of areas.

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Clements Worldwide, a leading insurance provider, has been in the business since 1947. It is a preferred company among expats in Denmark because of its superior and affordable products. The GlobalCare and GlobalCare Pro plans provide cover for basic hospital treatment, prescription drugs and emergency medical evacuation. For a free quote, contact Clements today!

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